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  1. My wife and I made a will earlier on this year which gave clear instructions as to who we would want to look after our daughter, if both of us went at the same time, and obviously how to share our estate. I'm kind of glad I stumbled upon this thread, as it made me realise that the only two people that know where our will is stored, and where copies of the will are kept is myself and the wife !!!! I've therefore made a few copies, and will provide these to the people I've declared as executors of the will.
  2. You can't really go wrong with Hooters, probably one of the cheapest casinos to play and game - albeit not too sure what the rooms are like, and the swimming pool looked a little shabby - but hey, it's not like you will be planning on hitting the pool in later November really is it. If you want a Vegas tour guide to show you the ropes, then give me a shout !
  3. I count my blessings then that he never fixed it for me.. I wrote at least 5 letters during the late 70's to appear on his show.
  4. You may have a problem getting out of the City Centre on Sunday (that is of course if you are staying in it), as it's the half marathon on Sunday 23rd - therefore all roads immediately in the centre will be shut down, so no taxi's etc available. As for things to do - Friday/Saturday night you can always find bars in Birmingham, just depends on what you are after - nice ales/beers or full of slappers and thugs ?
  5. Well, back from my trip to Vegas and was very impressed with the MGM Grand. The hotel as you stated was huge, but after a few hours I soon got my bearings. Was a little disappointed with the room size, as I went with my two brothers, so had to get an addtional single bed in the room, and not that impressed with the bathroom as expected a little more (based on previous stays at The Luxor). However, it was clean, fit for purpose and served us well. Had a few drinks on our first night at the Centrifuge (main bar in MGM just by the lions), but at $35 for 3 draft pints, decided we better mo
  6. kingphil


    Have you tried that thing where you roll a tennis ball under your foot? Supposed to help with PF. Yeap, done the tennis ball thing, as well as the ice pack - still no good I'm afraid.
  7. kingphil


    Been over 2 months since my last run and miss it terribly. I've got what is known as Plantar Fasciitis and whilst it doesn't hurt whilst running, it is so painful afterwards. I've had X-rays to ensure it's not a heel spur, and got some physio booked in next week. I'm gutted, as I will have to miss the Birmingham Half Marathon next month and I've completed in the 3 previous ones. Think I might just start planning for my 2012 comeback trail.
  8. I considered putting him in my fantasy football team, as everyone seems to believe this WILL BE HIS SEASON. However, common sense has taken over, and I won't be including him.
  9. Off to Vegas the start of October with my brothers to celebrate my 40th birthday. I class my knowledge on Vegas as above average, as having been there 3 time before and doing lots of research. However, this is the first time I have stopped in the MGM Grand, and after some inside knowledge from anyone that may have stayed there in the past. I've ventured in before to see the lions, but that's more or less all I have done in this hotel/casion, so got a few more detailed questions :- What's the casino like for gaming Is it worth venturing into the VIP pool area 'Wet Republic' - o
  10. Exit only is what the wife always says, tempted with the idea, but not sure how enjoyable it would actually be.
  11. That the thought of this time in 5 weeks I will be on holiday, makes work just a little bit more bearable.
  12. Hi peeps - Not too sure how much viewing threads in this topic get, but thought I best stick to the rules and stick it in here. As the title says, I'm off to Salou mid August with the wife and my 6 year old daughter. I also have a 14 days unlimited pass for the Port Aventura theme park (as our hotel is just 5 mins away). I'm just after some feedback from anyone that may have gone either earlier this year, or last year about the resort, theme park and other ideas of what to see and do. Questions I have is what time is best to go to the Theme Park - get there early and then leave when
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