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Forgot to say, although I am not there so cant really comment, I do feel sorry for Ireland.

Yet again, when we do play him, it is in a position that doesnt suit him. Tonight we are playing Petrov as holding, Bannan as attacking, and ireland as the box to box midfielders.

Thats not his game, if you are playing ireland, its instead of Bannan. Presumably thats what Jenas is for. Dont know who is on the bench who can change it tonight though

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I wonder if we'll hear a chorus of boos at full time if this negative football continues. I don't usually condone it but the players and more importantly the manager needs to know that the fans are not happy with what they are seeing at present.

I know we've lost 2 of our most potent attacking players but surely the quality of player we have are good enough to show us some attacking flair. There seems to be a big problem at the minute and i just hope McLeish is capable of doing something about it.

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Isn't this the terrible football witnessed by fans of the Shit? To be fair they did warn us.

McLeish out.

LOL You've been waiting for the right opportunity haven't you? Shit 'support' my lord.

the right opportunity? What, like his appointment, you mean?

well, it is a bit strange when a supporter of a football team wants their manager sacked after 6 games (even if we lost all 6 games).

Give him at least half a season, if not a whole season, before saying that.

Could be too late by then. Under McLeish we're like Labour under Ed Milliband. Get rid before its too late when you inevitably change in a last ditch attempt to salvage something.

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The fans on the villa facebook are the most entertaining part of this game.

"I'm surprised Barry, Milner and Young aren't even on the bench?"

"Lets get Pongo Waring on!!""

"God were missing Didier Agathe"

"What is Houllier playing at? Give Savo a chance.."


the one guy :lol:

"Why isn't Carew on the bench?"

....he doesn't play for us you spanner...

"Why not? he was good..."

...Carew doesn't play for us ...

"did Madrid buy him??"

then 2 mins later

"when is Downing fit?"


Funnier because of how serious people took him to start with.

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