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Ratings and Reactions: Liverpool 3-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • Ireland
    • Albrighton
    • Hogg
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso (for Clark 46)
    • Pires (for Albrighton 65)
    • Carew (for Agbonlahor 66)

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i really liked the way we passed it around the back four and then back to friedel...that was world class

and the endless crosses into the box that nicely floated into the keepers hands or into a mass of space coz our players were hanging around the centre circle.......

Irelands one touch football was good...pity it was always in our half though.....

even Sidwell could give Hogg and Clark some tips on how to pass forward

**** me

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Another shocking performance.

Another defensive line up with changes only being made when we are losing. Why not play attacking from the start?

Collins and Warnock are shocking .I'd bring Cuellar and Davies in - stick Luke Young at left back!

Houllier is trying to get players, who are poor at passing and will always be poor at passing to do something that is alien to them!

When we do get wide )very seldom) what is the point of putting a high ball in? Gabby, alone is unlikely to beat 2 defenders in the air. If Carew was playing, and looked interested, then yes, cross it high.

Where was the passion on the pitch? Where was the hunger? Where was the leader?

There is no point having the ball in non dangerous area if you're not going to do anything with it!

Did Houllier ever get up off his seat? (apart from when waving to the Kop)

2 wins in 12 games and we haven't beaten a team above 13th place in the premier league all season!

Houllier has to go and now.

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Awful. Worst feeling since the spineless performance against Doncaster. No visible leader, no urgency, barely a tackle. It's a transition but at some stage this season it looks like we might have to win some points ugly and I fear when that time comes we might not be able to do that. Results needed from the next two games otherwise we are really in it. The defence is a complete shambles and the attack is lightweight not because of Gabby but because he's on his own.

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Friedel-6 did what was expected couldn't of done anything about the goals

Defence-2 absolute crap schoolboy defending would be generous to describe it and am thinking about offering my services as a defender to Houllier in the morning

Albrighton-6 poor but gets the benefit of the doubt for obvious reasons

Downing-6.5 seen worse performances but has been slacking in the last few weeks

Clark-2 never got involved in the game isn't a centre mid

Hogg-6 reasonable performance at least he tried but he seems to be a poor mans denilson which is saying something

Ireland-5.5 drifts in and out again some nice passes and flicks but hat isn't enough for a good performance

Agbonlahor-5 lacked service and when he did get it poor technique and first touch. Worst from him I've seen in a while. Lacked work rate which is worrying

Delfouneso-7.5 MOTM only decent performance of the match only time we looked half dangerous was when he got the ball and ran at their defence

Pires-see Ireland

Carew-4 unsurprisingly poor performance from a lazy prick. Typified his and Delfouneso's play when Delf beat a couple of theirs and laid it off to Carew which stood their for 5 seconds and smashed into the nearest defender.

Houllier-5 poor selection but can't see what else he could of done except for starting Delfouneson and Cuellar. Shouldn't of brought on the 2 has beens carew and Pires.

Carew, Collins and Warnock can piss off. Useless pricks.

Saying all if that all 3 goals were avoidable with some basic defending.

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The next two games will be very interesting.

We really need some results not just some half decent performances. We badly need some goals to boost confidence.

People will of course blame Dunne, Collins, Warnock, et al, but I honestly think Dunne played well, dont think he put a foot wrong. Collins was at fault for the first goal. 2nd goal was offside. 3rd goal was poor defensively, mainly because the midfield were too slow tracking back, picking up the oncoming liverpool midfield.

The positives were; Ireland - thought he looked very composed. He should be our central midfielder. He doesnt have enough of an impact when played higher up the field. He played some lovely through balls and very few of his passes went astray - apart from 1 or 2 where Carew didnt look arsed.

Delfouneso - he should be starting alongside Gabby. He was very lively and kept the ball well. He was a threat for the liverpool central defenders and will work well alongside Gabby.

Pires - Did nothing when he came on. Offered nothing apart from someone to pass to. Did absolutely nothing in terms of creativity. he is well past it and doesn't deserve to be on the field from now on. He can't run anymore.

We really need Petrov back here again. He offers stability to the midfield - something we severely lack. Nobody comes looking for the ball from midfield. I have a feeling that him and Stephen Ireland will be our midfield two when he comes back. We really need some steel in the midfield. That is why we are conceding so many goals; we have no protection from the middle. We need to fix this ASAP.

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I give up now. Before the shower of shit I was prepared to give Houllier time. If we play like that against WBA we will get stuffed. I hope that the board are putting together a contingency plan should Houllier slip into a coma on the touchline during a match.

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Ireland looked OK.

