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Top 4 finish OR A Cup Final?


Top 4 finish OR a cup final?  

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  1. 1. Top 4 finish OR a cup final?

    • Go all out for top 4 and exit cups early
    • Try to win cup and hope for top 4

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Simple question really folks.

It seems like the quality of player and inadequate numbers at Villa suggest that we can only do one thing or the other. Get top 4 and get to a cup final seems beyond our possibilities with what we are going to have so with that in mind I decided to ask this question.

Would you rather we went out of all cup competitions early and focus entirely on playing every league game like a cup game in order to try and get that elusive top 4 finish?


Concentrate on a certain cup and try our hardest to get to the final (and hopefully win it) and try to finish as high in the league as possible and hope that it's good enough for top 4?

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4th place over cup final.

4th place or cup win is a different question. The romantasist in me says win the cup, that's what football is about winning things and coming first in a competition should always be better than coming 4th in another. Unfortunately the sick way that football has gone, it is now better come to fourth to get into another competition for financial purposes.

And for those reasons, I'm out.

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Europa cup final for me, because that should mean that all our young players will have had plenty of matches and played out of their skins to get there! There's also the bonus of a great couple of days in Dublin with the final being held at the brilliant new Lansdowne Road venue!

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Well I disagree with the premise behind your question, last season we were only a few points off of 4th and we reached a final and a semi final, whilst not utilising much of our squad at all. With three our four quality additions in then next month we could be in a similar or stronger position again.

If i had to choose, then top four, as that is what would progress the club the most. The reality is we have to push to go as far as we can in all competitions as the further we go, the more much needed revenue we bring into the club.

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