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  1. I agree with you, half the names on this list wouldn't in my eyes out shine some of the talent one league down. Last season especially was a ruthless place in the championship for a good many reasons, one thing you can really say is there are alot of teams with two to four players that are giving there all week in week out. I felt the championship was a place where everyone is so fired up because promotion is on offer, that they would do anything to obtain it, they are realising there dream is just 46 games away and for those players they put in the displays of there life and do not forget what's at stake. I'd say building a team from talent one league down could easily bring good results, we would be crazy not to spend on championship player who we deem to be worthy, there are enough of them waiting for there opportunity.
  2. I think there's been enough decent quality in that championship where those players could easy adapt to life in the premier. I would be happy with your list coming here and confident they could cause a fair amount of chaos in this league considering they arnt proven yet want to prove themselves. Bringing that attitude where a player knows he has to make it could be dangerous in a good way if you ask me and many on that list will want to show what they are made of in the top flight.
  3. We will all hold you to that and send you to hell if nothing happens
  4. Don't know if there are truth to these as the sun reports the first one and the mirror the second. Aston Villa are preparing a £12m move for Bristol City star Adam Webster – the defender who was linked with a move to St James’ Park over the weekend. £20m deal for for Club Brugge star Marvelous Nakamba – someone we’ve only just been credited with an interest in
  5. Dave-R

    John Terry

    Brilliant news to see, whatever he does behind the scenes the gaffer must like it.
  6. Would you care about surviving then if it meant we were going to take a city player in on loan, think many would choose to drop wouldn't they instead of developing a player for city?? All in all we would care then as not wanting to do it because we are developing a player for a rival, one we don't like yes, but one which is no different to what this Loan business is without option to buy. We are in the same league now as the clubs we would be developing these players for and on that note it's simply a no for me unless they paid us to develop them for them (and that's not going to happen). We have to start seeing each and every one of these clubs in the premier as the enemy now, why on earth would we want to develop a player for them, you bet your ass off they won't do that to us. I think it also show how weak a club is having to go the Loan route in the premier. There are alot of reasons I do not like the Loan business being a premier club and I can only think of one reason as to why I would say yes as a premier league club to bringing loans in, which is because we have the option to make that player permanently sign for us.
  7. Ok would you Loan Gardner back from city then, develop him shall we??? didn't think so
  8. I will say this: we have a core already here, a few guys like Grealish, Mcginn, Hourihane who I think we settle things rather quickly for incoming players. We have seen many Loaners come in and quickly adapt to life at Villa all because of how they bond with the likes of the above mentioned. I don't think we have to worry around Villa anymore and I think it's in good hands in respect to players joining and quickly being embedded into the squad. We are now at the top level where players we are buying are at there most professional, we pull in the right players and they pretty much gel into the team. We have to many great characters at Villa now who just ease things for newcomers and I'm not worried about cohesion as some are. Not worried at all about it as I expect we may struggle for some games it's to be expected, it will quickly come together with the level of professionalism running through them. I bet Jota is already feeling at home with Smith again, it wouldn't surprise me if already he has been on some nights out with the remainder of the lads who are still with us.
  9. I feel it's a business we need to stop, no more Loans even though they have helped us in the past and helped us to get promoted. Only Loan business I'd accept is if we get a definite buy if we choose on the deal. I feel Loans will only hinder us now considering we need our players to be our own because we can't sell Loan player like we can ours, so yes I'm against it just for that reason alone. Another reason is I am sick of us taking other clubs players who are benched, problematic or have been forgotton, turning them round into the players they were and losing out because there clubs want them back. It's a mugs game that is and the top six and other clubs are reaping the money rewards because clubs like ours will do this for them. On a business level we now need to own our own players, on a playing level we now need to own our own players, we need to move on from the way we operated in the championship. In the championship we would of struggled without the loans, in the premier we can easily put a squad together and I'm sure Smith and co will sort out cohesion before season starts. No matter what anyway were going to have teething problems, we've got two many players to bring in for there not to be, but better they are our players than another clubs.
  10. Lolley is at it, think we should sign without a doubt now since his aim and shots fired at Joe Newell And city: Joe Newell tweeted: “Garry Monk gone. Just when the club is getting a bit of stability and going in the right direction after a bad few years we f*** it up. Just don’t get #BCFC.” Joe Lolley tweeted: “Typical of a small s*** club x.” Have to Love lolley and the way he gets on city's case
  11. Talk is axel is wanting to stay and try and secure first team game time with utd. I can honestly say I wish him well if that's the case but if it doesn't work out will be more than welcome at Villa anytime..
  12. Dave-R

    Tyrone Mings

    I somehow think that Bournmouth maybe holding out for other clubs coming in for Mings so we have to match or better the price, it makes sense for them to hold out last minute on this deal and see if any more interest happens on Mings.
  13. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Don't know where to really post this, it's the Villa View with Brian Little & charity auction:
  14. Hopefully Axel is thinking he will force a move to us through, now that would show commitment saying no to signing to Man Utd all while telling them he wants to join us. Would be ace to keep him which would be 3/5 loanees kept and only two left to try and tie down in Tammy and Mings.
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