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Random players who always have good games against us


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Just posted in the Luna thread about three different Villa left backs Antonio Valencia has ripped to shreds over the years.

O.k he's a good player who'd certainly walk into our team (I'd have loved us to sign him during the MON era when he was at Wigan) but he's hardly been pulling up any trees at United over the last year.

Yet when he plays us he turns into Ronaldo. Wigan came to VP in May 2008 and he scored twice in a 2 nil win, that was against bouma who'd had a fantastic season and sadly that would be one of the last games he played for us.

He ripped Warnock to shreds in the carling cup final. Warnock after a good start never recovered from that game. And today he demolished Luna with Rafael.

Three Villa left backs in three different villa teams he's had great games against in the last five years.

Other players who come to mind who always seem to play well against us for various different teams down the years are Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton and Shane Long. Any other obvious examples.

I'm thinking of the ones you wouldn't regard as anywhere near the best in the league before people mention the likes of Rooney, Torres etc.

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Any person in the Man Utd team against us.


Robbie Fowler


Any player who has been utter dogshit for however long


Any player who hasn't scored in a while


Goalkeepers who are shit turn into Oliver Khan against us.


Conspiracy is what it is.


Jordan Henderson - a shit player.


Danny Welbeck - Shit


Cleverly - Shit

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Anelka's scored a lot against us I think down the years although I'd tend to stay away from them as these tend to be the best players in the league at one time or another.


Valencia's a good player but with respect has he ever been the best right winger in the league at any stage of his United career? Yet routinely rips us to shreds.

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He (Valencia)  was Manchester United's player of the season in 2011/12.  He is a great player, probably has a lower profile than a lot of United players because he doesn't do many interviews or engage with social media much. 

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