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  1. Douglas >>>>>Blackburn (loan)
  2. @BOF You have Sylla DOB 10/02/2003 - transfermarkt one incorrect ??
  3. Seb Revan & Mundo Bridge are interchangeable - both play either LCB or LB
  4. I see Ben Guy is off to Portadown for a season's loan
  5. Speaking of RLC v Ross Berkeley Odds Ross B 1/3 RLC 6/4 Also Sarr 8/11 (Man Utd 6/4) "Make of these what you will"
  6. Leeds fans are all over Rashica on their MOT forum Posts on him = 2 - both "We don't need another winger FFS" - Compared with our 6500 posts - a puny effort.
  7. Harry Kartz - that's the bloke on the left . Thanks John
  8. More than people realise - the land for the ground was purchased in 1950 by the Galway FA - from Eamonn Deacy's grandfather.
  9. Steve Hunt had two spells with Villa. Don't forget this was Hunt's 'second home debut' (he actually debuted in the prev game at Forest) after his spell in the US. His first spell was 73-77 7 apps 1 goal In fact his first appearance was as a substitute in the 4-0 win at Hillsborough whi confirmed our promotion in 1975. The last 8 games of that season were all wins scoring 26 goals.
  10. Agree re George Curtis - and Jimmy Brown. Trying to remember who the other directors were at the time besides Ellis & Parkes.
  11. Harry Parkes next to Andy at the back. looks like Bruce Rioch next to Charlie - and Lew Chatterley in the back row ?? Not sure who the two are at the left but Ron Wylie, Doug and Percy "Kindly call me Pat" Matthews next to one another - with Bobby Thomson look-a-like stooping at the front . Team that day: John Dunn, Keith Bradley, Charlie Aitken, Brian Godfrey, Fred Turnbull, Brian Tiler, Pat McMahon, Davie Gibson, Andy Lochhead, Chico Hamilton & Willie Anderson Rioch was injured after playing the 1st round - but came back for the Final. I actually missed this game - b
  12. Example - the Doherty transfer..... how often do you see a transfer where the agent is part owned by the selling club - and he is the agent not just for the player - but BOTH managers ???
  13. Hearty Congatulations to all who have contributed to this thread in the last 24 hrs. approx 920 posts in 24 hours - magnificent.
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