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VT Last Man Standing


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Ok so if the mods don't mind I'll run a last man standing competition.

  1. Rules you pick a team to win, if they win you go through to the next round, if they draw or lose you are out.
  2. You may only pick a team once.
  3. If you fail to pick a team before Saturday at 12pm you will automatically be given the team with the shortest odds on Bet365 for the weekend of the teams that are available to you, if odds of more than one team are the same you will get the team that are alphabetically first. So say you fail to pick & United Chelsea & Arsenal are all 1/3 and you have already picked Arsenal you will be given Chelsea as your selection.
  4. All edited posts after the 12pm deadline will be deemed null and void and selection will be taken as first selection.
  5. A game week can only take place when all 20 teams are in action over a maximum of 3 calendar days. So midweek is allowable once all 20 teams are playing.

I'll do a spreadsheet every week with the selections so you can see who everyone has gone for.



2 Remain.



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Never mind I understand now... What happens after 20 weeks (or less)?


If we get that far, you get all your teams back but very unlikely. Winner gets the pride of winning the VT LMS.

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