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  1. Slightly off topic - but that headline reminds me of the first one I ever read "Villa 11 Hitchens 5" - 62 years ago.
  2. His dad is chairman of Alvechurch FC - and a bluenose! (and very proud, of course)
  3. Patterson is 15 apparently - that may have some connection
  4. @BOF FYI - following are shown on club site in U18 - only one DOB shown Munroe, Finley D Barber, Jaden D Burchall, Ajani M 5-Nov-04 Lutz, Charlie F Alcock, Todd M Softley, Luke D Pierre, Kyrie M Barnes, Mikel M Moore, Kobei F
  5. All L1 & L2 clubs + 16 invited Academies = 64 teams = 16 groups of 4 (each group has one Acad) Each team plays other 3 once. Acad teams always play away Top 2 each group go through. Each group winner plays a runnerup from a different group. Academy teams are kept apart from Round 2 to SF. (Not sure how that works) It might be called the Ham&PineapplePizza Cup - but it actually is the kid brother of the League Cup - The English Football League Trophy**. And I'd be surprised if L1/L2 teams take it lightly. ** not to be confused with the FA Trophy.
  6. Newcastle, Palace, Liverpool, U21 all got beat. Leicester losing 3-0 Spurs won
  7. Lindley was one of the 'unsung' heroes of the FAYC final. Looked promising.
  8. He will be in the next youth match - acc to Dean. No rush
  9. From what I'm reading from various comments - it should be 6 @lexicon - Thanks. I'm just an amateur statto.
  10. Strangley, on the club site Swinkels is included in U23 - Bogarde U18. Born one day apart.
  11. Our front 3 are all 2 yrs older than Swinkels & Bogarde
  12. Not sure about that - they have 8/9 players listed in U18 - with no date of birth.
  13. I assume that Sil S & Lamar B are being saved for U23 - as they still qualify for U18.
  14. I thought Town had rejected our first offer ??
  15. Seeing as the Carabao thread has closed, I'll post this here Remember this guy, Academy watchers ?? Fate, eh ?
  16. #Meneither Christ, another example of VT upholding it’s reputation
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