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  1. Just sign Frank if you want an Enforcer in midfield.
  2. Seen this little pic and thought I'd post it for you guys, shows where Traore plays.
  3. Is he difficult to defend against, I really hope you are right because from the videos I seen of him on youtube, he does look quick and exciting. How long before we can see him play then,bet he wont make Sheff utd game will he because he has to do some training and fitness I bet first, hopefully not to long. Right Villa go buy an Attacking Midfielder who can play across the Wings also.
  4. Hes giving it the love to Villa, Good bloke Traore and Welcome. https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/Traore-I-m-very-happy-to-join-Aston-Villa/
  5. Fantastic news to wake up to today of Traore signing complete. https://livepreview.gc.avfcservices.co.uk/news/2020/september/Villa-announce-Traore-signing/
  6. I spose firework smoke can be blamed as mustard gas and shits to the balls can be considered as shell shock.
  7. These days football is like the army you find people who can do the job others can do. In the army you teach the man down your job and Versatility is a good thing, in football's case it allows rotation when injurys occur and theres always someone who can pick the slack up. Like you I believe we need multi role professionals, it would make sure we donot get in as much trouble as we did last season. I think we need an attacking midfielder who can swap on to both Wings if it ever required it. I also thing we need a striker like you who can move onto the Wings if need be. Having a Winger who can fit across any of the flanks and even do a midfield job would be nice. A CB that if were attacking and briefly need an attacking threat an extra man can come up and support from the midfield, but knows when to back off, couldnt have a big guy for that job.
  8. I'd buy Traore, Beundia, Billing and King and that's the lot for the middle and up front and a good bit of business and what ever is left over can be used for a couple of defensive options.
  9. The reason why Traore is not announced is Grealish and his puppy and lower down is Mings and his dog. I think this is going to be a new media attention grab by players, there will be an advert done at some point with the song *who let the dogs out*
  10. Everything you said was ok till you said Ghazi as a wide option, that's entirely the reason why if we buy Traore we need another Winger as well
  11. Why should be obvious considering he already made the magic happen in his time here at Villa. He fit in perfect, helped get us the goals needed to be here in this league. We are now upgrading our team partly because of Tammy and some of you people are being stuck up about bringing him on again because it's a big price. Yet we go and pay 33 mill upto for a striker who hasnt done it at this level and wont risk some extra mills bringing a guy who was all over the pitch for us and showed endless energy, Heart and work Rate. Taunzebe is another player who made that position his own, he bombed up and down the flank non stop and it was his energy that aided us in having such a good season. He is another player who gave it there all and like Tammy if we could give it them both deserve the chance at Villa.
  12. We need another striker regardless, if Watkins gets injured we have Davis to fall on, or would you rather call of the move for Samatta and keep him here because I would trust him, we need a new second striker. I do agree with you though that we need 2 wingers and 2 attacking midfielders all together,depth in those areas would be sweet.
  13. I agree with you but the part where you understand we overpaid for Watkins, if that's the case then you can surely understand over paying for Tammy considering Tammy has had more experience at prem level and had a good run at this level. If Watkins can get a season in double figures watch many fans on here all of a sudden start saying Watkins is worth 50 or more mill, you bet it will happen, so why not be prepared to buy Tammy at 55 when hes done that already. Tammy already fit into the Villa squad before, hes simply an easy buy for us and he was one striker we managed to service right, no one fit as good as Tammy did in the lone striker position.
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