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  1. Well, he goes by Wesley - so that's all you need to pronounce.
  2. No, nor the Knights who say 'ni'
  3. Old but perfectly compos mentis thanks , I own and use an IPad, an IPhone and a laptop - but not all at once, mind. Gerry Hitchens 23 (25) R.I.P. Peter McParland 22(25) Bobby Thomson 20 (22) () incl FACup 1959/60 My first season as a fan - and my first away game - at the Hawthorns. But - quiz question - who did we play?
  4. I am old enough to remember a season where Villa had THREE players who scored 20+ league goals. #differentera
  5. I'm so excited about this Brazilian, my pubic hair is standing on end.
  6. It was terraced on the front but the back was just raw earth bank - to avoid the queue to leave, Dad and I would scramble down the back - ankle-breaking territory. I believe the last piece of the old Lower Gounds amusement park was a stretch of wall along the backs of the houses in Nelson Rd. I remember seeing that. It in turn was part of a raised walkway which exited the Witton End where it joined the main stand. In fact it was part of the long building shown in the picture posted by MARVILLA above I can also remember the Argus headline "Villa 11 Hitchens 5 !!. Rather confused me as I thought we were playing Charlton! Hitchens was a God to me for the short time he was at Villa
  7. Mike - you beat me by a month - December 12 2-0 v Cardiff (with whom we were promoted). I was 10 and I was parked down the front of the Witton End by my father to watch the game through those railings that showed about 20 coats of paint on them. The players looked like giants with thighs like telegraph poles and a young kid would instinctively take a step back when they came to get the ball. It was a few years before I was trusted in the Holte.
  8. Not much mention of our need at LB - may I recommend a player whose current club is in a "need to sell" FFP situation ? And one I think would fit into DS system...and not unfamiliar with AVFC
  9. well, to wear the shirt, you don't actually need both legs ...........
  10. We didn't sign Tulip from Blues - he went there from Villa
  11. Apparently Ryan Kent from Liverpool may be the first signing, followed perhaps by Joe Aribo (Charlton) and James Justin (Luton)
  12. Not really - just looking at him in goal - he';s F***ing tall ^^^^^
  13. Its just a list that eddiemunster sent me - saying they were all in last year of contract. I have no idea - but feel releasing players like colin and dmitri is no good

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