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  1. With Jack yes we would be able to make chances just about but without him unless we pay the price to get exceptional Wingers and an attacking midfielder, we would struggle to supply TamTam. The story will be just more of the same with Ghazi and Trezegeut where they look awful doing everything else but scoring goals here and there. I am down for bringing Tammy back to VP, so long as we bring in the necessary support that we need anyway In the team. I've a feeling tonight we will struggle against Everton and I think it will be because our Wingers are ineffective.
  2. Is Smith playing Barry tonight I wonder because Skybet seems to have Barry as one of the favourites to score? Do they know something we don't? https://m.skybet.com/football/premier-league/event/27542421
  3. We would need a stronger midfield presence for that without a doubt. By By Winger system than god if this came in. I would vote for any system other than this 4-3-3 because without Jack or top class Winger next season I think teams will just suss us out even more.
  4. Like I said having them both gives options because you want them both on the pitch and you have highlighted more. You could always have it so one is always played first half and the other is brought on at half time between Tammy and Ollie. This while notion that neither would be happy to be a sub is rubbish I think, so long as they both play and they agree to there contracts and they are paid then the Muller keeps them happy at Villa. We would have the problem of who do we keep and who do we sell out of Wesley and Davis?? It's a tricky one as one can't really score and the other has
  5. I reckon if Chelsea set Tammy at 20 mill there would be a flood of clubs from this league and below trying there luck. A bidding war would start and I could see the price floating to over 30-35 mill anyway as that's what I reckon Chelsea will be happy with.
  6. I do agree with this, my main choice would be to first bring more Wingers in who can deliver, Cross, pass, be more of a support to there lone striker and attacking box players. We have struggled with Ghazi and Trezegeut to get them to do that and although Traore can do it at times, he's not a specialist at getting the ball to a lone singular target. We just have struggled so much since Jack has been out and while ever we struggle with the above, we will be seen as a one man team still. The moment we can start supplying our attacking players with better more accurate balls without Jack doing it
  7. I'd buy Abraham if we certainly could, it really would be amazing to have both Watkins and Abraham at the club. Having Ollie and Tammy gives us change around options and Ollie himself can play along the whole of the front line. The way I see it is Trezegeut is injured, we either go buy a winger or buy Tammy. If we buy Tammy we can make use of Watkins of the right which was his position at Brentford. If we buy a Winger then we have to buy one who can be utilised across the whole frontal line anyway. I'd just go go buy Tammy, we know the guys and Smith has made him work and we know ful
  8. I know the Toffs have some players missing but so do we and while we gave them a kicking last game I think without Watkins were just going to struggle now. I think we will lose and not just because we're undermanned but also because things have crept back into our side that should of been long gone. Were making more mistakes again and people are switching off. I will certainly be worried if we put out a first strong half and come out again like we did against man utd and let them dominate us.
  9. Yeah something crazy is going off in this thread.
  10. Ghazi is horrible in the air and he certainly will not throw himself at the ball like Trezegeut would. Our frontline players are not great in the air I think apart from Watkins.
  11. I would agree on that but the moment you do that we lose our right Winger and it's a space that needs filling. Again why is Wesley not being given support for up front from people? Havei missed something regarding Wesley? Has not re injured himself has he?
  12. No way, people are crackers if it hey are suggesting putting AEG up there. I know Traore can play there but it'd be totally experimental considering we've not played him there once. Why on earth are people suggesting putting them up front when we have Davis and Wesley?? Why is Wesley not being suggested as next in line to Watkins, then it should be Davis.
  13. I agree with you but in a few games where we need to be shifts soon as season ends because we need to be making a run towards the top. Now to do that we should still keep the likes of Luiz, Mcginn, Ghazi, Trezegeut, they will do for next season and can be bench boys, we do need to go look for much better. I'd bring a new CDM, a much better attacking midfielder and a Winger into the club.
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