Hogg Tried.

Its going to take a good 48 hours before my cat forgives me.

My fridge door has a suspicious foot like dent in it.

The neighbours probably didnt appreciate my language.

If the players dont care, why should I? Because I have no **** choice.

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When will Houllier see this shit style of football isn't working. The strikers had no chance tonight because the defence and midfoeld were so poor. Whatever happened to switching the play and running at full backs? **** sake Houllier you've continued to play players who are about as useful as an infected foreskin and you continually refuse to change our tactics. Kevin McDonald welcome back son all is foregiven.

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Against the baggies on Saturday the fans have to use their voices to let Lerner and Houllier know that we are seriously pissed off.

The time has come to voice our opinion. If it is left until later in the season then it could well be too late.

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That was abject. **** Warnock and Collins cost us those first two goals between them and Luke Young was roaming into midfield and lost his man for the third as Hogg stood there and watched as well. This will not get any better. Houllier has to pull his finger out here for Saturday because if we don't get a win against WBA there will be murmers of discontent. The players body language was also **** shocking today as well, do they want to play for him? (not saying there is truth in that just my opinion based on body language could be completely wrong).

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Friedel - 3

Young - 3

Collins - 2

Dunne - 3

Warnock - 2

Clark - 4

Hogg - 6

Ireland - 2

Albrighton - 6

Downing - 4

Agbonlahor - 5

Delfouneso - 6

Carew - 3

Pires - 3

Nowhere near good enough and this squad needs a complete overhaul.

It's fixable but it's going to take an awful lot of money.

Don't agree with a few there so here's mine:

Friedel - 6 - Couldn't do too much more.

Young - 5 - Standard Luke Young. Albrighton didn't give him enough cover to get forward.

Collins - 2 - What's happened James?

Dunne - 1 - Even worse.

Warnock - 5 - Fairly well committed. Didn't do a lot wrong.

Downing - 7 - Best player on the pitch by a distance.

Hogg - 3 - Not going to make it at this level. Tries hard but doesn't have the quality. Osborne.

Clark - 4 - A decent CH. Not a midfielder.

Albrighton - 4 - Not match fit.

Ireland - 5 - Has obvious quality but always a luxury player.

Agbonlahor - 4 - Doesn't work as a single CF.

Carew - 2 - Pointless

Delfouneso - 5 - Tried hard. He's looking better. Will end up in the championship.

Pires - 3 - Obviously supremely talented and experienced but can't move so is only half a player.

If Randy allows Houllier to spend £60m in January and we pay over the odds for a few players then we can turn it around but we need to get Collins and Dunne out, Clark and Cuellar in, and we desperately need Heskey and Petrov back.

Really angry tonight because we were the architects of our own downfall. There was no reason to keep giving free-kicks away and put us on the back foot from the start. No-one showing for throws, poor decisions, giving the ball away stupidly all the time was rubbish.

I hope Gerard is embarrassed on his return to his beloved Anfield.

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Cant see how we're going to improve.

We need Heskey, Reo Coker and Petrov back.

Untill then, we're ****.

The future holds no place for Carew.

I still feel sorry for Houllier, he plays the sides that I probably would. The players need to look at themselves.

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people complaining about the football under o'neill deserve shooting. it delievered 71 goals in 06/07, wins at old trafford, the emirated and anfield, 6 straight wins over scum heath, need i go on?

this year, we've played well TWICE and its ...december and one was against west ham opening day. we're yet to register a point when we've gone behind (no self-belief or determination) and we've thrown away the most points from winning positions out of anyone in the league (no concentration, complete naivety) = relegation fodder.

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I dont know how some people are saying dont worry it will all be fine! Why will it? it wont be fine if they dont pull their fingers out! I never understood the appointment in the first place but i like every other villa fan has given Houllier time and he's had no real stick, sure we've had injuries but its gotten to the point where he needs to motivate these young guns to go out there and do the business! He just doesnt look interested sits there smiling, takes his pay cheque, goes home!

Im really worried for this season!

Earlier this year i, like many of us went to Wembley twice, after losing that final i left London feeling so proud of my team thinking how far we've came and surely in the next few seasons we're going to win something...Now this.

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Against the baggies on Saturday the fans have to use their voices to let Lerner and Houllier know that we are seriously pissed off.

The time has come to voice our opinion. If it is left until later in the season then it could well be too late.

Oh yeah good one, that will really help the players , just what we need...moron.

Anyway, those calling for Houllier to be sacked are idiots, we have many players out and he hasn't had a chance to bolster the squad yet.

Hogg, Ireland, Delfouneso and Downing were the only half decent Villa performances tonight...

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