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  1. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Well said, we really should of brought someone much better in as soon as we started the season, many knew then he wouldnt be able to do the job for whatever the reason, we all just chose to chance it, it failed. At most Smith and Co were given the chance as a group to get the best out of these players, was always a tall order asking for them to compete against some of the best in the world. At most we should of got someone in from the moment there was a break from this Corona, they would of had the time. People on here say but no one better would of came, I disagree, imagine what that would of done for the coach/manager who kept us up with these inexperienced players. I seriously wonder what Smith, JT and the other coaches were paid for all this, I bet we could of brought someone seriously good at survival challenges with abit extra for all weve paid all this guys to coach our lads. Then theres the scouts wonder how much they have cost the club, whatever it was it was not worth it and could of better spent the money towards someone who could of signed his own players without the need for fans to wonder who signed who. Yes I dont like this way of having all these people in charge of signings, hasn't benefited us one bit, it seems like there are to many bodys involved in transfers and it has done us more harm than good. All we will have from this season to show for it is player sales because of relegation which will be a recoup on what weve already spent this season anyway which was a fortune.You know it wouldnt of bothered me one bit if we had something to show from our signings but the only ones I see worth the trouble are Mings and Luiz, out of how many signings a good fourteen plus?? That's very bad having that many bad apples pop up. The fact we now have to sell Grealish, Mings, Luiz, McGinn and all the crap that is in the team with them, I would not want them at Villa. Those players just couldn't show there worth, 27 points out of 30+ games, if we get relegated it will be there own doing and they deserve no more top flight football or to be in a villa shirt. We supported them throughout this season laid our faith in them and for what, a trip back down to where we came from, do these players not have any pride or heart to go get us some results to maintain premier status. Relegation happens I will not be sorry to see many of them leave and hope we learn from this and build a squad that will fight for points and show how talented they are. Build from the championship and see what loans we can get from the premier, start again and learn to play football properly, dont cheap it out by buying from abroad if the scouting is not done properly just dont go there. And for the love of god fetch someone in who can Coach better and make better tactical decisions. Build a subs bench of players that can change bloody games, it's one thing to have a first eleven but you also need game changers at your disposal which has hindered us massively this season. Use Youth and use the championship to start blooding them for a fight in the premier, I expect to see our Youth used it has to be better for them and they must have a way into the squad because Smith has kept them down since hes arrived and he said they would get far chance, that has not happened.
  2. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    I'd sooner rather drive myself of a cliff and hope for the best that I survive, Lemmings that's what they call them right? Yeah F'in Lemmings lets fetch a load of them in and put them up front at least they will throw themselves at the ball and might score some for us. Does Brian Little not want to take over, I would beg the bloke at this point to give it ago..
  3. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Didnt post after the game yesterday because I thought emotions that had made me angry would just be put in front of the reality of the situation. Smith has to go, do I believe he will bring us back up, no I do not, we wont have that team we had last season and the players we have up front now will not be able to score much in the championship. Yesterday was a winnable game, Liverpool were slow with no energy and we had so many chances to the point we couldn't put anything away. Eventually you don't capitalise on advantage the other team will and that exactly what the pool did, they made us pay for not driving home tons of chances and we deserved it. Were going down that's all there is to it, I have no confidence in them or the people in charge of them Smith wants to rip into them, he needs to do something, they dont deserve to be on the field in those colours if they cant go out there and fight for points, points that were obtainable but they lost the plot. Not every game is winnable but where are the games that were winnable because weve not seen many, disastrous is the word I'd use for our players, Smith's philosophy, Coaching, Signings basically the lot has go tits up hasnt it. Is there anything against having a female coach cus I swear our female Villa squad coach would probably do a better job than JT, Smith and Kelly and no I am not joking on that, that's how annoyed at I am with them all. A liverpool game and we could of won it, if we had of had better on the Wings and up front. Even the midfield was actually working the best yesterday but it seems theres always someone in the Villa side screwing up, it's never a collective effort is it. Im saying it for the last time now, get rid of Ghazi, Trez and get whoever are our best crosses and Wingers from the Youth team and chance because what do we have to bloody lose at this point.
  4. I dont think Trez or Ghazi should even first team as Wingers in the championship, subs yes but we should look still at buying better and let's face it I think League 2 has better than what we have up front. Ridiculous how crap we are at crosses which is down to our Wingers mostly, finding gaps, accuracy and then to top it off anyone who goes up front cant hit a header on goal. It's like we have Sh!t for brains and for talent up front. I would very much like to meet the people who signed off on our Wingers and strikers because I've had it with them, they let the rest of our team down. Forget Smith out, get everyone out that's been involved in this crap developing for a whole season it's about time those accountable were held responsible. We deserve to go down if we cant put the ball in the back of the net against a sluggish liverpool side that eventually took there chances and made them count, it's a game we could of won if we had of had our frontline firing home.
  5. Not our luck is it,as much as some say we shouldn't be surprised by a defeat it's still annoying as hell with how good we've played against them. Truth is the scoreline isnt deserved for them.
  6. That first touch from the cross was absolutely dreadful.
  7. Jack's smile suggest he knew what he did stopping the counter, cheeky monkey.
  8. Went for 15 mill to Brighton in end didnt he? Seriously we could of done with him up front.
  9. Why does Salah remind me of the Egyptian afro samurai?
  10. Who knows maybe us giving Liverpool the guard of honour will help seal a victory here today because liverpool will go easy on us in second half..
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