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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Match Thread 15:00


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With NRC gone we'll either see Carew up top in a 4-4-2 or Delph come into fill his place directly in a 4-5-1.

For me i'd start 4-5-1 but with Milner moving inside, Gabby on the right and big John up front... the more and more we impose ourselves the more Gabby goes up top and Milner moves back out right.

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Can't drop any of the defenders after the SHA game.

Inspired by alienvillan, here's my wish list for tomorrow:

1. 3 points

2. Fantastic performance

3. Delph MOTM

4. Delph goal

5. Carew goal

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I have a feeling this will be a tough one despite their poor start to the season. However, we should be beating teams like this if we want to do well. I think we can aswell, although the team will need to be focused and not underestimate them. I'll go for 3-1 to us. I'm about to leave for the match so I don't miss the train like I almost did last time. UTV!

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Soccer Saturday coming up with some interesting thoughts....can't remember too many times when pundits have discussed our tactics and formation as in depth. Gotta play 4-5-1 still if recovering alcoholics and cocky scots are to be believed. I would just do nearest like for like with NCR so i guess it would be bringing in gardner or even get Warnock in the role?

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Nobody bothered about this match then? Not much pre match discussion going on at all!! 4 pages??

i think its nerves due to our previous inabilities to beat really bad teams. But should pick up after the first 5 minutes of us playing well...much like the story of VTs season.

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