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  1. I kinda hope this leads to Bree getting a chance, and O'Hare at the very least on the bench and actually used if at all possible. Will be very interesting to see if DS goes with Whelan or Hourihane in midfield. (......or Lansbury), due to Thor's injury.
  2. Possibly, but tbh i dont see DS dropping Elmo from the position he has been playing, only leaves one spot up top? (Kodjia?) For some reason i dont get the feeling that DS is feeling overly experimental, however much i would also like so Ghazi and bolasie to get a chance (even if i havent been that impressed with them so far), for Taylor to be dropped and for bree to be given a chance with cafu at LB, don't really see any of that happening Also i havent been overly impressed with abraham the last couple of games tbh, his touch is really heavy and for a big guy he doesn't shield the ba
  3. im not sure Bolasie and El Ghazi could complete a full 90 mins between them right now.
  4. To be fair in relation to Bannan, I always hoped he would progress at Villa, from what I remember Houllier rated him very highly, but MON wasn't keen die to his size. He certainly has ability on the ball and would fit our proposed new style, whether he's worth 8 million is another debate, but I don't think it's even a debate that he would suit a possession/passing based style. Where he would fit in would be another question of course, maybe he could fit in on the left or right side of the centre three AM's as kind of an inside AM/forward, of course he could play in the middle but I'm
  5. I agree in principle tbh, at the end of the season we should bin loans, and buy to develop, develop our own, or buy experience. I wouldnt be against 1 or 2 loans, but would need to have a v good reason behind it tbh imo (ie: try before we plan to buy maybe), we need to stop developing other ppls players at the expense of our own, we have done it for years. (Tuanzebe, Abraham, Johnstone, Cleverley, Sinclair, Bertrand, Dawkins, Walker, Jenas...sure there are more??) If only half of those were actually us developing our own players.......
  6. To be fair to Elmo I think he has actually been one of the better performers in terms of passing and ball retention, but yeah I would prefer Elmo at right back or give bree a chance. Maybe move cafu to LB and then have Elmo or bree at right back until Jan. Only reason I would say Hutton at LB is he's less bad than Taylor
  7. Nice vid and interesting to watch. Is he reallt that good or is this another scenario where we can wedge anyone's best bits in to a 4 minute vid and make them look good?
  8. In principle i agree, but tbh we need to plug our defence badly, so yeah.....one way or another.
  9. do you think there is any truth in the dream though??? Are there any reputable sources saying it?, or is it just a poor bit of hyped news?
  10. also its going to be an interesting closed season this year, if im right all the following are out of contract mid 2019: (inc loans) Hutton, Whelan, Jedinak, Richards, Bunn, El Ghazi, Moreira, Tuanzebe, Bolasie, Abraham, Ephlick, Steer, De Laet, Lyden, Clark, McKirdy, Suliman. (17 players - maybe £300 - 400k a week??) Will free up a lot of cash for salaries, even assuming we keep a few of them. Then in 2020 we have expiring Chester, Bjarnason, Hourehaine, Kodjia, Adomah, Elmo, RHM, JDH, Green, O'Hare, Sarkic. (i think) Thats pretty much all our players within the next 2 yea
  11. To be fair, im sure it is very easy to look at someone in certain leagues and they look good. Everyone knows that "players need to adjust to english football", but i have heard so many times from many clubs about how a players looks good and would be a good signing if they could adapt. for example, if leagues arent overly physical or dont cross as much, it might be easy to get a mis interpretation of how good someone is. I always remember a fair few years ago....was it Rangers?, who apparently signed this amazing looking Argentinian defender, amazing on the ball etc, looked like
  12. Also, thinking about it, last season we were more defensive, we had Terry and Jedinack, who likely covered for his deficiencies in the air, and strength wise. With the strikers these days, a lot are big units.
  13. So, after the QPR game, here is my updated Jan "must buy" team slots Nyland Elmo (but need new RB) - - - New CB - - - Tuanzebe - - - New LB Thor - - - McGinn New AMC - - - Grealish - - - Bolasie/El Ghazi/Kodjia/whoever Kodjia/Abraham So, in review, in Jan i think we need a RB/LB/CB critically, and maybe an AMC if we can afford it. Closed season.....we can look at other areas, but i think the CB/LB/RB situation, and possibly one
  14. Honestly, i just think a 5 ft 11 CB doesnt cut it at the higher levels, might also be part of our weakness at set plays, if we had a couple of 6ft 1 / 6ft 2 or above CBs it would prob help us a lot (obviously Tuanzebe is on loan so i mean for purchases in Jan) I wonder if Terry's instruction and guidance last season, as well as Terry being v good in the air and reading the game, made Chester look better than he was and covered up for his weaknesses? Also the system probably helped him, the Bruce defensive system covered up some of his issues, lack of height/strength, lack of pace etc
  15. he was good last night, some of his runs out of defence were decent, however......i actually think that regardless of how good his runs out of defence are they probably need to stop until we sort the defence out, as when hes not in position we look shaky as hell, as in the Chester/Taylor debacle against QPR, im sure if he was there that probably wouldnt have happened.
  16. Yeah, i actually think the Thor/Mcginn pairing in the middle is well balanced and they fit the system well imo. Any news on Thor's injury?
  17. tbh i kind of think in Jan we need: 1) LB 2) RB 3) CB 4) DM/MC 5) Prob 2 x AMC's Unfortunately we also really need a CD (as Tuanzebe is only loan), and maybe a new Striker.
  18. If you watched the Norwich game (and others prob), you will see we DONT have the players to play a skillful passing game (a few players aside - but prob 50% of the team isnt capable of playing a passing style)
  19. To be fair to Grealish, he does hold on to the ball too long, but from what i saw tonight i think half of the reason is a) he doesnt have anyone competent to pass to, and b) most of the players just arent on his wave length, i think if he was in a team of "progressive footballers", we would likely see a very different Grealish, but i do agree he ponders and holds on to the ball too long at times.
  20. Watching the Norwich game, this is how i see what we need in January: (inc formation) New GK (Sarkic?) New RB - - - Tuzanabe - - - Chester - - - New LB McGinn - - - New DM/MC New AM - - - Grealish - - - New AM Abraham The only other senior players i see that could possibly also fit in to a DS system are Elmo (he actually did ok tonight), Kodjia (also looked decent with some nice crisp passing), El Ghazi (if he gets some game
  21. vs Norwich i think he looked rusty, but i also think he did show a few glimpses of what he might be able to do if he gets a few games, unsure.
  22. I wrote this in the Norwich thread, i think it has relevance here tbh. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be fair i dont really blame the manager, its quite clear from that match, that we dont have the players to play a progressive style of play currently, apart from a few players like Abraham, tuzanebe, Elmo, Grealish, and even Kodjia showed a few nice touches on the ground, even El Ghazi showed a few glimpes of what he can do, but seemed off the pace a lot, which may be because he hasnt really played. Norwich gave us
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