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  1. pablopicasso


    where are you watching these rob?
  2. and for large periods of last season, villa were sat in 3rd and 4th... means jack shit at this stage of the season... we are quite happy with the stadium we have thanks, especially with the plans to upgrade the capacity...
  3. personally, i would call him a bellend...
  4. pablopicasso

    Are we expecting too much ?

    i personally think that the deficiencies in the team, are obvious to most... except the manager, who continues to shoehorn certain individuals into the team, to the detriment of performances, and ultimately, results... a lot of money spent on a whole load of mediocrity...
  5. pablopicasso

    General Chat

    i am off today as i had a long weekend for my birthday today, however my little dog has hurt her back leg (the other one was amputated about 5 years ago due to cancer), and she can not move without asistance... she is becoming very frustrated that she can not walk... i could not get a vets appointment until 16:20, so i am sitting nursing her for the day... she is feeling very sorry for herself... bless her...
  6. pablopicasso

    General Krulak (part 2) and *STILL NO TRANSFER QUESTIONS*

    a year ago, we had gareth barry in central midfield... and while i think we have certainly improved on him in the long term with fabian delph, and possibly with downing when he is fully fit in the new year, but as it stands, we do not have the same midfield as last year, so to compare our comments about the midfield or backline last season is a little unfair, as it is not the same midfield or back line as last year... one has improved, one has weakened... in my humble opinion... the defence have improved significantly... even with a centre back playing at right back... the basis for our results this season... james collins in particular, has been an inspired signing... but the midfield, we have basically taken the composure and ability to keep posession of the ball in gareth barry, and replaced him with steve bloody sidwell... my hope when barry left was that we would replace him with someone who had the pace and creativity to go with the composure on the ball, and that would improve our midfield... but as it stands, we are weaker in that department and that is evident as teams waltz straight through the midfield... thank jebus for the defence as mentioned above (and congrats to the manager for finally getting that right)... (i would like to point out that i back the manager to a degree, but i wont blindly back him and argue his case when i dont agree with what is happening on the pitch... i support the club, not the manager)... i agree with your comments about the youth players... the youngsters, excite me a lot... delph, while being a purchase, is a superb talent and potentially far far superior to the likes of barry, and certainly potentially better than anything we have in the central midfield at the moment... delfouneso, attitude permitting, is THE single most exciting prospect we have had from our academy in my living memory... albrighton has worked on beating his man, and has improved ten fold for that as a winger... ciaran clark has shown that he has the natural ability and desire to become a solid centre back, and fitness permitting, nathan baker has looked a better defender than clark for me when i have watched the youth or reserves... so we have a lot to be excited about in the long term... but i go on... i have said my piece and that is all i can do... i wouldnt want you trying to influence the managers job (and i very much doubt you would want to), but i have got my thoughts off my chest and i thank you for giving us the opportunity to do that...
  7. pablopicasso

    General Krulak (part 2) and *STILL NO TRANSFER QUESTIONS*

    my overall viewpoint is constructive, believe it or not... when we do get people in who can do a job better than the dross like heskey and sidwell, then we will improve vastly... and with downing coming in when he is fit, i hope that we do improve in this area... that is the positive that i take from the situation... however, when i say "same old same old", i mean that the obvious deficiencies within the team, mainly central midfield and up front, is pretty obvious for most to see... and have been for most of the season... it is frustrating to watch, knowing that we can perform much better, while watching the ball bounce off heskeys shin for the umpteenth time and go straight to the opposition and then watch sidwell do his crappy little crab impression and then allow the opposition to waltz straight past him like he isnt there... (and lets be honest, they both might as well not be).. petrov is another matter... when used in the right system, he can be effective... but in a 4-4-2, he is not, as he lacks the mobility and pace to be effective... which is why the likes of everton, with all of their missing players, went through our midfield like a hot knife through butter, while we parted like the red sea and invited them onto us over and over again... especially when we know how good we can actually be, when we play proper football on the deck, and actually use our strengths... 2 pacy tenacious central midfielders doing the leg work, in front of the anchor man in petrov and the wingers supporting the lone striker... agbonlahor tends to play better up top on his own, as his pacy movement means that he can run the channels and pull defenders into space which allows the midfielders to then support the attack... he actually lookes a decent striker when in this role... it works better as we tend not to lump the ball forward, and actually play posession football, pass it around like a proper football team, and attack with pace and numbers... and with petrov sitting deeper laying simple balls off to players with the legs, we look a much better side for it, both in terms of defending, and attacking... i understand and respect the fact that you can not "name and shame", for a variety of reasons, however, i do not have to adhere to the same rules... and while it seems like i am having a bitch at you, my comments are very real concerns that i have about the team, in relation to your comments about the match...
  8. pablopicasso


