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  1. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Don't know what game you've been watching but against a hammers side that have been in the prem for some seasons now, I thought we were the better side apart from passes.
  2. Lost his cool with Mings and had nothing to show throughout the game, just looked frustrated.
  3. What is Jacks problems with not shooting he could of let one fly early at one point and instead looked for the pass. I actually think he could of netted that one as well instead of trying to go foe the karate kick he should of giving it diving header.
  4. Dave-R

    Tyrone Mings

    I'm surprised Mings didn't give Ghazi a thrashing, to keep that cool when the pressure is on with the display he put on, I think more than impressed us all including Southgate. Deserves an England start, he's a fortress.
  5. Fred made one costly error, well I thought it was costly at the time till somehow he managed to catch the player who caught him out and took that ball back off of him. I thought he was sharp and excellent and to do what he did in sorting his own mess he created, took some balls if you ask me.
  6. For a debut he did a brilliant job, I'd say he made what could of been two very costly errors, fortunately we stamped it out which was pretty damn impressive at how fast our player got back.
  7. Dave-R


    Made some impressive skill moves, but was shut down easy as often was out manned. Think that players are still adjusting, but that needs to be quicker the adjustment does or our wings won't work.
  8. Dave-R

    Wesley Moraes

    Not been into Jacks thread yet but wonder if people are giving him same amount of grief for missing like they are Wesley. I'm not worried at all, we need to stick with Wes he will come good he has the ability to. As others have put it he has some bad habits. I think Wes certainly made an impact on the game with some lovely little passes and it's on many others head as much as it is Wesley's for not making the most of what I think was a game we could have easily won, sometimes you can get the balls in and sometimes you can't.
  9. Your talking about Lansbo right, I tell you what he did score a deleted goal, that's something for me, don't fully doubt that lad, I've a feeling we will see him on to no and if he scores I bet people will start to go quiet about him. I've a little good feeling about Lansbo, something is telling me he will push himself and bring some goals.
  10. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I'm down with both those formations, more defensive would be great away while more attacking at home. Means the opposition has to prepare for two style of plays and in the heat of the moment on the ball that could cost opposition as its alot of info in the head at the time. I don't mind Dean sticking by his guns as I've said in the VillaView Youtube chat part, even if we do go down the championship would dread playing our squad. Smith would take us back up I have no doubt about that. Which i think a second stint in the premier will be great for this squad. It's all about refinement and trying to perfect what you got going on and that requires patience, something our fans I think are getting used to but still lack full commitment to. I hope it doesn't come to all that but if it did I'm down with Smith trying to get us back up and that's my vote done on it. Here's to hoping we stay up, I'm sure we will but it maybe a fight because I see it being a tight season between last and 12th, I just have that feeling.
  11. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Why not a 4-3-2-1 and put Mcginn and Grealish at the front behind Wesley since they like bombing forward so much, just a suggestion though. Both John and Jack like facing that threat, they invite trouble and seem to like taking it on, to me it makes sense to let them be our attacking two behind wesley while we still have a supportive midfield behind?
  12. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Drop the wings and bring a more stable midfield by adding more players to the midfield. Players can always drift out wide if they see an opening. We have alot of decent players on that bench who are not playing, adding a formation that is more full of midfield playwr would allow us to bring Nakamba on who had a very high pass rate if im not mistaken at crewe was it. Don't know why we can't play a 4-5-1,more defensive, more controllable, more attack and certainly more players within a tighter area that can be passed to. Wesley would certainly have back up which is very much lacking because the wingers are waiting for runs which are not there till the opposition is back and fully organised. Keep saying it, it's not that our wingers are bad, it's that they are fast down the wings and we only have one guy (wesley) managing to run for a cross. Our other players are arriving to late for crosses and then the wingers are held up, I've seen it and it's happening to much.
  13. Is great Gemma got manager of the month. They should train with our senior squad at times, I think the Ladies would pick up some very good experience from it.
  14. Smith has confirmed Kodjia unavailable again with head injury. It does seem fans are starting to turn against him even more now as I read more articles over past month with various fan views from different sites all calling him out for his behaviour. I do not know if this head injury is real or not, I can only say that he has only featured once this season and it's a joke on that part that we didn't bring someone in when we had that chance to do so. Waiting till January for me was always a no no but we have no choice now as we can't dip into the released players market and I fear it's left us in abit pickle. I do have faith in Wesley, I think he's done the best he can so far and I'm impressed by him but he needs those players to deliver. Wesley needs all that support being a lone striker and I'm sure those goals will come. However as much as i like Davis, I do think he needs more experience, we seem to be now throwing him in the deep end and I'm not sure if he can do the job as of yet. I think If January comes and Davis isn't scoring we should look at buying another new striker. Unless, because we may have to take that gamble more, which is to let Lansbury have more games which is looking like Smith's plan now. I've seen him a couple times now having a direct affect on the game he's been in, could Lansbury be in his element right now and he might very well take that opportunity to slam a stack of goal in. Whoever it is who scores our goals upfront, it's an exciting time as much as it is nervous one to wonder who out of our lads can pull off what we so need them to do, which is score, score and score.
  15. I do Believe it's Jacks birthday today. The only way I know is because in August last year my mother bought me Villa's shirt with Grealish on the back. That shirt would be the last thing she got me because she passed away on this day last year from a long fought battle with cancer. I've always found it's strange as well as special what my mother did for me as its the one and only footy shirt she ever got me but she knew I was the happiest lad on earth at the time. When she did pass away it was some days later I had checked Jacks twitter to see the happy birthday on the 10th. What I find strange is how did she pick a players name who on the very day she would leave us it was his birthday, what are the chances of that happening, I bet next to none. So for me as much as it's as much Jacks birthday it's also a day he shares with my mum and it's a rememberance day, it's a very special day. So to you MUM I love you and to you Jack have a very wonderful day.

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