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  1. After 11 years I won't be renewing. Moving away due to work but that's immaterial as the football we've played over the last 4 years made my mind up for me. It's a shame as when we play well and are entertaining, there's no better experience but sadly those days are just too few and far between.
  2. He took a proper corner for a change and we scored from it! The corners where he chips it in are infuriating, so I'm glad after 2 seasons he finally seems to have seen sense!
  3. am i correct in assuming you need a separate subscription to watch boxnation, and therefore this fight? that's so frustrating if so; i really cba to stay up til 4am to watch it on a shitty stream.
  4. how can i save that to my computer as a gif? when i right-click, save and do so it saves as a still image...
  5. This. we should set up a campaign for him to grow one aha. would be epic.
  6. I'm also wondering why the change of heart...is anyone able to shed some light on this?
  7. Has he spoken about the Villa yet? Just turned on and he's talking about Hansie Cronje
  8. I'm off to Santa Monica in June and was wondering if anyone has stayed there before, and if so where would you recommend? Or do you know of any good hotel websites (besides the usuals such as expedia etc) where any bargains can be found? Cheers guys
  9. As the title says really. I spent the one I had by mistake; I've tried having a look on google, ebay and the Royal Mint but to no avail. Any suggestions of where else I could buy one from? Thanks.
  10. blackburn and more likely to go down than sunderland, so from a villa survival perspective (because that is all i care about this season - as bad as it sounds) a sunderland win is the better result for us.
  11. I need some help please... A few weeks ago i saw a post that was a joke about attending a Woman's Rights class...and how a male attendee would say history is less about his-story and more about her-story... or something similar to that. anyway i cant remember where i saw it/the exact lines of the joke. any ideas?
  12. andy1989


    Thanks. Definitely going to do a few more now; great feeling crossing the finish line (apart from the being shattered part!)
  13. andy1989


    did the b'ham half marathon today...first one. did 1.37.51 (was hoping for 1.35). the 11th mile has a 250ft elevation and that pretty much ruined my time i think as i felt that i was going slow through it. legs also felt a bit heavy after 4, which is annoying as it was much more of a struggle than i imagined. when ive done 10m runs in prep always felt good in the legs so hoping i can beat 1.35 next time i do one provided i discover how best to sort out my diet before a race!
  14. andy1989


    Very nice indeed. That's something you'll probably have forever. Hopefully. I think watches can be used as a great gift for significant birthdays/occasions/anniversaries etc, because they last.
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