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  1. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham's Charity Cup ?? Don't think so - it bears a damn good likeness to the English Football League Trophy. And as you can see - it is meant to look like that due to the posed figurine on top. The picture was undoubtedly of the double season team - hence the number of officials in the pic. And the number of trophies
  2. In one season in one competition - yes. 5 games at end of 1896/97 season + Cup SF & Cup Final First 4 games of 1897/98 11
  3. My take on the playoff maths. 4 more pts gives us 76 pts Boro max pts 76City max pts 78 (Derby 73) or City max pts 76 (Derby 74) orCity max pts 75 (Derby 76)
  4. Assume Pulis doesnt like it - mind you they play like that at home.
  5. Actually, his BBC interview didnt sound that bad - obv mentioned the offside goal and the pen - but also complained about his team letting decisions get the best of them. The City fans are a totally different kettle of fish - "We wouldn't have been given the penalty" "If Villa had scored the Weimann goal, you bet it would have stood" etc etc Real small time bunch of moaners with chips on their shoulders. Would have been nice to have sent them on their way with 5 or 6 goals stuffed between their butt cheeks
  6. Attached - 1989/90 (In the Title season we also went 8-1-0 in 9 games run - and 8-2-0 in a 10 game run)
  7. 1-0 FT 2 games left for all teams Southampton 39 pts Wolves 37 Newcastle 37 Reading 37 Villa 36
  8. Cameron Archer opens the scoring. Callum Rowe has a stinging effort palmed over while Tyreik Wright sees a potential second goal disallowed for offside. Keep this up, Young Lions! 15 to go.
  9. Updates on @AVFCOfficial Goalless. But entertaining. Jacob Ramsey denied one-on-one by a fine Andreas Sondergaard save. Indiana Vassilev has a goal disallowed for offside. Dion Sanderson goes closest for the visitors as he clips the right-hand post. All to play for.
  10. Cant see it - should be - we are at home BTW Average age 18.4 yrs
  11. Its a Norwegian remake of "The Manageress" which starred of course the lovely Cherie Lunghi. I think JC plays the guy who thinks he should have got the job.
  12. Very sad news on Brendan Ormesby. After surviving cancer and heart problems - and a stroke in 2013, he has two kinds of epilepsy - and needs 24/7 care.
  13. My calculations are more basic - just based on strength of schedule (home & away) - based on the ranking of the away records of the teams we play at home - and the ranking of the home records of the teams we play away. The figures on the right indicate strength of schedule - the lower the number - the tougher it is. My figures would indicate that we have the 3rd toughest home games (PNE/Wed worse) and the 5th toughest.away games (behind Norwich/SheffUtd/Preston/Forest) among the top 10 - both 'distorted' to some degree by the inclusion of the best away record (Norwich)to come to VP and the 3rd best home record to play on our travels (Leeds) Either way you cut it - we have 5 games we should win - plus Wed away / Leeds away & Norwich at home - that we need pts from. I agree with the general opinion - we should aim for 5 wins 2 draws & 1 defeat = 74 pts - a target that only the Top 4 are on schedule to meet so far.

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