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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Match Thread 15:00


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If you look at Blog on OS for Tuesday 15.09.2009. Specifically mentions Luke Young:-

17.30pm - [PB] - Martin O'Neill has revealed Marlon Harewood has returned to training after several months out with a foot injury. He also expressed his delight that Wilfred Bouma and Luke Young are progressing well in their comebacks from injury.

The interview PB refers to with MON is also available on OS...so it's hardly a case of keeping Luke situation a secret.

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IMO Luke Young is starting to take the piss. Is he injured? OK his half brother died. But in what job do they give you 6 weeks paid leave when your half brother dies. He's gotta get back

none of us can comment on this as we dont know how close they were but everyone is different in these kind of situations. i would rather he took a slong as he needed then come back not have his head in it and play crap and cost us points

as for team thats team i would have gone for. i have ahorrible feeling about this game for some reason think we won t win. i would ahve gone for that team that mons chosen

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