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  1. Exactly this: Id also like to add that if you get infected you could also and up taking back home to loved ones.
  2. You absolutely do not know that yet, none of us do, sure the results have been rubbish but we could still make survival happen. It's easy for us to all say we're done because of poor results, yet nothing is certain in football and a couple of wins or few draws and a win could see things look very different.
  3. Would just say our luck of this season that Covid-19 Would be the cause of us going down. Not saying it will happen but given that weve had problems with our players, our Coach's, our signings, Scouting, officating, FFP and that god damn VAR, it really has felt like a marriage and we're in dire need of some serious therapy and counselling, but Corona is here and its going to tip us over the edge. If it comes to being relegated by all this nonsense, we know well that even diseases didn't want us in the premier.
  4. They finally stopped them eating all the animals and crap they shouldn't be eating, untill the next virus comes along from China. It's about bloody time they woke up about what they are homer simpson'in in there mouths, because thats two diseases now to of come out of that country. Do you know my son went round the shop other day and all the beer was gone, the beer festival, not only is the food flying off but the drunkard stuff is as well, this is a desease not a party virus lol. EVEN seen some notice on someone's door saying trading toilet roll for bread, this panic buying is as if there is a zombie apocalypse, oh well the walking dead will be getting a boost in ratings again. We as a country have been ignoring our priministers for so long that when one comes out and says there is a real concern and people are dieing, we all just think Bollox mate STFU and throw yourself a pay rise while we go to our pubs to contract the damn disease. The whole world goes on lockdown and us Brits say **** it and get Sozzled and while we're at it lets get the raves on and get totally ballzed up with tons of drugs.
  5. For me the 93-94 coca cola cup winning team. Bosnich Barret-Mcgrath-Teale-staunton Atkinson-Richardson-Townsend-Daley Fenton Saunders But I did love other players as well like: Ehiogu, Draper, Yorke, Milosovic, Barry, Milner, Taylor, Joachim, Tommy Johnson, Wright, Dublin, Merson, sure there is more just can't think at this moment. I would say Southgate, but I wonder why no one ever really says him in threads like this, maybe it's because he's England manager and being a tool with our Jacky Boy has something to do with it lol.
  6. I don't think it's just his finishing and fitness. When you a winger you need the skill to glide past the defenders coming in from the wing and as fast as Trez is, I think he really lacks that skill (take note of how Grealish moves). He is motivated when on the pitch and shows his heart and we could also say we do not play to his speed nearly enough as we should. We should be sending him on runs down the flank where he has a good chance to outrun his mark. We also should have players running with him to meet his cross, that doesnt happen and by time anyone is up there the cross is stomped out due to a defence reorganisation because we're to slow to act. Ive said over and over through this season that there is a timing problem, from the time our wingers do beat there man to the time our attackers should be there to meet a cross as quickly as they can. I do think we need better quality midfielders and wingers but it's not as easy to just say we need them, we need to also have them playing in a way that is timed to nearly perfection. We need crosses in as quickly as possible and attackers meeting those crosses before defenders reset, without that it makes us look like we have amateur players attacking. We also need to hold the ball better in midfield, without that our defence is battered and we will never have the quantity of play we desire or want up front.
  7. The premier could be made to carry on if we thought about it a little more, players made to play fifa 20 pro clubs could be the answer. With a few updates on fifa to the pro clubs system could easily be made to accommodate all the needs on the pitch. Not to mention we would be able to view the games within the fifa game if you own it. I know it's not the same as watching them in person at matches or on tv so then watching them play a version of themselves on a game would be the next best thing. On pro clubs for those of you who either don't have a player on that game mode or have fifa itself, it's a game mode where you earn experience and skill points by playing good. You can't as simply move out of position either because you just drop rating on the pitch and earn less experience overall. The mode itself can be done in drop in matches which is a quick play or be played as if you were a football club itself and have upto 22 players online. Like I said one update could be that subs are added along with manager tools to allow managers to switch things up on pitch (somethings can be done already) but it could be made more complexes to suit the atmosphere on the pitch. Pro clubs games can be very tactical, it's not as easy as just outrun a player, you can be quickly closed down or easy opened up because each player is in ccontrol of a player who is there own. It requires real team work to make a successful pro clubs team and if the numbers are even like 11 v 11 then it really does reflect what gameplay on the field is like. The season could be finished and points picked up or lost via fifa 20. Wins, draws, losses on fifa 20 could reflect how the premier finishes. So really there is an option to have no contact matches and maybe it's about time that a system like this was put into place if the world's of sport can not go ahead in real life. I bet the players would have a blast and games would be exciting to watch even more when you know your faverites are on the other end playing for the fans still, it's just in another way. A few updates or more and fifa 20 could easy be changed to suit the premier league or other football league's games in these times of footballing disasters.
