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  1. I wondered whether clubs are so totally biased toward hiring defensive managers and that since black players are most common in attacking positions whether they are discriminated because of their footballing philosophy (attacking). This discrimination could be in addition to any racial discrimination. However, on testing it I found that although black players are most commonly found further up the field, in all positions except goalie black players were currently more than 25% of players. There are so many black players in defensive positions today that at least for the next generation ther
  2. Thanks Rodders, awesome stuff. I like the wildcard idea too. Can you put a star or do something to indicate how many wild cards someone has left. That would be useful info for people strategically. Or else we would have to keep the tally ourselves.
  3. If Brian Deane does well I'd welcome him at Villa. I would like us to be managed by a former striker who was successful at the top level and not affiliated with one of the big clubs.
  4. We needed Westwood to banana in some of those whipped set pieces but he was not the most accurate crosser in the Premier League today. The best with at least 3 crosses were Steven Davis (100%), Steven Gerrard (75%), Raheem Sterling (60%), Branoslav Ivanovic (50%) and Jason Puncheon (44%). Stewart Downing gets special mention for 8 from 16 (50%). If we are going to compete against the top teams Westwood needs to be more consistent with his delivery because we're not going to get many chances.
  5. Has he got a new contract yet? His strength training really shows in the game when he bounces off the floor after tackles by the Ya Ya Toures he plays against in CM. He changes direction really quick too it helps him win a lot of fouls for us. Grealish should take note. Maybe a bit of shooting training wouldn't go amiss either. He and Grealish should stay on after training working on long range shooting.
  6. Will you never post a single thing about bannan either directly or indirectly again if he doesn't? No, but I will promise 2 months Bannan free, whatever happens. If I slip up, someone send me a PM and we can add another 2 months on to that. Please note though that I was not the one who bumped this thread.
  7. Do we have the updated table (for Week 5) posted yet? Thanks.
  8. Ugo Ehiogu has been working with the Tottenham Academy and is now coach of Tottenham U-21s. I'd say he's one to watch because the Tottenham youth are very highly rated at the moment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugo_Ehiogu
  9. That although Palace lost he can't have had that bad a game. If there were no positives to take from it he won't be on the bench. I'll hold my hands up and say my analysis is wrong if he's not on the bench. That would indicate there were no positives.
  10. As others have said, talent tends to rise to the top in football. I just don't buy into this idea that there is racism against black managers in England when black players are very widely accept in the game. Talented black players certainly don't get held back because of their race so why would that be the case with black managers? Because everyone is comfortable with the idea that black people are good athletes. Black people being seen as intelligent tactical thinkers still faces resistance in some quarters. It might not be that which the discrimination is against. If they make
  11. Will you take it all back if he's on the bench against Leicester?
  12. He may have shown enough tonight to get back on the bench. Consider the midfield four Zaha Guédioura Bannan Williams (Kaikai - 80' ) then Zaha Guédioura Bannan Kaikai Bannan and Williams is what you call a lightweight midfield and the 19-year-old debut winger Kaikai hardly helped the defense out there when he came on. And we all know how hard Zaha works at his defensive duties (/src). against Obertan Colback Abeid Ameobi (Sissoko - 67' ) then Obertan Colback Sissoko Abeid So they equalised to 2 : 2 even after Sisso
  13. It was 2:2 after 90' and the third goal came from a header inside the six-yard box. I think the second-string Palace defence, which also conceded a penalty, was more likely at fault. The fact Bannan's side still managed 2 goals without their most influential defenders, without Jedinak, against a strong Newcastle XI is a positive for him.
  14. AT 27 SEP 2014 - PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 2 : 2 Everton Chelsea 4 : 0 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1 : 2 Leicester Hull 0 : 3 Man City Man Utd 4 : 2 West Ham Southampton 3 : 0 QPR Sunderland 1 : 1 Swansea Arsenal 3 : 1 Tottenham SUN 28 SEP 2014 - PREMIER LEAGUE West Brom 2 : 1 Burnley MON 29 SEP 2014 - PREMIER LEAGUE Stoke 1 : 1 Newcastle
  15. I feel really sorry for Steven Caulker. Staff messed up and he got handcuffed for "stealing Philadelphia cheese". This must have been a galling and humiliating experience. And he's not going to hear the end of it from the opposition fans. Imagine the chants. Steven Caulker likes his cheese! likes his cheese! likes his cheese! Steven Caulker likes his cheese! Give us your Philadelphia
  16. maybe media punditry creams off the best black football analysts so the population left to be great black football managers is very small compared to the population left over to be non-black managers. media organizations aim to be representative so they really aggressively seek out great black pundits and maybe this stops many of them pursuing a career in coaching and management. Currently active black pundits I can think of - Robbie Earle NBC Jason Roberts BBC Clarke Carlisle ITV Garth Crooks BBC Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink BBC Ruud Gullit BBC (and manager) Marcel Desailly I
  17. Surely any player who gets beyond youth football and reaches the first team of a Premier League side must have been dedicated and had a desire to succeed at youth level. I wonder if they did checks on his A-Level results to see whether he had brains smarts and would be able to read complex formation diagrams and tactics sheets. Braininess is not something we associate with a footballer but it would probably help to have some brains to play at the big clubs that have to win every game and play European football. The players need to understand and memorize these complex systems they
  18. What are these background checks? How do they know he's intent on a successful career and has a winning mentality if they didn't talk to him (which presumably they did not do without tapping up because they only later asked Everton about him)? This paragraph is very football manageresque.
  19. I thought Clark would become better than Cahill but he does his Cryuff turns at the wrong end of the pitch. Maybe the only way for him to get better now is to find another club. He is still worth a place in the Premier League so maybe we can offload him to Man Utd in the winter transfer window because they really need Premier League quality centre backs.
  20. Jay Rodriguez will make Spurs better. He tackles, he shoots, he scores. With Eriksen, Lennon and the great Andros Townsend supplying tap-ins you would be a fool not to immediately recruit him for your fantasy league side as soon as he is fit. Tottenham's main problem is like Man Utd's, but not quite so bad (both right and left they have superb wing backs): the area of the pitch that is the most influence on the team. Central defence, and central midfield. Kaboul and Vertonghen are not world class enough. Vlaar would muscle one of those out if he was in the Tottenham squad. And alth
  21. MoTD doesn't have time to do that, unfortunately. If you're a fan of a non top 4 club, there would be even less of your teams games shown than there is now (not you personally, just the viewer). MoTD has got less bad pundit wise as a result of Neville being so good and raising the bar, but it'll never compete in the same area as Sky MNF, which can devote 30 minutes to a single play if the want. If you're us, you might prefer the Sky analysis, but if you're a 11 year old watching MoTD on Sunday morning, you maybe just want to see your favourite team or player win or score a goal and don't want
  22. To be fair, their foot/gunfire damage policy was slightly more genius - they also let Ferdinand, Vidic, and Evra go ( knowing well in advance that they would leave). Southampton also lost their manager and whole bunch of players and the effects have been exactly the different. The incapable fools! whilst they obviously did have a foot/gunfire damage policy it is not quite the same situation as Southampton. Southampton didn't lose all of their experienced defence (Fonte, the captain, and Yoshida) and in Schneiderlin, already had a powerful central midfielder who incidentally, cou
  23. Both full backs are Bayern Munich players. Unless he means Jordi Alba ? Either way, he's left out the 2 players who are clearly the best in the world ( not Ethan Moore and Barry Bannan ) Yes, it's Barcelona's Jordi Alba. He's quick.
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