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  1. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I still think a 4-3-2-1 is still the way to go, play the LF and RF slightly behind and at the side of Wesley, they can always drift out wide if need be and create for advancing midfielders to exploit. This formation for me is more defensive. It allows you to advance with possession more safely with support from the LB and RB to push it out to them on wing if needed, with which they pass back into midfield. You create the gaps exploit and move in, stretching the opposition making them run more either out to wings or back to there position. It's the problem really that were being controlled, we need to do the controlling and make them tired. Hoofball only ends in loss of possession and we have to chase again which tires our lads out, I think a 4-3-2-1 would stop that. I would honestly have a second plan during a game, if we're controlling the game on a 4-3-2-1, maybe then switch it up to a 4-2-3-1 to throw an extra man forward. Those two formations are similar yet one used as defence and controlling the other still used as controlling but you gain more attack. The difference is with those formations and what were playing is that we could still utilise wingers but alot of there game would be helping midfield out more and only to push out to wing if we need to create space. It all means we havnt got wingers out on the wing constantly drying up of energy and a midfield that isnt left huffing and puffing after 70+ mins. I don't like the winger business, it's leaving our midfield and team messed up, something needs to change to conserve our energy so that if we do go a goal down, we still have reserves of stamina to fight on in the second half. Smith should change the formation, I don't think it would be swallowing pride, but in the championship he had the exact players he needed to do it with the right quality. It's now different for the Premier, this 4-3-3 needs next level quality to make happen because it's such a step up it's difficult to make work without world class talent.
  2. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Agreed, I think yesterday's game showed how important we desperately need more options, quality options at that. No one on that bench were the quality we needed or could count on to change a game. Then we also have to go beyond the bench and need players on a stand by in case that quality we bring in and those on the bench for whatever reason can not play a game. I'd still say we are undermanned with lack of quality, this is something that needs to be fixed, yet it won't be a quick fixed this season. Depends how much more the owners are willing to put into this season. I think they will still put around a ton into the squad come January. I myself were saying we need to get rid of at least six from the old regime still, I'd go as far as to say we should now hold on to them while also bringing in better quality. Those six players pushed out from the bench would just be standby players for those who are on the bench or are at least pushed to the bench. Seriously wonder why Chelsea and other clubs in this league have 30+ player big squads, it's for the times we went through yesterday, they leave nothing to chance. Its crazy but I can certainly see that if we dont survive the prem, that if we go down we will certainly use a second seasons premier promotion title win/playoff prize money filling up a subs bench and beyond. Hope it doesn't come to that because it's tough for clubs to make money in the championship, I do think we'd bounce on back up if we dropped and think every player would stay a season at least and give it a shot. Just hope we can ride the waves and survive, that's all I'm hoping for and even yesterday against wolves showed how were willing to fight for results. I'll give that our players, there heads no matter what didnt drop and they always thought theyd get something from the game, i admire that in players, that is what we need.
  3. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I'd say the long balls is a huge problem to us loosing the balls and a complete loss of possession. Seriously what is the point of us passing it around 10 plus times to get it Into midfield then someone hits the long pass and it ends up in the lap of the opposition, it in does all that passing work and annoys the rest of the team because it puts us on defence alert. We're smarter than this, we've seen some very sweet play at times in past matches, but today in the first half it looked as though we were no where near confident as we were in the second half, you could really see the difference.
  4. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    That first goal we had eveeyone in front of goal, like the pundit said we really should of had someone on edge of the box ready to take the ball away and not get a proper shot off like he did. We got done yet again by the fact someone wasn't where they should of been, whoever it was we should of had someone collecting that ball for the first goal.
  5. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I agree with the both of you, we are finding it so tough to create space at time, so we end up passing the ball about then when the pressure is on we hoof it forward, our defenders just get rid and the ball its lost. Goofing the ball up the pitch has to be stopped, no way we have a fast enough forward to chase hoof balls all game long and make something out of nothing. We have seen even from the cross early on that Wes is more likely to score from goals along the floor, he nearly got on the end of one. Personally at this moment in time I think we're asking a miracle from Wesley or any striker we bring in untill our crossing gets better, our delivery's are just pants. I'm starting to think that it's showing that some of our signings are not fitting in right, in what were trying to do, we have a feeding problem. Our wingers they either have speed yet no skill or have skill yet no speed and it shows. Despite all that, I do have high hopes about our players, I feel it's still to early to fully tell, but for me as well I think January it's absoloute a must that the next wave of transfers we get 100% right and we buy players who will not have any downtime for bedding in, come Jan we won't have time for any messing around and go go go will and should be the message I'm sure of it.
  6. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    What went wrong, really? Heaton and Grealish arnt in team, We lose Steer and Target, have Taylor on, Mings took a good knock. Our first half I think we gave them to much respect, to much ball time and the goal I can't argue we deserved to be a goal down. Second half I'd say we were the team who were on the charge, they had spells but we should of capitalized on our chances. Bad luck went from Bad luck to complete utter Horse S*** luck. We were not at full strength and we really gave it our all, couldn't of asked more really. Someone needed to step up and be the man for the day and the only one who did that or came remotely close was Trezeguet and even he had a bad game. Some people in the wolves thread were saying Smith has alot to answer for, I don't think he does. We do need other game plans I think for when things go from Bad to worse. However when a game like this pops up there isn't much you can do apart from keep on plodding on. You cant blame the performances of our players on Smith, nobody makes them play that way in themselves, that's down to a player to shine. Wolves had better quality, it's no joke that, they spent decent on there players so they should of ran the show. Again were at the same but of talk where were saying our players who cost 8-22 mill pretty much held the wolves off. Wolves I don't think would of been anything without Jota, Jiminez, Neves, Adama, those four players do the business for wolves and we need to build an attacking force like them. The way those four operate, they cause so much problems and could easy drool over them added to our keeper, back line, Grealish and Mcginn. Not one of our players had a good day, if our whole squad had of had a good day we may of ended up on top of today's result, it's a shame it is but again when bad luck strikes before a game starts it's tough for it not to affect the game before it's begun. I'm not to fussed about this defeat, I do however say it's a must we win Newcastle, we need a game now to get some points on top of the three clubs below us.
  7. Think he was half n half, only thing is he stepped up and scored so no one can say anything really on him apart from he needs to improve.
  8. What are you serious, you mean the players do, that who need to sort themselves out.
  9. No penalty by VAR but wolves will get one from there's that will be the cherry on top of this bad game.
  10. Games going bad to worse, the footballing gods are not with us today that's for sure.
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