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World Cup : Group C (Fra, Aus, Per, Den)


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fra.png France

aus.png Australia

per.png Peru

den.png Denmark

16/06 @ 11:00 - France v Australia
16/06 @ 17:00 - Peru v Denmark
21/06 @ 13:00 - Denmark v Australia
21/06 @ 16:00 - France v Peru
26/06 @ 15:00 - Australia v Peru
26/06 @ 15:00 - Denmark v France

Winner faces runner up from group D (Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria)
Runner up faces winner from group D

All times in BST

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France will win the group comfortably. Their flag is a design classic, with three simple bands of colour, with clear and simple meanings that everyone knows. France know how to keep it simple but effective, and that will see them through. Denmark will finish second, also keeping it simple, with their trademark Nordic symbolism. 

Peru have got good interplay between the red wings and white centre, but an overly-fussy effort in the middle of the flag reduces their overall impact. 

Australia are all over the place. 

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Shame we have Lawrenson on this game. He’s already been a patronising word removed towards the Australian players, already sounds like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world, just waiting for him to shoehorn Liverpool in to the commentary now.

Terrible pundit.

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2 minutes ago, sharkyvilla said:

On paper this French side is ridiculous.

Watching France is a bit like Thunderbirds though isn't it - anything could happen in the next half hour!

I doubt the origins of the phrase 'a box of frogs' derived from France's inconsistency at major football tournaments but it somehow seems most appropriate! :)

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Aussies looking well drilled so far - better than I expected.  I do agree that France look more like a team of individuals at the moment but there's plenty of time for them to click.  They should be able to unlock this defence with some quick movement once they get on the right wavelength, and if they're still struggling early second half then Giroud will pose different problems, especially if the full backs really push up.  The space is there out wide.

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