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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Match Thread 15:00


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I'd add my thoughts but it would probably be the same as the last 2 posts. In other words, "this"

You best be careful Stevo its becoming regular ;)

Haha, you do talk some sense occasionally, Jez ;)

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Got a feeling we'll play 4-4-2 and see Heskey back. Just a feeling, could be totally wrong of course. But Portsmouth are struggling and MON probably won't want to keep his old friend benched for long.

Anyway, should win this one with whichever formation hopefully..

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I don't want to jinx this, and I'm not assuming this match is going to be easy, but I'll be looking forward to seeing the League table this weekend if we can beat Portsmouth.

With Liverpool not playing until early evening, and the current top four not playing until Sunday, by 5 o'clock on Saturday:

A 1-0 win will put us 5th

A 3-0 win will put us 3rd

A 5-0 win will put us equal 2nd with Man Utd

A 6-0 win will put us 2nd (OK, not very likely I suppose...).

After Sunday's matches, in which the current top four play each other, there is a chance that ANY win against Portsmouth could leave us in the top four (or even as high as third). We would also have a game in hand on all the other teams at the top except Man City.

Yes, I know the League table doesn't mean much at this stage, but it would still be nice to be up there. So let's hope the lads do the business again this weekend. Another scrappy 1-0 win would do for me. Any extra goals (and places gained) would be a nice bonus.

Prediction: I'll go for Villa 0 Portsmouth 3 :winkold:

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At the moment a home game against Portsmouth must be the safest way to test if 4-4-2 from current squad is good enough to win games.

Then again, if Portsmouth score the first goal it could be struggle. But Portsmouth must also be the safest way to test if we can turn 0-1 to 2-1. Test or not, opposite side to score the first goal will happen again some time. 4-5-1 is probably the safest way to avoid that so it's interesting to see what MON decides.

Wish list:

1. Win!

2. Win big!

3. To witness this: MON: "When we start to really open up, going forward we are an absolute dream to watch."

4. 4-4-2

5. If 4-5-1, to see Sidwell dribble.

6. To see scoring opportunities created by other players than just AY

7. To see MON jumping!

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