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  1. We stay up, some players will obviously leave to fund for better players. We will swap a few out each window easily so long as we can keep improving, I see no reason why Jack would leave us if that happens. We do not know Jack and what he feels, but Villa is his heart and he will do whatever he can to aid in the club becoming great again. Jack may even be prepared to sacrifice Champions league football for the time being and some seasons to come for all we know. It's just one of those things where we as Fans can assume this or that about a player, but you never truly know what will be the push that takes him away from the club, if there's even a push at all. They say everyone has there price, I say that's not true and some people are just happy with what's going on. Others are happy because they feel to much change could be the very thing that destroys what they are trying to do, so staying put while things are good, is just right for them. Jack may of looked stressed at quality of the passing in alot of games recently, yet last game he looked fine apart from the 30 or more fouls he endured. I'd say if he is stressed that's a major contributor being kicked all over and took down every time he's on the ball. We will just have to see, I think for the time being and next couple of seasons, the only things that will prize him from Villa will be relegation or if we stay up a massive oversized purchase by one of the top four clubs.
  2. He reminds me of Kevin Hart he does, especially when he smiles. All we need now is to bring the Rock in, Karen Gillian and Jack black and we can have our very own Jumanji at VillaPark. Waiting for Samatta to say: What in the Sam Hill just happened to him.
  3. Wouldn't even put myself in the position of having that choice of either of them in the first place. Get rid and bring in better.
  4. Yes they are 5th, wouldn't take much to bring them into a relegation battle, that's how far and how quick it could stretch. We are nine points away, if utd drop games and we can pick up points then maybe many of our wishes come true, that a possible man Utd go down, now wouldnt that be something, we can dream. If it did happen then it would only confirm something that big clubs who thought money solved the problem, got it wrong. A drop like we had to go through to the point that utd have to reset much like we did to get it right again and actually play football, may not turn out so good for them, they are not as powerful as they once were. Crazy season so far that 16 clubs could be in a relegation battle in no time at all, shows how tough and tight this league has gotten.
  5. Dave-R

    Pepe Reina

    Yeah and he has an excellent bald head, So smooth that licking it would feel like licking a lollipop, just without the fruity flavour.
  6. Dave-R

    Kortney Hause

    Yeah the Hause worked his ass off last night, made some fantastic interceptions, made some great passes to. Kept his calm and cool when under pressure.
  7. Are people really slating water after last night's game, are you absoloute bonkers people. He really played good first half, had alot of involvement in the attacks, shot a few, got in good positioning and even broke down Watford attacks. Sure second half wasn't to be for him, I just think that's down to fitness and that's ok, because we got damn won the game from the substitutes we had made.
  8. Dave-R

    Pepe Reina

    What an angle on that kick, I know Konsa scored and Mings had involvment off it, but I can't help feel that Pepe deserves assist justice for that one.
  9. Dave-R

    Pepe Reina

    Me and my son were saying to one n other that he seems to be able to pick anyone out at pinpoint accuracy with his goal or free kicks. He actually causes teams problems with it, he's got an eye to spot that player run or move that alot of keepers just don't seem to have. At this rate I'm all for buying Pepe period, I absoloute love this bloke, he's aggressive as well and comes out at the right times when needed. He is certainly quality we are lucky to have.
  10. Played well, was here, there and every where. Nakamba4Eva!!!
  11. Dave-R

    Indiana Vassilev

    Seems to be converting to striker, it's what it looks like. Played well against Watford, caused some problems. Also had very good chest control, is also a very fast little player. Hope we see more of him.
  12. Dave-R

    Pepe Reina

    PEPE for me I think is MOTM, not only made a brilliant injury time pass into the box which ended up for the winner but kept us in it. His tripple save was world class. Go Go PEPE Ranger.
  13. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Much better today from Villa, I just can't believe that in shocked at the outcome but so pleased.
  14. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I'd say 20 years too, Id further go to say that since John Gregory left, we havnt been a decent side. David o'leary i think deserves the credit that MON now seems to get from fans, MON just built off of O'leary. The MON era was really him being MON and holding onto what had alll fell into place and MON walking out as MON does when things don't go his way left us in a hell of a mess. I'd say MON came into what was a very good Villa team in 2006 at the time and he managed to aid in that for a while, but boy when he left 2010 did he leave Villa in a mess and the next three managers couldn't get anything right, what was it a manager a year for the next three years, Houllier,McLeish and Lambert?? Then it went up two managers a year starting with Sherwood and garde. Ridiculous how far we fell how fast and I'd say MON was pretty much just the beginning of it all, maybe not straight away but the signs were there. MON gets way to much credit these days.
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