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  1. Brentfords B team dont play in a league - they play all sorts of other teams - some foreign Would make more sense to scrap the U18 - scrapping the U23 would leave an awful lot of players with no games to play This is a list of Brentford B team fixtures as an example https://www.brentfordfc.com/fixtures/brentford-b-fixtures/
  2. Sorry for being late to the thread - but that is the exact player I was thinking about when I pondered ManCity. Jack woiuld be a natural for that position
  3. I think quite rightly that he thought he should perservere with Wes for perhaps longer than he might therwisae have done.
  4. U23 Transfer / Loan news Academy players Jake Walker (Banbury United), Lewis Brunt (Gloucester City), and Ben Guy (Belper Town) have also headed out this window for further experience.
  5. I've never hated any player** , especially one of ours. ** except Ben "I can destroy your cartilage with my bollocks" Mee.
  6. You must remember that we have no youth player over 21 yrs of age - Jack Clarke is the oldest and he is 21 in 3 days. The average age of the side that played Exeter was 19 yr 4 months.
  7. That makes two of us - hope he scores a lot. Not that we want him back - I just want him to have some success. There I've said it
  8. Apparently permanent deal only for CB - £10m - but that would mean he would have to take a pay cut. - from £120k
  9. Hark at Mr Know-it-all, posting from the suicide watch ward at Broadmoor. He is entitled to his opinion, but wonder what prompts him to get out of bed each morning.
  10. Exactly - but i just think he is not on our radar Yet.
  11. Ramsey & Wright travelling - Wright has been training with 1st team this week
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