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  1. TRO

    Paul McGrath

    I went to an evening with the great man last night.....he simply doesn't know how good he was. it was very interesting, fuelled by a few sherbets. what struck me was his admission that he would willingly coach the defence for nothing, if he had the call. blimey, it's like having Elvis as your vocal coach. we all know Paul likes a tot......but if we as a football club could turn down such an offer from the great man, we must be missing something. He clearly loves Villa, made great references to Sid and Dean Saunders. one of the last of the talented players not driven by money. the room was Full
  2. Given that we are all bored / fed up / excited / overwhelmed / underwhelmed / <insert random other emotion> by possible links, dubious rumours, lazy journalists, fake ITKs, possible ITKs, etc - I thought I would try to spark a separate stream of debate, argument, controversy and hopefully some interest too. So here is the basic premise - I have invented a time machine that allows me to go back in time to "collect" some Villa legends and bring them into a timeless world where we can arrange an All Time Villa Inter Generation Cup (kind of like a "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Villa
  3. Apparent heart attack. Report here. Sorry for short link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39660196 Former England and Aston Villa defender Ugo Ehiogu is in hospital after collapsing at Tottenham's training centre on Thursday. The 44-year-old, who is Spurs' Under-23s coach, received medical treatment on site being transferred to hospital by ambulance, the Premier League club confirmed. "Everyone at the club sends their best wishes to Ugo and his family," Tottenham added in a statement. Ehiogu has been at Spurs since 2014. He made over 200 appea
  4. Thought it's about time he had his own thread. I never really got to see him a player (his last season in the 90's I don't think he played much). I her he was a fantastic passer of the ball. So he has been in and around the coaching set up for a long time. What's his style?
  5. sidcow

    Ian Taylor

    I note the OS states that Ian Taylor and SBL are part of the official new kit launch tomorrow. I believe Ian Taylor was kicked off official club duties by the Lerner regime after criticising the running of the club? Seems to be welcomed back in by the new Chinese overlords (who I for one welcome) which is great news I sat behind him in the stands last year on a corporate doo and he was genuinely very pleasant and down to earth. A true Villa Man through and through and if he criticises the running of club he should be listened to and not kicked out. Welcome back Ian.
  6. Just a quick post to wish our oldest living former player (and last survivor of the 57 Cup team) a very Happy 85th Birthday on Thursday 25th . .
  7. Come on then, which one of you dickheads did it? Fess up.
  8. didn't see this posted already ? but the Mail had a nice article about Ron Saunders in it over the weekend
  9. It has been reported in the Birmingham Mail that Ron Saunders has been placed in a residential care home near Solihull. He has been there since May. Ron, who is now 85, has dementia. His son Ronnie gave an interview to The Portsmouth News. Ronnie said that, “It crept up very slowly, he now struggles with every aspect of his life, everything he does.” He continued, “I saw it starting 20 odd years ago, there were certain things dad did that made us realise.” Ronnie added, “We knew his brain was quite damaged. We feel quite lucky he has lasted this long because we never thou
  10. Not strictly on topic but I thought there would be enough interest the put it in this forum. Prostate Cancer UK, in partnership with the Aston Villa Foundation, are bringing you an evening with Tony Daley and Brian Little at Villa Park. Hosted by BBC 5Live reporter Pat Murphy, it’s sure to be a lively night of football chat with two former Villans. All three men are lending their supporting to Prostate Cancer UK’s Stronger Knowing More campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer within black communities, and to reach men at most risk (black men, men over 50 and men with a family h
  11. sidcow

    Tony Morley

    I have seen on another forum which shall not be named that Tony is in hospital for a knee replacement. My ultimate hero is Sid Cowans obviously.. Truth be told I am unfortunately a couple of years short of really seeing the League/European champions teams in action, I only started going with my mates in the mid 80's but I saw them a couple of times when my dad took me to Villa Park and started the obsession. Sid is my ultimate hero because I had the privilege of seeing him play regularly in his second and third stints with us and my god he was beyond supreme. Still for me better i
  12. Absolutely loved these guys and they loved this fixture. I would love it and i mean absolutely love it if they came over for this game. In fact whilst spirits are high, i think we should invite them over as guests of honour for this game and take a pre-match lap of appreciation. Just thinking about Big John's song bellowing round the ground still gives me goose bumps. Can someone tweet the Doc and Wyness and make it happen
  13. rjw63

    Nigel Sims

    One of the 1957 cup winners has passed.
  14. Shattering news confirmed by the evening mail - Link
  15. With the links to Henri Lansbury and his remarkable man-bun, and with Amavi and Bacuna already sporting more tramlines than Snow Hill, are we entering a new golden era of hairstyles at Villa Park? As a kid, the summers were filled with three moments of excitement - new signing, new kit, Tony Daley's new lid. So this thread is a chance to post your favourite (or least favourite) Villa barnets, from Andy Lochhead's half-a-combover to Nigel Callaghan's spikes to Kevin Gage's mullet. Have at it!
  16. We can all probably agree on some of the all time greats. The likes of Cowans, Mortimer, Little, McGrath, but do we have any players in recent history (sorry old 'uns, those listed don't count as recent ) who in years to come we'll consider up there with the all time greats? To kick things off, this post is partly inspired by conversations about Petrov in the RHM thread, about whether he's a club legend. I'd say he absolutely isn't, purely because he didn't do anywhere near enough on the pitch, despite being a stand up guy, unifying the club, and bringing some pride back to supporting th
  17. Apologies if already posted, but Jackie Sewell, part of AVFCs 1957 Cup winning side, passed away today. Even I'm not old enough to have seen him play, but I could quote that 57 side from a very young age. Legends each one. RIP Jackie
  18. Thought I'd try something different. Interested to hear thoughts on this. I, like many others on the forum I presume, am a reletively young fan, who has properly followed the club since the mid 90s. Therefore, I havent seen any of our captains in action since before them, and could name precious few - 80/81 being the exception, of course. Not specifically the official 'club captain', memories of odd players picking up the armband would be fun too.Therefore, with the thread title in mind, the first two that came to mind are; Best - Gareth Barry The consumate professional, compo
  19. Can anyone help settle a debate please? I feel pretty sure that Gary Shaw got an England cap on the Bobby Robson managed tour down under in 1983? My friend said it was only Spinksy who got a cap on this tour- any thoughts please?
  20. According to BBC Sport Brian Little has been appointed to the board along with David Bernstein. A step in the right direction at least Little cares about Villa.
  21. Just read on Facebook that legendary defender Ken McNaught of the 1982 European Cup winning side, is waiting to undergo a major heart transplant. His operation was cancelled today and he's having to wait a bit longer for it. Speedy recovery Ken, could do with someone like you in the side today.
  22. There is a case for putting this topic in an existing thread or even in a different forum, but I think it belongs here. Sir William Dugdale, one of the great figures in Aston Villa history, chairman of the club during it's most successful period of the modern era (1975-1982) died today. Rest in peace.
  23. Hello Guys We are having an event on 26 September 2014 called "Experience football with Paul McGrath". This experience is a training session with Paul in Gannon park, the facility used for training by the Irish Senior International Football Team. The Experience Football event includes: A Meet and Greet with Paul. A warm up session called " Prepare your body for Football" given by a qualified trainer. A full training session given by Paul. A light lunch and Q& A session with Paul A souvenir certificate of completion signed by Paul All players will be provided with the use
  24. Brilliant player and a true warrior on the pitch. A club legend and one of the finest to ever wear the claret and blue. Oh to be one of the lucky lads with a “Thanks 4 Your Support” jersey. Thanks for the memories.
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