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  1. Agree entirely what a load of rubbish "might have turned my ankle" You are getting paid £45,000 a week to play for the club. You could have landed on your head for all I care.
  2. Totally agree, and felt the same prior to our win last night. He has addressed the issues really well and drawn a line under his management at Blues. Obviously he was pleased when he was a manger there and they were doing well, but he will be delighted when he helps us give them a stuffing on the 30th. He knows now for the first time in his managerial career he is managing a real club that can win things. It's miles away, but with time, support from the board and the fans, we will be back where we belong.
  3. I was dissapointed to see us looking like an average championship club at the weekend but god that was dreadful. I've seen us sink to some lows but this might be the worst or close. Same story as last year, Creating nothing and cannot defend, difference last year was that it was against Premier league opposition. Need to seriously get behind the lads in the next two games before the root starts to set in again. Come on Villa!!!
  4. Thought it was a nice tap in, bet all the champions league managers were wishing they had signed him, shame the second hit the bar.
  5. This optimizes our transfer dealings last year. (Just want to be clear i'm not at all worried about him leaving). But, why buy a potential talent for £9million and have a £7million release clause built into his contract. Seriously how much were those jokers getting paid to negotiate this?
  6. Everton are welcome to him, Some of the pundits raved about him at times but I must have fallen asleep when he did anything good. But agree we need to start bringing in some young keen quality players as we aren't going to suddenly going to be world beaters.
  7. I think the tight kit is better for the team, less shirt pulling, or at least more difficult. I could never work out why rugby jumped on that obvious advantage quicker than football. However when the fans start slipping into these tight numbers we might see why Seriously though kit looks ok, I like the away one, bit of a change.
  8. See Nigel Pearson already blowing hot air out of his **** about why he didn't take the job.
  9. Reality is he is getting paid a significant amount a week to play football. Whilst spending the rest of the time practicing how to do the job well, that he is paid for. If he is refusing to do the job he is paid to do the club shouldn't be paying him. I expect he is hoping he will be in breach of contract so the club release him, so the club who paid all the time he was injured and nursed him back to fitness will get nothing. But he can get a bigger salary as a free agent than if we sold him.
  10. If he is refusing to play then the club shouldn't pay him until he changes his over inflated opinion of himself. Imagine going into work and saying i'm refusing to work today, you would be out on your ear. Looks like his ducking out of his responsibilities the same way he ducks under crosses.
  11. The fact is the only real skill Gabby had was his speed, which was always going to fade anyway as he got older. Adding several pounds and looking like the average Sunday league player shows how concerned Mr Villa is about his career and Villa in general. That should have been identified before giving him a long term contract. He knew by the time he would be 32 he would be pretty much useless so why not milk it until then, see Charles N'zogbia as an example.
  12. Totally agree there are thousands of fans out there who would love to pull the shirt on and give 100% every week.
  13. You have to love it, on international week off goes on a bender in Dubai, catches a nasty rash and then needs two weeks off to recover. When was the last time you had a week off work and then got another two weeks off paid because you had overdone it on holiday. What a joke!
  14. Let's hope its not the ones we had last year. Must have spent most of the time on the beach in the South of France because they certainly weren't scouting.
  15. Most of the games i've seen you could stick a pole in the ground and hope the ball bounces off it to better effect.
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