  8. Are we really looking towards more defenders again? Whoever is thinking the defence is a problem needs there head testing I think. You look at the fact we are getting bombarded game in game out or most games, there is only so much a defence can stop before one or a few leak on in. The problem I think is the midfield and Wingers positions, the way we play and that there isn't enough quality occupying beyond the defence. Has no one notice that most games it's our midfield where we mostly lose the ball, unable to recover the ball or can't push onwards from there let alone create chances. The Winger issue is as much a problem, they do not track back and protect the defenders nearly enough as they should do not do they provide our attacker Samatta with anywhere near a decent level of crosses let alone quality in crosses. I think that our problem is not the defence or keeper it's just that we are so ineffective in midfield and beyond that we stress the defence and keeper out to a point that doesn't work. If we brought quality in where it's really needed (not spend more on defence) then we should see the defence cope better and be under less stress. But no whoever is doing the thinking at Villa is saying the defence is the issue, it always looks like that when you let that many goals in but doesn't necessarily mean it's the defence does it??? We go after defenders to stop this problem we will be right back here again saying we should of brought more quality in to other areas, because that's what needs to happen.
  9. We do not, two point less lol, you are counting our semi final win over the foxes which was a cup game, in our last ten games we have one win, one draw for points. We had a draw and a win against Leicester in cup. If we don't count cup games then yes it's different, but I said our last ten games so I win Zatman
  10. They have drew six out of there last ten games and lost four, I'd take those results than the ones we've been churning out in our last ten games. They may only be a couple points above us but they at least can fetch a point here and there. They also don't drop the ball to ten man teams which we are so bad at. Teams are picking us apart, at least Brighton fight for there points, at the moment they are way more solid than us. The lad has eight goals, for a first season it ain't so bad, I'd put a bet if they are still up next season he finds his feet abit more and scores more next season.
  11. Energy yes, aggression and intensity as well, a player like him would of seriously given some defenders a second to wonder if it's worth annoying him. We have lacked what Maupay could of brought with him, Wesley was a cuddly teddy bear compared to him, not to mention Maupay gets around alot and always shows he wants to win, he doesn't give up or back down. You look at Brightons players now though, they do feed off his energy and they even join in with mocking the players and fans as Maupay does when he scores, he has had a positive effect despite not scoring so many.
  12. I have not blamed suso for it, someone is to blame though and i wished we knew who had made so many of these very underwelming signings. Regardless of the covid19 outbreak and the uncertainty of how this season will go, we still have a bunch of players who need to turn the heat up. If the rest of this season is to be played then I highly doubt they will make a great escape from what is looking certain relegation. If we'd of had Bowen, Phillips, Maupay, Lolley and a few other, we would no doubt be in a better position in the league, not to mention all feeling much more confident in our players. In fact I still dream of those players we missed and all it would of took were to meet clubs fees, but we had to try do this a different way. What we should of done is kept more of our players from last season and fetched in the targets we wanted instead of culling an entire squad pretty much. The mistake was made already when we brought a ton of zero experienced players who look like they will struggle at even championship level at this rate. If we had of just fetched upgrades in I think many of us would agree we wouldn't be sitting in the table where we are now. Would we of been better spending 150 million of six players instead of around 14, yeah id say most certainly. We'd of had players already embedded and a solid group for the newest signings to just jump straight on in and start working.
  13. Would Maupay of scored more here than at Brighton, who knows, we will always be asking that question, I just wished we'd of took the chance on him. As I said in another post, if we'd of had Maupay and he'd of been a success maybe we wouldn't of gone and spent more on another striker. However I do like the thought or did of having Maupay and Samatta at Villa.
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