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  1. Thanks for the advice . I’m keeping my distance from everyone apart from who I’m living with .
  2. I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on my situation. I am a stone mason and I have 1 days work left to complete the current project that I am working on . I could do with going in today to finish it to get paid . I would be working on my own on a house where the occupants are not there at the moment . No one else is working there also . I’m self employed so I could really do with the money . That’s me done them until Boris gives the all clear . Thoughts ?
  3. We will be lucky to get 30 points this season .
  4. 20/1 to win next Sunday . 1/5 City . Let’s hope we get a corner .
  5. Will it be 4-0 by the time I’ve put my shoes on ?
  6. We should go for it . Nothing to lose. Put a full team out and hope to keep it down or even a score draw .
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