    i am not an idiot trent... i know when and why villa fans do it... i have done it myself, along with thousands of others, after anyone touches the ball... us or them... and that includes the keepers and ball boy... indeed...
  9. pablopicasso


    and rightfuly so... their fans are a joke crying for handball every 3 seconds... (although for disclaimers sake, again, i will mention that this is an exaggeration for playful banters sake... i add the disclaimer because some people seem incapable of understanding sarcasm and banter)... i know some of the calls were everton fans because it was right after the ball came near a villa player at chest / head height... you can tell the difference between one set of fans and another, due to the timing and context of the incident... it was very clear on the stream... maybe they had mics close to the everton fans, who knows... i can understand you not hearing it as strongly, being at the ground, because you are right in there with a section of fans and their noise drowns out fans that arent right next to you... i dont hear much from away fans at villa park week in week out from the holte end, but i know they sing because my mates in the north stand tell me they do...
  10. pablopicasso


    Then you obviously never went the game. i watched the game on a stream... all i could hear, apart from villa fans singing, was your fans shouting "handball" every 5 mins, (i will explain that this is a slight exaggeration, as you seem incapable of understanding that it is sarcasm and banter when it is written in text)... and whinging for the referee to give you something every time that our players were in any close proximity of each other... (this isnt sarcasm... your fans were constantly whinging for imaginary incidents)... and the ref bought it more often than not too... there was a chant of "ever-ton" every now and again, so well done for that...
  11. pablopicasso

    General Krulak (part 2) and *STILL NO TRANSFER QUESTIONS*

    same old same old though mate... missing in central midfield, by players that are far too static, and do not work well in a partnership, nor do they offer protection to the defence, or support for the attack, which means that our wingers have to do the creative work, which is then easy for the opposition to crowd them out, and that then stops us playing until a set piece... as for the strikers, for starters, a first touch that isnt a volley would help their lack of service, but how heskey is a professional footballer being paid thousands a week, is beyond me... if he never played for my club again, it would be far too soon... todays result, papers over some serious cracks in our team, while we insist on shoe horning sidwell, petrov and heskey into the team...
  12. pablopicasso


    i think "handball" and "waaaaaaaahhhh" are the only chants that they know...
  13. pablopicasso

    MON stay or go

    I understand that, i just think it's a real shame that the main villa forum is full of so much negativity and has been for some time. All through the summer we had to read how useless the manager was and how he wouldn't be able to build a squad and because he left it so late to replace laursen we'd end up over paying for average players yet we end up with collins and dunne. We had to read how we'd be lucky to finish top 8 and man city and spurs would leave us trailing behind but we're close to all the teams we're fighting with for that top 4 spot. And even in our good position at the moment all this site is full of is negativity. Our top scorer for the last 2 years and cult hero is now shit/lazy and should be benched but his england international replacement is shit and should be sold. The pfa young player of the year is shit and should be dropped, sidwell isn't good enough and petrov has the worse stamina in the premier league, milner works hard but isn't creative enough. And we have a manager who makes too many tactical mistakes and doesn't know how to use substitutions. I mean how shit must the premier league be if we are where we are with all these problems and issues? When did it become such a struggle to support a team challenging for a champions league place? When did it become so miserable to support a team that can compete with any other team on their day? When do we get to sit back and enjoy being a villa fan? personally, i have chosen to ignore a lot of the things that i would consider "strange", compared to my own opinion...
  14. pablopicasso

    MON stay or go

    becuase people are entitled to form their own opinion... i personally dont share their opinions, but they are allowed to have them...
  15. pablopicasso

    If we had Torres and Gerrard...

    gareth barry is a limited footballer, and nowhere near the level of rooney, gerrard, torres, etc...