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Goals (or lack of)


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Sunderland - 14 shots - 3 on target


Swanseas - 11 shots - 3 on target


Manure - 10 shots - 4 on target


West Brom - 7 shots - 2 on target


Leicester - 16 shots - 7 on target (lets not forget the two goals we did score were by defenders).


I appreciate shots on target is misleading as you can have a shot that goes inches wide or a cross or pea roller that went direct to the keeper that is counted as 'on target'.


Anyway - bottom line we probably need 15-20 shots to win a match based on our conversion rate,


Yup, If you throw enough shit… Some of it will stick!


Unless you're throwing it at a Dictator

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We've always had a problem of scoring goals under Lambert. Last season we had many scoreless games remember and in his first season we didn't score a huge amount in 2012 before we hit a purple patch right from Swansea on New Years day.


I think the difference back then was that when we did score a lot of them were quite decent goals and moves but at the moment it seems to be the case of give it to Benteke and hope for the best, either him scoring a wonder goal or creating something for others.


There is a serious lack of attacking quality in our team, him aside.

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We have so many ineffective players it's scary







the list goes on & on and all of those mentioned should be chipping in with their share

Weimann & Gabby should be hitting at least 10 to 12 each per season as an absolute minimum to be worth their shirt, the midfielders at least 4 or five a season surely?

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Problem is there is no doubt in my mind he sets the team up to prioritize the defending. This is why we go from working it from the front to flapping and passing it all the way back. A team set up to attack would have midfielers making forward runs into space, not passing the ball then running back to defend. A Lambert Midfieder has defensive duties as number one priority. This will also explain the great defense but aswell the serious problem of the lack of goals. Is Lambert happy with this system and the lack of goals, yes I think he is. He never says he is worried in press conferences and continues to praise the players hard work. To him its working and I really don't expect any change this season apart from the odd goal..........maybe!!


To not beat a McLeish season of goals scored is so so poor and surely will see him gone at the end of this dull dull season.

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