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The General Election / General politics topic (End Nov 2008)


If there was General Election tomorrow which way would you vote?  

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  1. 1. If there was General Election tomorrow which way would you vote?

    • Labour
    • Conservative
    • Lib Dem
    • Green
    • BNP
    • SNP / Plaid
    • Other (please explain)
    • Abstain / Spoil Ballot

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Righty Ho as promised the new politics thread.

Firstly this topic will contain a poll but not an indefiite one, one with a finite end

Secondly this topic will be locked at the end of November when the poll runs out, another one can be started at the start of next month (as long as the poll is time limited to the end of that month)

You may also discuss any "general" political points in here, specific things like the Pre-budget announcement today etc can have their own specific topics s per usual

So The initial question is, If there were a General Election tomorrow which way would you vote?

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Just carrying over a conversation Bicks if that's ok?

Thats fine, it was just about the accuracy of the poll more than anything, the conversation was fine - Bicks

On the other issue regarding fiscal policy and the regulation and possible nationalisation of the banking sector I kind of agree with you. There were some stories of Brown taking action against the banks if they continue to refuse to lend in todays press, I'd be interested to know what this action would be.

Precisely. I think Labour were scared of potential accusations that they were interferring in the commercial decision making of the banks they took stakes in but are now left in a situation where they have no control, having already shelled out stacks of our cash.

Not the first time I've made this observation but there is no joined up thinking in government over this situation, and faced with the banks clamming up tighter than a duck's butt, what can they do? Seems to me there is nothing they can do other than full nationalisation so time to shit or get off the pot.

And I voted Tory - again. Best of a bad lot at the moment.

Edit: And I appeal to the BNP voter to stand up and have a chat about why, no abuse or sly comments just a genuine debate of your views.

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be interesting to see how it differs from the May poll though

already we've got fewer Green Party votes so clearly the French have been over and bumped them all off

as i said in another post , i think it will depend on what The Sun print front page on the day that will decide how a lot of people vote

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We have been told to prepare for a General Election in February, so you are a few months out.

But then we were told to prepare for an election earlier this year, so who knows?

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Alright, I allowed myself to vote (again), and I went for the Lib Dems (again). Still disillusioned with New "Labour" and the tories are worse (as in even further to the right).

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Don't especially trust either of the main parties since they're as bad as each other. Lib Dems are such a waste it ain't worth it. Would never vote BNP. I disagree with some Green party stuff I've heard about (may not be true, stupid stuff about lawn mowers and that). Wouldn't vote for any of the Nationalists, since I'm English. Wouldn't vote Monster Raving Looney, although I do like the idea of a 99p coin.

Spoil ballot it is then.

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