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VT Catchphrases


Best VT catchphrase?  

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  1. 1. Best VT catchphrase?

    • Word removed
    • Clearing in the woods
    • Craig Gardner Turner (an oldie but goodie)
    • Binnedunne
    • That Rory Delap has a long throw-in, doesn't he?
    • Bollitics
    • Write-in vote (post below)

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I like clearing in the woods. One of the better word filters I've seen on a forum, it's certainly better than word removed which is used alot. I haven't been around long enough to 'get' the other ones though

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I must have been off the site when the Delap thread was made...

My personal favourite was the General's 'Graham Taylor truck' and then the subsequent back-track as he thought the media's eyes were peering in. The Pig in Mud was also brilliant.

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What about that guy from Radiohead that people always go on about as being the most famous person in the world?

Was never party to that particular joke.

Another choice would be the one I have in my sig.

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