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  1. What is the real farce is there is a foul committed on our player yet the ref stops play to award the penalty, he then goes to check it again and takes the penalty away and awards Brighton with a free kick. WHAT- award a free kick to opposition for getting took down are you having a **** laugh there referee. Trezegeut did nothing wrong but try to go round a player in the box, was brought down and the final outcome is to give the opposition a free kick, how does that make bloody sense. Yeah I'm still pissed at this. Then we have a perfectly good goal not even looked at and screwe
  2. Yeah it's very annoying why in earth do they check decisions against us for everything yet when we need it there is nothing. Almost as if theres something fishy going on.
  3. For the amount of chances we had that game could of easily been a 6 to 9-4 bashing, we just couldn't put them away. We played them off the park really and Brighton did have some chances around half of what we had.. Then theres the corners, we had an awful amount of Corners that we should be having a better success rate than that. While I think were dangerous I still think our players are still growing into there roles and have not fully settled yet.
  4. I kept saying to my son I'm sure that's over the line.
  5. Same thing happened in the Man utd game, Man utd got lucky and away with it and there opposition was denied. What really stands out is if you listen to solskjaer he openly admits that he thought it was a penalty and in his mind it should of been given, I like his honesty. Solskjaer then says maybe the rules are different than what he thinks they are, to me that sounds like he knows they are bullshit.
  6. I think because Barkley got took out by Brighton, that up till then we came on with a gameplan. Brighton knew what they were doing taking Barkley out early, it would then leave them with just Grealish to concentrate on. Marking which they did by adding two and sometimes even three players to running at him. Tiredness kicked in because of all the internationals we had just were knackered. After today we now know we need more players so that we can rest players we rely on every game. Adding international football is killing our players added with a long season. We need to add more play
  7. That's what it actually feels like some of these people are saying, if the ball touches you, then you are aloud to drag a player down in anyway. Whether that player got the ball or not Trezegeut would of got past him, he is then took down and totally wiped out and denied any further involvement on striking that ball and potentially scoring. I really hate what they have done to these rules the officials now have powers to take a decision away, well they should not make the decision till they are perfectly clear, for me this destroys the game. What's the point of Var if that is sa
  8. Alot of our players couldn't finished when in final third today we peppered them, are you also saying they played shit because they didn't score, that's really unfair.
  9. The ex official saying it wasn't a clear and obvious error to award a penalty kick.
  10. I'm pissed at that defeat and not because we played bad but because again we are on the bad side of poor officiating and bad decisions. That in my mind without a shadow of a doubts was a penalty. Trezegeut has the ball and he goes round there defender and hes brought down, yes there is a ball contact but he has also bring Trez down and denies any further movement if the ball. Then to top it off he doesnt award Villa with anything the referee doesnt but he instead awards a free kick to Brighton, what is that referee on. I'm Shocked and last for Bloody words I am and am furious. I
  11. Only won one in our last 58 when trailing, well that needs to bloody change.
  12. Are they trying to put a Unisex spin on it because of women's football, who knows.
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