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  1. Give it 5 years and we will know what's gone on .........or what the media wants us to think has gone on. Scotland and Ireland are looking messy , just hope it doesn't boil over into "troubles" . Boris has to set a timetable for them to have another referendum on independence , the first sign of any type of direct protest could lead to years of violence , nip it in the bud and let them have their say o ar date when they can (after Brexit is sorted )
  2. Disappointed with the result. We do however have a very strong hand in Brexit negotiations with Boris being backed so well at the polls . Going to be an interesting couple of years for sure. Good luck Boris , I have big doubts but hope you do us proud. Labour .......dear me Corbyn should stay for the dust to settle and Brexit to unfold then let a new leader pick the pieces up . What I can't believe is how disconnected from the electorate Labour were , they let their principles blur the fact he was unelectable .
  3. The BBC should be spending our money on local news, current affairs and locally made programs . It's ridiculous that large proportions of our population go completely unrepresented while still having to pay for the privilege with a tax. I see program after program on food in France Italy but none , not one on our local restaurants, farmers , butcher's . Same as wild life , nothing on our wild animals , everywhere else accept blood Britain .
  4. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Can't miss chances like El Gahzi did and expect to win games.
  5. tinker

    Dean Smith

    We're not the finished article, it's a work in progress. We was always going to be in a relegation battle and we all knew that....... Against Chelsea and Manure we have performed as well as I have seen since MON and we was then an established top 6 team. Against our relegation rivals we have played well ,in fact very well and that is where our faith is coming from . It's easy as fans ,( and entertaining) to see our mistakes made in games , individual and as team, but they don't define our season. Spot the issues , comment on here, discuss then move on. UTV
  6. This. They pushed up as a unit and great stamina to maintain it, if your going to press then Chelsea showed us how.
  7. Thompson's deal with Unite's issues but the cost to look through a contract would be high. TUPE regs deal with contract transfers in the UK , Google it there quite straightforward
  8. Hard game for us , Chelsea are a well organised team with some great players .Main points...... defence, 2nd time in two games that a goal has been scored from a free header from a couple of yards out. It looked like Konsa was to blame , he tried to play offside but Elmo and Ming's both played Abraham inside. Not sure if it's Ming's and Elmo or Konsa, guess we will know from who starts on Sunday. Ming's is slow out of the box though , later in the game he played Abraham onside, everyone else had pushed up at least a yard ......... Midfield, dear me what a mess. overun and lost countless first and second balls , allowed them to control the game . It got better when Douglas came on and I thought he had a good game but Hourihane, Marvelous and Mcguine looked lost and out of the game . Taking nothing away from Chelsea as they played very well and look like a top 4 side . On games like this we need a plan b. The back 4 held onto the ball to.long and the midfield couldn't keep possession. Wesley was a lonely figure up front and the frustration told on him . It situations like this it would be nice to have another forward on who can help him hold the ball and relieve some.pressure .UTV
  9. Abraham very lucky not to be booked, both feet of the ground. Konsa.... Not good enough, he let his man go again trying to play offside when Mings and Elmo played him on. Have a feeling we are going to win this, not sure why, judging from the first half,but if we score first I think Chelseas heads will drop UTV
  10. Biggest problem with jack, on form........it makes most of your other players look shite
  11. tinker

    Douglas Luiz

    Think Smith sees him as a player who can help us retain the ball to ease the pressure rather than one who will win the ball back when we are not in possession, it's a chicken or egg first problem for us. .
  12. I see this as well in the way he plays the game, but jack's more of an athlete. The sky is the limit for Jack
  13. Man city need a player just like Jack. I can see a big bid coming in the summer ,£100m + . He's world class in our team in their team he would unplayable.
  14. Konsa lost Rashford for the goal. Free header from a yard out...... Other than that were playing well , Grealish best player on the pitch.
  15. tinker

    Dean Smith

    Great news. No other team, in the top 2 divisions, has improved as much as we have over the last 12 months under Dean's leadership. Must be pretty devastating for our rival fans to see us turn from a floundering error prone basket case into a team that produces exciting football with a team of young players who's room for improvement is vast . Thanks Mr Smith, you have stirred a giant .
  16. Ultimately it will be his wages that decide if he stays or goes. If he can keep us up this year and continues his seemingly unstoppable rapid development then he could command wages of £300k + a week within 18 months . Just like Rooney with Everton , Gascoigne and Newcastle a time comes when the best players play for the highest achieving teams of their generation. Let's just enjoy what he gives us as each game comes and goes , I'm pretty sure he's going to give us some great moments over the next 2 seasons and after that...........good luck Jack , one of our own
  17. Not sure I would at the moment but if Ming's over playing costs us a few times then it certainly an option. To think last season we started off with an unfit Chester as our only decent CB. Incredible turn around.
  18. Wow , what a performance .
  19. 1-1 , tough game for us to break them down while trying not to overcommit . Hope Hourihane starts.UTV
  20. tinker

    The Film Thread

    Watched Joker last night , Joaquin Phoenix acting was very convincing, to the point it felt a bit disturbing. Even the Mrs was glued to the screen , storyline was so so, the filming was dark and atmospheric. Joaquin was awesome
  21. Watched two Episodes of Madalorian and it's quite good. Not sure how it's going to pan out as there isn't much of a ongoing story line but the small sub plots are quite entertaining, if a little predictable . Suppose it helps I'm a Sci-fi fan and it all been a bit barren on that front for years
  22. He's not for me either . He plays in the same position but is more of a sweeper than a defensive midfielder.
  23. He's was poor , he's obviously talented with the ball at his feet in space but he's hopeless at the defensive parts of the game and didn't position himself in any risky areas , showed for the ball in safe areas with no pressure. He should be rested .
  24. Douglas has been poor, plays in an area that doesn't affect the game and lacks any movement.
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