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  1. BBC WM 95.6 ‏@bbcwm News: Incident on Birmingham's Landor St is a scrapyard fire. Eight engines & forty firefighters at the scene. No reports of casualties.
  2. Lambert wouldn't come unless he had some decent funds to rebuild with, there may be a wage cap this time now Lerner has got to grips with running a Premier League club. Would hope to pick up some hungry lower league players ready to leave it all on the pitch.
  3. get in line and take the players and managers from the teams just below you, same old no thinking no risk no bottle business.
  4. Thinking Laursen in as defensive coach would be great and get the ground full again
  5. Randy wont take a risk on an up and coming manager because he doesn't know enough about the game to do so. When he got turned down by the Wigan manager he shit it and got the only name with recent premiership experience he could get. If McLeish goes I would fear big Big Mick would be lined up.
  6. I've renewed to get away from Saturday shopping, gardening and visiting inlaws, so I can have a couple of afternoon pints and a catch up with mates. Telling the misses I'm going down the pub for the afternoon wouldn't cut it. My expectancy of the team doing well or seeing us play decent football is non non-existent but it won't stop me having a good afternoon out, I was pretty bored by the game yesterday until I jumped out of my seat for the awesome goal. The cheap price made it easier to renew early, £295 = £15.50 a game, Tamworth charge between £14 -£16 for seating. It's a great price and two people I know have gotten one who didn't have one last year as a result. If I hadn't already renewed the stories of redevelopment causing pubs like the Eddies, Ads and Social to close would of made it a harder decision than that of who is going to be the manager.
  7. If your struggling to sell your own tickets, you may as well make some money advertising other clubs tickets? Keep getting this advert for contenko.com sponsored links come up when using IE.
  8. Well done Gabby. Keep us up and you should book yourself on the plane to the euros!
  9. Do you go to games? Had a season ticket for the last 8 years. Stood at the back of the upper Holte for 5 of them, now I'm towards the front of K5. I posted when this group was first mentioned on here it would end up with someone banging a drum. If all you wanted was to create a better atmosphere, then why not go to the back of the Holte to join in and start off songs with the other guys. I haven't heard the drum though to be fair or any extra noise from the lower which is kinda of my the point of not joining in with everybody else.
  10. Well done them. See the horse riding him close jockey fell off.
  11. bet365 but you need to log in , got 5live on.
  12. Your second one is a non-runner on paddpower
  13. It doesn't matter how special a fan group; with a look at me approach to match day are, banging a drum at a game will be a bigger embarresment than anything put out on the pitch this season.
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