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  1. Dave-R

    Ezri Konsa

    Exactly, I dont think I heard the name Konsa once and yes it does mean exactly that.
  2. His change brought abit of energy towards the end, bit of pressure in the leeds end gave some of our knackered players abit of a breather at times
  3. Great performance today from the man other teams fans say we cant do without...
  4. I think so to, Leeds when we were in final third would throw many players at the ball and we just had to be faster at passing it on. They pressed very well Leeds did and in the final third we just couldn't get any more from it although there were a few occasions we could of.
  5. Target had me worrying, one wrong move and could of been off. That being said, Target did a wonderful job and frustrated Leeds all game.
  6. Nakamba was excellent, hes another player who gets stuck in and dont care what happens, hes out to remove that ball from opposition and he did just that. Ace job from Nakamba.
  7. Thought he did alright but could never really get going like he normally does and runs in from the flank. He did good defensively but struggled abit today with his attack.
  8. Dave-R

    Ezri Konsa

    Never heard his name much on commentary, it's like he was never there but we all knew he were and was solid as a rock. I'm sure Southgate will be calling a few up from Villa after today.
  9. Elmo did a grand job today, didn't really do anything wrong, he did turn his back sometimes, Leeds players nearly got the better of him but he turned quick to make up for it and put the pressure back on.
  10. Well watkins did some Grealish duties on the left today I thought, he actually at times drew 3 leeds players. He's like a Wasp, doesn't stop buzzing around and it must be frustrating for teams to be put under that kind of strain.
  11. McGinn was there in midfield today, I certainly noticed him and while Leeds put him under pressure he also made some vital interceptions.
  12. Played really good and sure he will get better, glad he got a start and he didnt disappoint..
  13. Well the bloke was like a mountain today, always there covering the LB and RB and sorting his own role out. Ace job on Leeds..
  14. Did very well in what mins he had, would of liked to of seen him sooner though.
  15. Brilliant display from Martinez, what a keeper, still bet arsenal fans are crying about it on there forum. 20 mill, double that easy.. Hope hes okay had to have a pain injection, sure that's Mings influence cus he likes them
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