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  1. SirSteveUK

    Keinan Davis

    O'Neill is not Pulis - he could do quite well
  2. Seem a bit old for our profile ? Perhaps we need to pad out our U23 squad?
  3. I remember that game too - I was down the front of the Witton End. I seem to recall Peter Mac playing alongside Derek Dougan. But there is a memory that sticks in my mind. The Sunday before, the Palace's Johnny Byrne (later to be a legend with WHU) and his wife were on Sunday Night at The London Palladium - not as performers, but to take part in the interval game Beat the Clock. The game involved somehow an inflatable Yogi Bear punchbag. Which is exactly what the Palace fans in the Witton were waving above their heads during the match.
  4. Ruben Shakpoke ? Josh Lane GK ex Leicester? Travis Patterson MF Tom Sharp CB age 20 ? Zak Brown CM age 20 ? These last two may have trialled for us last season - but both have been released by Albion. Assume we have not signed them
  5. @BOF Think Louie Moulden has signed for Wolves Staggering to think that Carney is eligible for the next TWO FA Youth Cups.(Not that he will paly in either)
  6. I think I have posted both of these before This is my second favourite picture from VP. It reminds me of where I used to stand in the Witton End. This is my favourite though - absolutely awesome
  7. Enlighten me - who is it? And I agree with your sentiment
  8. I believe Palace had been into this transfer even before Roy left
  9. This is a good example of absolute bollocks.
  10. This is probably the most appropriate place to ask - but what was the final purchase price for us paid by NSWE? 60 mill?
  11. So Bedeau might get to play PL after all - at 21. We paid £950k for him……..
  12. This would appear to please two people
  13. Louie Moulden has signed for Wolves - no mention in SSN that he was with us ??
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