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  1. He said he'd like to play in the champions league, never heard him once say he wanted to do it with another club. It's the things he has said to the club and to the fans that clearly showed he traded in what he had for money and I don't blame fans one bit for hating on him for it. Sure he wants to better himself and theres nothing wrong in that. If Jack had of just left for City and he had not said some of the things he obviously said, I doubt there'd be any problem with it from villa fans.
  2. I think they are coming to sheffield utd again in a week or so.
  3. Looked more world class at Villa than he does at City, I'm afraid it was just a money whore move and whatever made Jack the player he were ended when he threw in respect and loyalty for the expensive way of life and medals. In a way I don't blame him for doing it but he could of showed the world for once that money doesn't always make a player or define one and sticking by Villa would of showed that.
  4. Doesn't look like a personal dream when ever since our Owners come in he were looking for a way out at one of the usual top finishers in the league.
  5. Welll why would you wear you moon gear around miami that's just idiotic in that heat. He probably shouldn't be going to the moon if he's making poor choices of wearing his astronaut clobber all while everyone else has F*ck all on lol. I think why people say it, is they are clearly stating that soon its going to become apparent that we wont reach europe having a player who makes these cheap mistakes. It's already creeping into slots minds because these simple amateur mistakes at that level cost you games and points. We are going to need an upgrade on Mings and the more of these mistakes Mings makes it only makes his weakness more of an easy problem to solve next window if he keeps it up.
  6. Of course wed be worse off without Mings that is a stupid thing to say for a start, wed be worse without any one of those players this season that's a fact. You say I'm talking nonsense and then you are saying pointless Shit. I think you just don't like anyone criticising Mings whether it's good or bad criticism. Mings isn't perfect he makes mistakes and being the last man in the defence often and being caught out will happen, it's about finding ways of stopping it and it's like you don't want to hear none of it. If all your going to do is keep saying someone's talking nonsense as soon as they make there point then why even bother replying at all. Sometimes it's like people can't even bloody speak around here or have a point, do I keep telling you your talking nonsense, no I do not. Just because you think tour right doesn't make others wrong you know.. Mings may do ace work but he has weaknesses and those weaknesses get exposed and no I do not believe it's worth the trade off, not at this level. If there is an answer and an easy solution as to put a fast player around where Mings is struggling under pressure, then why not take it. It just seems like tour all okay for Mings to keep making these mistakes, yet its these mistakes that keep us from reaching above and beyond in the league. If were going to continue to improve point blank Mings is going to have to cut these lapses in concentration out or we will end up replacing him if were to continue to improve. mopping up possible incoming mistakes is one reason why we have a CDM, then if your playing this down then what's the point of a defensive midfielder, they are there to help out in these kind of situations and put a stop to pressure.
  7. Somebody who makes as many mistakes as Mings has done since joining, the only answer would be to put Nakamba or Luiz around him as much as possible. Makes sense and is logical or continue with the same problems in having Mings F*** up. It's not talking nonsense when Mings should be concentrating more and lapses. Its highlighting why he's doing it and finding solutions but sorry I forgot nobody can criticise around here. Certain people get all up in the air about this type of talk and go off on the defensive and play whatever anyone says down. I certainly didn't say he couldn't do anything on his Own so stop putting words in my mouth, I said it's like Mings needs constant Guarding. More so just someone like Nakamba or Luiz needs to be more aware that the mistakes are more than likely to come through him being the last man and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a player around him in his area of the field ready if it does happen. It's like a fracture in a defence, a weakspot you highlight it and you secure it abit more, it's not saying it's entirely weak but adding a different type of strength to it or around it could make the defence that much stronger. Doing nothing and continuing on and leaving things as they are will just lead to more goals against us and more mistakes by Mings. At this level sometimes you have to change game plans around, Mings obviously has a tough time dealing with tricky players, so the best thing in my eyes is to add some speed near Mings when attacks start coming in and shut the tricky players down fast. Mings is hardly anywhere near the level of those two player mentioned so I don't know why you even brought them into it. They're not playing for us and were not talking about them its Mings were on about here and they are just in a different class I'm afraid.
  8. Is it not, maybe it time release to xbox while it's under preview and it's worked on, some devs usually follow this road.
  9. PC game been out a year now and now on consoles. Anyone who likes building/RPG/dungeon type games then this would be up your street. There is so much to do in this game the creativity is a level above the rest. You can Cook, mine, fish, Build, Dungeon, Fight, Craft, Breed. Even has pokemon elements in and you use your pets for a variety of things one is to use them getting batteries by putting pets on a generator type hamster wheel. You can get a wide type of skills to build tour character how you'd like and you can take that character in anyone world. By the way there is no price to the game if have xbox game pass as it's on game preview at the moment.
  10. Mings makes me nervous every game and he's the one player in the squad who makes me feel that way everytime and were getting pressured. It's TRUE what people say he doesn't learn, he makes those soft passes all to much or clumsy passes also. I would be down for finding a better CB next summer that's providing we don't need anywhere else which I doubt it with how the midfield needs touching up and will most likely look to sell Ghazi. It's like Mings needs constant guarding, someone who's around him who is fast and could possibly mop up his mistakes but it shouldn't have to be like this. Mings is or should be quite capable of sorting this out but he's been doing it ever since we signed him. Maybe this is what lost him his Bournemouth spot in the end and to be fair we did buy him for a job in the championship and maybe just maybe it's a tad bit much for him to be playing a full 90 mins at prem level against teams who have tricky strikers like Chelsea do. So yeah maybe in a couple of season we maybe in a position to sell Mings or at least he takes abit of a bench seat for abit and see if he can earn his spot back. I think part of the problem is that Mings thinks/knows he's irreplaceable because theres no one at Villa to directly challenge him for his spot. Mings is not going to reach new levels or try to, or try push to ditch these mistakes when he's pretty much seen as the main CB. If Mings had another CB breathing down his neck at least he would want to push himself and despite his age if theres pressure there then he may just manage to wipe the mistakes out.
  11. Thing is all sorts of abuse is thrown at the opposition during a game to put players off and its been going on for well since the game started really it's part of the game. Do I condone it no, but it happens. At least John ignored it which is the main thing although he may blame his crap corner kick on that fan lol. These fans are pissed up alot of the time remember and when they're with their mates the whole let's throw abuse at the opposition comes in to play. I've seen people aiming this at stewards and saying why they did nothing, thing is they can't. For one stewards can't put there hands on anyone unless they are apart of an Ejection team and have SIA licence and two most stewards don't carry radios so they can't contact any supervisor. Sometimes each set of stairs has one steward at top Guarding entrance to the seats and stopping people from bringing drinks out. Also one at bottom and they can't leave there post in case someone pitch side decides to jump the barrier to get on pitch.
  12. How about nooooooo you cheeky F***
  13. Also he makes a very good point about Tuanzebe. I actually looked at Mings as the culprit for the second goals but it actually starts with Tuanzebe lol.
  14. Thin pete also has a point about Hause, what has he done wrong to not deserve a shot above Tuanzebe. I mean last season Hause when he played was excellent in what little time he had but Smith seems reluctant to play him.
  15. If there is I have not seen this hidden doorway to it yet lol.
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