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I have really no idea who will play in this one, the only certainty relating to personnel is that there will be more Villa fans than Walsall inside the stadium! It will be nice to see the new away kit in the flesh for the first time as well as they often look better on the players than on the internet...

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Selection for this will be very interesting - we normally play the kids and fringe players, but given that we've not got much at the moment I wonder if we might see a stronger than usual line up

I'd go:

1st half





2nd half





What's worrying about those line ups is that they're as strong as we've got - in all honesty, I suspect we'll see Carruthers, Parish and some of the kids - maybe Jordan Graham or Juan Serrano.

Jeepers we need to get buying and soon - that squad needs a lot of help.

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Wll Gardner and Baker are away with the England U20s by then? Weimann is in the Austria squad too I think. The U20 World Cup starts 30th July

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Looking forward to the boys getting a run out no matter the result. I would expect AM will split the team into two halves like suggested earlier. It will give us a look at what formation he maybe looking at if nothing else.

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i think we'll lose tonight, i mean we always lose to walsall pre-season.

Cue mass hysteria tommorow. LOL

Anyhow think i'd like to see Bannan play LW, it'll be very interesting to see who we do play in that position.

Delph and Makoun in the middle please, and maybe use Ireland in wide position rather than have a League 1 side over run us in midfield if he played Centre.

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