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  1. I feel exactly the same way about the wrestling thread.
  2. As a rule of thumb, I love when opposition clubs draw with one another. Sucks a point out of the league table and no one catches up or accelerates away too quickly. Nil-nils are best but one-ones will do.
  3. I thought they did quite well against us. Only lost by one goal.
  4. When I lived in KH the Hare and Hounds would have been the closest to me. I don't think I ever stepped foot inside. I suppose the Billesley was closest thing that I treated as a local. A bit of a plastic pub I thought. Used to walk down to it with my Dad for a quiet drink. I remember having a drink in the Station ... must have been back in '86. Seemed like an old man's pub back then (good thing). Funnily enough, the Plough in Harborne would have been the closest thing to a pub where "everyone knew my name" Yeah ... I forgot about the KH Cricket and Sports Club, definitely a good spot for a drop beer. Used to be member there before moving to Canada. Thank for the memories ... everyone.
  5. Yeah ... thanks ... I think. Mine was sort of a sort of a nostalgia question. Grew up in 444, but spent my last three years in the UK in Selly Park. So Stirchley back then was sort of a no man's land that had to be passed through. Glad it sounds like it's improved. But if someone forced you to have a beer ... where in King's Heath?
  6. Well it seems that would be full of Blues fans. But if the truth be known so was King's Heath in my time there.
  7. Just out of curiosity, where in King's Heath would you go to get a decent pint of bitter these days? God I would love a decent pint of bitter here in Canada at the moment.
  8. Both? In my forty odd years working ... I was always learning. Now that I am retired, I am a know-it-all.
  9. I wonder if Southgate might have been scouting a new/extra right back?
  10. I thought this was an interesting observation. This to me implies that Dean and his team recognized quality in this team last year, whereas us in the peanut gallery are mere amateurs. Sure we recognize what the organization has done for Villa, but as group I suspect we don't have a clue when it comes to the detail that goes into the blossoming Villa organization.
  11. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it ... clean sheet #3
  12. This penalty gives some context to how good Nakamba's penalty was, and Young's for that matter. @RichiBoi11
  13. Yes for me ... No for everyone else.
  14. In the late seventies I was in my twenties. I can't say Jim was doing a good job running the country. Winter of Discontent The Winter of Discontent took place during 1978–79 in the United Kingdom. It was characterised by widespread strikes by private, and later public, sector trade unions demanding pay rises greater than the limits Prime Minister James Callaghan and his Labour Party government had been imposing, against Trades Union Congress (TUC) opposition, to control inflation.
  15. Nutmegs are disrespectful ... yellow cards please.
  16. The good thing about this fixture is: by the time I get out of bed it will be over and done. While I have breakfast I can read about how great Villa were on VT.
  17. Stuff respect! I don't see it as a yellow. Is one allowed to hold the ball with one's feet?
  18. I have never seen Nakamba take a statistically significant number of penalties to offer any sensible opinion on this. In general 4 out 5 penalties result in a goal. Yesterday 3.5 out 5 penalties succeeded at Stamford Bridge. If we throw the in QPR/Everton penalties into the mix it's 22/26 penalty goals ... 4.2 goals out of 5. I can't wait for the melt down for when El Ghazi fails to score from a penalty. Nakamba's penalty was not bad, nor was it a riskier perfect shot either. I would argue it was way better than El Ghazi's penalty against Barrow.
  19. So we are left with the curious position ... trust in the scientific method or process, but not its fruit? Interesting.
  20. Of the games I have watched this season, for me this was far the most enjoyable. Think ... No Ings, Watkins, Bailey, Mings, Targett, Luiz, McGinn and Martinez. And Ramsey an unused sub!
  21. I just briefly looked at the last half of the 20/21 Loan thread. Archer was doing OK at Solihull Moors, but I would say he has had more meaningful minutes (an exaggeration) with Villa this season than he did since February on loan with the Moors. It seems to me, the Moors did not recognize the talent they had available.
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