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Goals (or lack of)


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We've the fourth best team in the league at not conceding goals.

We've conceded twice as many as we've scored.

1/4 of the league has scored more than three times the number of goals we've scored.

The league leaders had scored the amount of goals we've scored now before the end of August, it took them three games, it's taken us twenty one games.

The worst team in the league had scored the amount of goals we've scored by the 4th October, it took them eight games.

Our goals scored column really does take a bit of getting your head around, it's not just bad, it's freakishly, unusually bad.

The lowest total in Premier league history was Derby in 2007-08; they scored 20 - we're on for a similar total. They conceded 89 goals that season, at current rates, we'll concede about 42. They were a very poor side, we're a poor side, but our deficiencies are so peculiarly one sided that it's bizarre. We're not a side that does nothing, that doesn't compete, we just don't score goals - and we don't score goals better than any other team in Premier league history.

We really shouldn't underplay just how freakish a team we are at the moment.

I just love the phrase "we don't score goals better than any other team in Premiership History"


There is a small part of me that is absurdly proud that we are so rubbish at scoring goals, I kinda want us to get the record.  I suppose it is a type of gallows humor that if we are going to be awful we may as well be remarkably awful. 


The really scary thing is that if you look at the goals we have scored a decent proportion of them have been gifts from the opposition and very little to do with our own attacking flair.  I know you would expect a few like that in a season, but our main attacking threat seems to be under hit passes from the opposition defense.


In other goal related news the following players all have a better goals to matches played ratio than Aston Villa:




Cisse (Papiss)




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37 is our lowest ever. Another club record we will break this year.

It's not you know.

In 1969-70 we scored 36 in 42 games - that's the worst I've found so far. One less than 2011-12 in four less games. We were in the Championship (old Division 2) and we were relegated to Division 3. Now that one was bleak.

I went back as far as WWII (I'm bored now) we've been under 40 goals four times since the war - two of those in the last three seasons - it's officially the worst scoring period in our post war history.

We finished bottom in 86-87 and still scored 45 in 42 games.

Yes you're right I missed that one.

Still looks like we'll be breaking that club record.

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Smashing it I'm afraid DCJ.


A sick part of me wants us to beat Derby's record - stay up, but be the worst goalscorers in history. I realise that makes me a wrong un, but I always figure if you're going to foul up anyway, you may as well go for it and foul up bigger than anyone has ever fouled up before.

If we stayed up there'd be an odd sense of pride in it agreed.


Like a circus that moves from town to town doing a couple of sell out shows, then moving on before word spreads how terrible it is.

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Worth noting that three of our major chances yesterday came from long diagonal balls.


I just don't see how we can create enough chances to win games playing the slow motion passing game.


Lambert needs to change it again and mix it up....and no I don't mean hoofing it up to Benteke at every opportunity. 

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