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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Match Thread 15:00


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IMO Luke Young is starting to take the piss. Is he injured? OK his half brother died. But in what job do they give you 6 weeks paid leave when your half brother dies. He's gotta get back

I agree. I know it sounds quite insensitive and all that, but when you consider Lampard was back a couple of days after his mother died then Luke really is taking a while.

I just gotta say though that it doesn't matter if they're your half or full sibling, you love 'em just as much.

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What is it with the Villa and a lack of news? Can't someone ask what's going on? Why do newspapers have journalists if we still can't get any answers about L. Young.

Andre's funeral is on Wednesday 23rd - next week. I will be there, but I can tell you one thing - I won't be asking Luke when he's playing for us again. Some things are bigger than football.

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