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Ratings and Reactions: Liverpool 3-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • Ireland
    • Albrighton
    • Hogg
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso (for Clark 46)
    • Pires (for Albrighton 65)
    • Carew (for Agbonlahor 66)

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1.) We evidently lack any leadership on the pitch at the moment. Petrov couldn't get back sooner as far as I'm concerned.

2.) We are impotent. We piss about with passing along the backline with little to no effect whatsoever on the game. We must be one of the few teams to have the attacking talent we do, have as much possession as we do, and do sweet **** all with it. It's not even a useful defensive ploy because we keep **** conceding. What the **** is the point? I don't get it, I don't think Houllier gets it either.

3.) Our defence has gone out the window. What the actual **** happened to them? It can't be because Petrov/NRC are missing, because they've been shit since the Chelsea game last season. Who the **** knows.

4.) Do our players, Gabby/Marc aside, even give a ****? I honestly can't see any fire in their bellies at all. When they concede they don't go **** nuts at eachother, when they score (which is rare enough these days) they don't seem particularly bothered unless it's a last minute winner or against a respectable team.

5.) Does Houllier even care? I just don't know.

In conclusion, what a pile of badger wank.

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Well that really was seriously poor. We made a, quite frankly, rubbish Liverpool team look good.

What most worrys me is that we don't look like we have any fire in our bellies. Houllier clearly does not inspire this group of players and infact does not look like he cares much about the whole situation.

The news that the man who should have been our manager back in the summer (Jol) is now a free agent makes me think it could be time to cut our losses with Houllier and get the right man in.

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Only one word sums up that "performance" :


There is a losing mentality at this club and the only cure is to get rid of our prehistoric dinosaur shit manager, who seemed to be more focused on sucking up to the Liverpool fans than getting a result for us.

We have some truly awful players who should be fined by the club for that shit performance, particularly Warcock who should never play a game for us again.

Houllier out!

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I think for the first time this season the realism of relegation has hit home for me. The team put out tonight was pretty decent on paper and even though I never expected a win, i'm astonished at how in six months we've gone from a team that can pretty much compete well away from home to this absolute shambles.

Houllier really does need to start answering a few questions. What exactly is going on in training? Why is there is no urgency or signs of unity between the players? I'm genuinely worried, of course the right signings in Jan could make a huge difference but as it stands, the inexperienced kids and the likes of Pires, Carew and Ireland don't have what it takes to get us out of this relegation hole we'll be facing come the end of Jan.

I really don't know where are next points will come from. Bad day for most tonight. Hogg, Downing and Fonz did ok.

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well at least houllier will get a chance to sit down and have a glass of wine with Stevie G and his old liverpool colleagues.......

can you now please stop talking about liverpool all the time gerard now that theyve **** us in the ass?

ur in charge of aston villa if you havent noticed

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relegation a definite possibility imo

some no doubt will call it a 'hit' just like the spurs, sunderland arsenal defeats were because err, err, hogg put his foot in well...

in all seriousness:

-hogg got stuck in well;

-delfouneso looked sharp;

-ireland had a short spell where he looked quite effective before reverting to his shell;

-downing didnt stop trying - some poor balls in from wide tho.

no credit for any of the others

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I would like to vote for my cock as man of the match. It had a piss at half time and that was the best Villa move of the game.

I have just witnessed a team with relegation written all over it. I don't want to see any fans using the excuse that we have injuries. That is becoming as lame as the performances. I have seen Villa relegated numerous times before and this ranks as one of the worst teams I have witnessed put on the Villa shirt.

Unless Lerner opens his cheque book in January to let out some money as well as the moths that have been living in there for quite some time then we might as well start getting the road atlas out for trips to Doncaster and Scunthorpe in the fizzy pop league.

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diabloical what more can you say? wranock and collins for me should never wear teh shirt again. both a disgrace. peopel said curtis and carlos were not good enough but im sure this guy is shit neyond belief. i said it last season taht i didnt arte him and now ive been proved correct.USELESS

warnock well we paid 8m for this waste of space. what was he doing for the first gool? seriously wtf amatur defending.


now him and mcaclister are under real pressure to deliver if we dont beat west brom people will want his head. we dont want another spineless performance

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Well, that was poor luck... the first Villa game I've had a chance to watch in ~2 months, and it's a disgrace. Not particularly surprising, given the venue and the number of players injured/suspended/out of sorts, but still very dispiriting. Better days are ahead (and worrying about relegation is pretty silly, IMO, this team will be fine in the end), but that statement is only a safe bet because this performance was so wretched.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big, fat finger (or two, British-style, whichever you prefer) to Martin O'Neill, for petulantly and pointlessly walking out on us when he did and making this situation so much worse than it had to be. May you become the next Newcastle manager, so you can get a right schooling in what unsupportive ownership actually is, you daft bugger.

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**** Disgraceful performance.

Only Hogg,Downing and the Fonz tried and If were were Gabby I'd have **** off home at half time or just sat with the Villa support as they would have supported him more than any of the players did during the game.

I don't know how many times I've gotta say this so I'll shout this time.... "RICHARD DUNNE IS **** SHIT" and Collins isn't to far away either - Carlos pissies on them both and would be playing him and Clarke ASAP before it's too late !!

It's the 1st game I've missed tonight and I'm so glad I did as it was pathetic.

Dunne, Collins & Warnock are wank. Between the 3 of them they must have cost us around 12/13 goals this season.

Liverpool were there for the taking tonight and we bottled it going with 1 up front.

As for Gary Mc... Don't get me started that man sits there and does **** all look froze and wandering what's happening on Corrie - He's the worst number 2 since that chocolate log I produced @ Frankie & Bennies bogs.

I'm so **** angry it defies belief.


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Carlos in Dunne out ... get the ball down and move it quicker, we looked like we were on a slower speed setting to Plop tonight, it was fecking embarrassing. I'm all for the passing game but you don't get champagne for beer money, Dunne and Collins aren't Rio Ferdinand and Bobby Moore. We look ponderous and devoid of ideas going forward, hesitant and scared in defence. Hopefully Bannan will be back on Saturday, plus Heskey and we'll at least give the baggies a game. :angry:

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Awful, when the first two goals went in within minutes of each other, everything went flat and it just looked they given hope.

gabby got no service in the first half, hardly seen the ball. The 4-5-1 formation clearly isn't working. Thank god it seemed like he realised and brought Delfouneso on at half-time, but then again the exact same thing happened in the last match.

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