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  1. You didn't watch Ronan Keating did you? jJust spotted a Villa shirt clapping away to life is a roller coaster on sky arts
  2. He's better as a number 8. McGinn would not have played that ball for Cash's goal.
  3. Villa park was absolutely rocking after that first goal, what fans, what a stadium, what a team. UTV
  4. Played very well all game but got better when McGinn went off and he pushed up.
  5. Just don't get your phone out for selfie
  6. Seeing James would be worth it on their own tbh. Have a great time !
  7. Just a 2 minute walk indoors from the car park as well. My go to cinema
  8. I had this with a neighbours security light shining onto the back.of our house , I asked him to lower it and he said no "he needed to watch the end of his garden". I stuck a large mirror on the outside of my house that reflected the light back at his house. The light was turned off the next day and never came back on
  9. The way he looks up for options as soon as he gets the ball tells you all you need to know about this lad, he's starting to show how good he can be with glimmers of an absolute gem. Good thing is we have others that showed the same promise at youth level, maybe the future is a little brighter than I imagined.
  10. It's going go end in a death or serious injury if this continues on the same path.
  11. tinker

    Louie Barry

    We need to look at our loan deals and ask ourselves what we really want from them. For me game time is far more important than the level , we should drop down divisions or go abroad before we look at teams who don't need or won't play our players. This area needs improvement to get the best out of our expenditure on youth players , without improvement we're going to struggle to get all but a few players out of our youth levels.
  12. This has been happening for some time , the rivers are dead or dying. We are turning into mini India, disgraceful.
  13. Just to clarify Entry by air Aircraft passengers who have been in the UK, South Africa or India in the 14 days prior to arriving in Brazil must quarantine for 14 days https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/brazil/entry-requirements Took 2 minutes. Embarrassing
  14. Lol , complete crap, They never had the right , they thought they did but didn't. Watch the coverage, big clue...... removed from the pitch by the police and now face deportation possible court appearances. The mind boggles at such ignorance at plain facts.
  15. This isn't FIFA, it's Brazilian law and we should have spotted the obvious oversight and informed the players not to travel to Brazil.
  16. People are assets to employers and they didn't have the right to play for their country in Brazil and never did. Whoever looks after the players at Villa should have checked their eligibility and stopped the players entering Brazil before the players left the UK. It's not rocket science I could have checked it in 5 minutes but it's not my job. Douglas must have known that he couldn't play in Brazil, why wasn't that information used? Embarrassing
  17. We suffer from it, we should protect our assets
  18. We knew where the games was and should have read the Brazilian rules and informed the players and the Argentinian fa our players couldn't play or had to isolate for 14 days. Its not rocket science and the information is readily available on any travel agents website. It's embarrassing and Villa can't hide from it and blame the Argentinian FA, they don't pay the players and don't give a shit about our Premier league status .
  19. 14 days there and then 14 here, what a farce didn't anyone read the rules ffs. These players are multi million pound assets and no one checked , its a complete **** up and it risks our future in the premier league, what a joke .
  20. Any movement in the polls has everything to with the shambles going on in government, nothing to do with Starmer's PR driven Labour Party. To gain the majority he has to engage with their problems and give solutions. Lack of quality employment , health care funding, travel, pensions and most of all... clean cheap energy generation (which holds the answers to many of the other issues we have). Immigration is being blamed for so many issues that are largely completely unrelated to it (poverty and underfunding of public services) Instead we bloat the profits of individuals and fight wars we can't win so our great friends, the Americans, can win elections and walk with a swagger. Rant over .
  21. tinker

    Dean Smith

    We're not going to improve on last season with how things are unfolding, fate has dealt us a poor hand. Smiths biggest asset is his continued drive to improve and I'm sure he will but he needs time to build stability and this is where we are at. We can't be in a situation where one player leaving leaves us seriously weakened and I don't think we will be...... again. We need time to grow and so does Smith.
  22. Barry started at left back and Milner was right wing, think MON moved Milner into the middle and maybe Barry as well.
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