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  1. Saw a stat that said that the most chances created by any player last weekend - was Jack (6)
  2. i remember a quote from Farke somewhere re the lack of signings being as a result of mistakes of the past. And a post from a Norwich forum that was glad they werent signing any mercenaries - like the last time. Did they have a debt problem ?
  3. in that case what is percy's name doing there?
  4. Nakamba ? His distribution is shit - he couldn't pass a medical, let alone a ball. Where's me coat?
  5. There wasnt enough water for me and a Jamaican grannie
  6. Op took half a day - a week in QEII - on the NHS. Funny thing a US Cardio guy tells me there is no trace of the surgery - it was that good. (or old) (or the scars were drawn on my chest) I did have a near death experience however - the day a nurse gave me a bath in lukewarm water in a bathroom with the windows open - in February Apologies for off topic nature of this post.
  7. No idea where I got it from - but I stand by it What happened to Myles Sohna - Harrisons (twin?) brother? I know youcorrectly hadn't listed him - but (for the curious) Luke Ige is now at Colchester U23 Was I dreaming or did we have Jacob' Ramsey's brother Aaron (no not that one) on the books last year? Transfermarkt still have him here - bd Jan 21 2003
  8. thin k terms had to be agreed too - not just the medical
  9. well, I had open-heart surgery in 92 - didnt take this long
  10. Think Pastorek went back home didn't he?
  11. That would be a Luc Nihilist ?
  12. Comment from a different Brentford fan. WTF
  13. Apparently, according to a disreputable rag, Brentford have "slashed" their asking price for Maupay Brentford are no mugs - they don't need to sell.

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