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The Transition from 2022 into 2023


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just put a 2hr long film on so I'll be going to bed at 22:45pm. unless my mate messages me to have a few games on COD but that's doubtful.

Only way that I'll actually see the year in awake is if I'm in bed watching absolute shite on youtube 

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47 minutes ago, sidcow said:

How come every musician and his dog will try and ensure his pension by writing a Christmas hit yet ABBA and U2 seem to have New Year tied up between them? 

The Swifties are gonna get ya

But there are lots of songs about New Year

The Zombies, Jeff Buckley, The Eagles, Tori Amos, Van the Man and about a million differnt version of AUld Lang Syne

And lots I probably can't think of and know.


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29 minutes ago, Designer1 said:

Happy New Year!

Much love to all of you magnificent bastards that have been part of my life for such an unhealthy length of time.


If my drunken maths aren’t too far off, I’m entering my 19th year on here. F*** me 😂

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