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  1. Very well put. I went to yesterdays match travelling up from South Wales. On watching the game and doing it intentionally from a neutral view I could see the differences in both teams play and i also reflected back on the games against Brentford, Forest and Wolves. One thing that stood out was the way that they were all comfortable with the ball and made great efforts to get it back. As opposed to Villa whose players seemed to have this idea that it was something to be avoided and when they did have it to hoof it (apart from Lansbury). The other teams also played as a team and did put the effort in and it would appear that Villa players do not actually put in a shift! In regard to Kodja yesterday he did start passing, but his service from the others was so woeful he may as well go back to doing it himself, that also includes Hogan who cut a very forlorn figure yesterday. He must be wondering just what (at the moment), joining Villa is going to do for his career. On numerous occasions Villa players got the ball back and then gave it back to the opposition, which was very frustrating. Taylor, Hutton and Baker being the worst three. In regard to the formation the 532 yesterday Hutton was so far up the pitch, with Taylor being so far down the pitch highlighted the disjointed nature of the team. Lansbury is an attacking midfielder, but was playing just in front of the defence, which meant that there was no attacking midfield. What should have happened yesterday in particular was Lansbury be up the pitch as say a N10 and the other two being support for both defence and attack. The wing backs should have been based on the half way line and moved up the pitch in tandem, which stretches the opposition. The three centre backs should be further up the pitch and not being so deep. This would mean the play would have nearly all have been in the opposition half and not ours. I think its called defending from the front. There is also something that others have seemingly not picked up on and it is this. When the opposition have a corner ALL the Villa players are back defending, which meant that when the ball went up the pitch it just came straight back! This has been going on for a few seasons now and is ridiculous. Throw ins also appear to be a problem as when do get a throw in nobody wants the ball. Whoever takes it is looking for someone to come for it and nobody does. Its pretty basic football that Villa fail to do. Suffice to say i left Villa Park feeling very frustrated, freezing cold with the highlight of the day being the chicken balti pie and the extra one i kept to be eaten on the way home.
  2. ermie123

    Missing 411

    Probably, but i know it has vanished from the news excuse the pun.
  3. On the imediately our problem theme didn't they attack Poland at the same time so we should have declared war on them as well?
  4. After all i identify as being a dog, but people kick off when i poo on their grass!
  5. Who knows, i'm stuck on how many genders there are in humanity as according to some in New York there are 63 so far (and counting).
  6. I find it weird that Hitler (fascism) is demonised yet Stalin (communism/socialism) is not. I think history nails it as Hitler was in championship in comparison to Stalin, Lennin and Mao. Funny as well that none of the communists/socialists spend their holidays in North Korea or Cuba.
  7. ermie123

    Missing 411

    I will leave this now as i did think there may have been some reasonable debate, but alas the keyboard warrior has taken over.
  8. Thank you very very much for that. And yes divide and conquer has always been good for the people in power as it distracts people from what is really going on in the world and of course owning most of the media is always a boost for them.
  9. ermie123

    Missing 411

    Mmmmm lost me again?
  10. ermie123

    Missing 411

    Oh right now i get it sorry about that. Yes that's also a very disturbing case as is the chef lady in York who has vanished, totally bizarre. You would think that in today's hi tech world people cannot just vanish off the face of the earth.
  11. Whatever happened to the free market.
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