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PL: Bolton h Ratings & Reactions 2009/11/07


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Great game, and some quality performances today.

In my opinion............

Big Brad - 6, little to do

L Young- 7, not bad for his return

Warnock - 7, solid

Dunne-8, dont think he lost out to Hod Carrier once

Cuellar - 8 , played well enough that we didn't miss Big Red

NRC - 7, not brilliant but not bad

A Young - 8, best I've seen from him this season

Milner -8, does he ever stop running?

Sidwell - 6, not sure if he's unlucky or just useless

Gabby - 8, quality

Big John - 9, easily his best game this season, loved it when the fans mobbed him.

Special mention - Craig Gardner; he came on with less than 4 minutes left and I said "He's got 3 and a half minutes to get a yuellow card" - he promptly got carded inside 2 minutes - legend :-)

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Carew was just unplayable. It really helps when he plays against a large, physical side like Bolton because it means he can actually use his strength without the ref giving a foul against him. Today, he was allowed to play, use his muscle and when he does this he immense.

Cuellar was brilliant aswell. He has really settled in this season and has been really good so far.

And another good point was the ref. I said the other day that Clattenburg was by far the best referee in the Prem and he proved me right. He let the game flow and let Carew and Gabby really use their muscle. Shame about the linesman though...

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NRC as captain, master stroke from MON. His drive and motivation on the pitch is a vital factor in Villa's strong performance IMO, hope he plays the next game. Carew, West Ham performance was the opposite of this one, wanted the ball and worked very hard. All 8/10's.

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Brilliant display. Every player in the team seemed to have a different mentality to the last few games we've played -maybe the influence of Nige as Captain perhaps?

Great game in all. Nice passing, good runs from midfield. Cracking defensive performance. We looked really, really good today. But in fairness, Bolton were awful.

So, just a couple of things that really stood out;

Milner has one of the best touches I've ever seen.

Sidders definitely raised his game today and played very well.

Carew liked it today.

We're not very good at penalities.

Gardner took longer than usual to get carded.

The two Delfs looked very handy when they came on, especially Nathan. Looked quite at home on the ball and finding team mates.

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Great performance today, particularly from Carew, he's absolutely brilliant when he plays like that, if only he could do it more consistently, if he could perform anything like approaching that each week he'd be one of the best strikers in the league, not sure why he doesn't do it more consistently, is it simply that sometimes he can't be arsed and others he can? Or is that harsh? He was exceptional anyway, easily MOTM for me. Honourable mentions for Milner and Gabby too, I think Wednesday shows how valuable Milner is to us. Gabby was in great form too, he plays with so much more intelligence than even this time last year, not just head down run or hope to get onto flicks, he can hold the ball up and pick a decent pass. I forgot about Ash too whose delivery was better today, not just drifting corners in.

Good to see us really putting a team away, not something we've seen for a while. Goal difference could be important at the end of the season and last season ours wasn't even close to those around us.

Great to see NRC back too, didn't have his greatest game but what do you expect when he doesn't start most of the time? Glad to see MON make 3 subs too when we'd won the game, Delph (as opposed to Delf) looked particularly lively and had a good run.

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Did you see Cahill keep the ball in for Carew for the second goal, very nice of him I must say.

Also, we need to change the phrase to:

We do **** all from penalties.

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today was superb from us... petrov and heskey missing, and we had partnerships through the central midfield, and up top, which then took the attention away from the wingers and allowed them to do their job and create and cause problems.... and for that, we looked superb and every time we attacked, we looked like we could put the ball in the net...

i am not naive enough to think that it was all us though... as usual when bolton come to our place, they play with such a high defensive line and allow our pace to get in behind them, and in the past 3 seasons we have beaten them 4-0, 4-2, and 5-1, at our place... you would think that megson would learn... i am glad that he doesnt..

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A pathetic, useless, disjointed performance. No cohesion between midfield and forwards and the defence was a complete f**k!ing joke! Couldn't even pass to a team mate and the keeper had a holiday. Also devoid of any creativity and indeed fight!

A great performance from us though! Sorry, had to be miserable about something.

Message to O'Neill. Keep Petrov and Heskey away from Villa Park and sell them to small heath. Even though he was better today, put Sidwell on the same bus.

Do you not think perhaps his performances have been below par because of his partner.

Delph and Petrov not really clicked.

Petrov and Barry not really clicked.

Petrov and Sidwell not really clicked.

Peace cup: Coker and Sidwell - Clicked.

League: Coker and Sidwell - Clicked.

To me, it's all abit obvious....Sidwell plays better when someone is working alongside him like Harper did at Reading, it puts less pressure defensively on Sidwell.

AP you make a valid point, but we need either a goal scoring midfielder, or a playmaker to partner Reo-Coker and Sidwell, for me, can't do either!

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Rob were you stood with a group of people near the bottom of the Holte steps around 2.15 today?

I was indeed 8)

Distributing programmes (with Sylvester on the cover)? :winkold:



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