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col.png COL Colombia


gre.png GRE Greece


civ.png CIV Ivory Coast


jpn.png JPN Japan


COL vs GRE Sat 14 June 17:00 BBC ONE

CIV vx JPN Sun 15 June 02:00 ITV

COL vs CIV Thu 19 June 17:00 ITV
JPN vs GRE Thu 19 June 23:00 BBC ONE

GRE vs CIV Tue 24 June 21:00 BBC THREE

JPN vs COL Tue 24 June 21:00 BBC ONE

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japan were in a similar group in 2010, them, holland, cameroon and denmark and from what i can remember it was one of the best groups


just got to hope all of them have the attitude that they can win the group and go for it, unfortunately i cant see Greece ever having that attitude

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Wouldn't shock me if Colombia miss out, their CBs are old and I think losing Falaco is a bigger blow than a lot realise.


Japan are pretty underrated, got some decent players in their squad nowadays who don't just play in Europe as they sell shirts and they know what world cups are about now.


Ivory Coast are probably a bit past their best now but still have decent players and are actually in a group they can qualify from for once.


Greezzzzzzzzzzzzzzze I couldn't care less but they've obviously advanced from tough looking groups before so can't write them off.

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Greece might be the national team I respect most. They make the most of their talent, maybe more than any other country.


That's because they only have 11 players with any kind of talent.

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England actually has a real shot at the quarters.

That's what I keep saying.

Quite a few of my friends saying stuff like "if we get out the groups we'l go out at the first knockout round" when I think we'll get to the quarters.


We should (SHOULD) win our round of 32 match if we get there. Although obviously Colombia and Ivory Coast are both capable of beating us on their day.

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