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  1. I don't think we will be signing anyone. Bit of a let down for the fans. Canales bid just seems to be a 'we tried' bid. Something would have broke by now if there was anyone else lined up.
  2. At least signing Joe Cole would probably mean no more long ball.
  3. Haha it love VillaTalk I heard The new people...
  4. This is the article where they have been mentioned http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/christian-benteke-transfer-aston-villa-2050563#.UeHIqV_Ck2U.twitter
  5. Haha yeah I put 20 quid down. Just as risky to order from there as it is Game and it's right outside my work place. I love to live on the edge haha.
  6. Preordered a PS4 today at HMV
  7. Haha that made me laugh! My game did turn up but Tesco put it in a rubbish envelope and it's completely damaged.
  8. Called home and the postman has come and gone. No game
  9. jat_r

    E3 2013

    There will be a Mirrors Edge 2? I loved the first game! Was bloody difficult though. Really cannot wait for E3. Hoping for some good stuff regarding the ps4. Loved the fact you could Skype whilst playing games on the xbox. Hopefully there is something similar on the ps4. Would love to be able to do that whilst playing Fifa.
  10. Delighted he has agreed a new deal. Only Benteke to go now but that will be a long and stressful saga.
  11. I haven't played anything since Far Cry 3 (which was amazing). The Last Of Us will be next though. Next weekend I will be dominating it.
  12. They've probably given it a low score to attention seek and because they know it will not effect anyone's opinion on getting the game because it looks that awesome lol.
  13. I haven't been this excited for a game in years. I'm actually counting down the days. Omg.
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