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  1. Allez Allez Allez Oh Allez Allez Allez Oh AVFC Claret & Blue Army Everton song this, have a look on youtube, looks class
  2. Oh & by the looks of it, the bottom half of the back of the away shirt has chequers but top half is plain
  3. Defo been photo shopped the sponsors onto the shirts as in the vid there are no sponsors, I've a feeling they will look a lot better on the shirt when we see it in the flesh
  4. fans on twitter want the game v chelsea this season to be a Stan Petrov day, spread the word !
  5. When a team sing tous going down going down We should sing back So are we so are we so are we
  6. My mom has written to the club about the lack of toilet paper, well no toilet paper in the women's toilets in the north stand upper t5
  7. When McLeish left, I was gutted Hahaha seriously though, when blues beat us recently in the cup, I've not had many bad memories I must say
  8. Given every day of the week for me, I feel he's streets ahead of brad
  9. There here, there there, there every f*****g where empty seats
  10. It's not going to stop me from treating today any differently
  11. Mine arrived today, I got a new ticket in mine due to changing age band
  12. Depends how much alcohol you've drank tbh. At the time I had drank alot. I would presume they must have some system for sending them out, but don't know what it might be... OP what is your mom and dad's surname? Does it begin with a letter that makes a relatively early appearance in the English alphabet? Yeah mate B but me and my brother have not yet received ours, we are also b?
  13. My mom and dad received there's today but with no season ticket in, just voucher books, key rings, avtv subscriptions, fixture card etc etc. anyone know if we have to use last seasons or what?
  14. Now I don't low I'd it's just me, but since when has the villa badge had silver stitching around it? Merge this or move if you wish mr mod
  15. Going to print genting when 16 for me, but theydid say some people are buying women's shirts and they said there is nothing they can do about it ?
  16. Right, received a phone all this morning from a gentleman at villa, he went through my letter with me, answering each point as we came across it and we managed o resolve my problem! Also too all my critics out ther he said it was a very informative letter and was very well written and structured!
  17. Overall lads I'm merely pointing out the club were selling shirts at the end of the season with the genting logo on and these were only kids shirts and I don't see why its a size limit, maybe it should be an age range as what if you get someone very tall but there only 11 or even younger as I've seen some tall kids who arent old but they have the genting logo on there shirts but I'm almost 5 years older, therefore I understand more about sponsorship rights, rules etc but I'm still not able to wear a shirt with that sponsorship on.
  18. Cheers mate! Will work mate if you want any advice on nutrition to buy to help just drop me a Private Message on here!! In Two months got massive and ripped back then mate!! will work for yourself and you will be gobsmacked and envy of ya mates! trust me! anyway mate.. good luck, drop PM if you need any advice or help mate Cheers man
  19. I don't want to advertise because if I did, I would hang a bigger banner outside, all I want is to be able to wear the same shirt as all of my mates and the players, and I don't want to wear a boring, plain shirt, it looks far better with the sponsorship on
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