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Midweek football 18/21 April


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Premier League

Stoke v Spurs 8pm SS1 MNF


Premier League

Newcastle v Man City SS1


Small Heath v Preston

Brentford v Cardiff

Brighton v QPR

Bristol City v Derby

Ipswich v Fulham

Leeds v Wolves

Forest v Blackburn

Rotherham v Huddersfield

Sheff Wed v MK Dons

Bolton v Charlton 8pm

Reading v Hull 8pm


Premier League

West Ham v Watford

Liverpool v Everton 8pm SS1

Man Utd v Palace 8pm


Premier League

Arsenal v Albion SS1

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I still can't believe that neither Sky or the Beeb have made more over that City goal.

Aguero is four yards out when the free kick is taken - everyone else is six yards out. It's a set piece, everyone is stationary - you'd have to be either blind or not looking to have missed it - it's a diabolical decision, the linesman should be demoted and never do a Premier league game again. It really is incredibly bad.


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2 hours ago, S-Platt said:

City have been garbage to be honest if I was a Norwich/Sunderland fan I would not be impressed 

not 1st time this season, sure they even drew at Villa Park

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Tackles like that and the red card just add the myth that this is a huge passionate ferocious local derby, there's more fire on the pitch than there ever is in the stands, police allowing an 8pm kick off says it all

Been pissed off in the build up with a few of the media suggesting this, the manc and the North London are the big local derbies in this country, those 3 would do well to get in the top 5

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