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  1. That would be history right there..
  2. Mings turning like that in front of goal scares me..
  3. Well I'd still be buying the pass, it's just a vpn changes a person's location that's all..
  4. Mings is like that tank in an mmorpg that your in the toughest raid and need him to block and take the hate..
  5. That's a shame, do you or anyone know if a vpn works for tricking my location if anyone has tried it.
  6. Can you use AVTV in UK or are you using abroad, if so I'll get it myself and are all games on AVTV?? cheers for any info..
  7. Good first half, good passing, good defending, great interceptions, keep it up Villa. Honestly the squad is unrecognizable from what they were before, Smith and co have done a grand job. If we lost the playoffs, I still couldn't complain with how far we've come Smith has my back for next season for sure regardless of what happens..
  8. He's the one guy you know that could find that needle in a haystack with how he passes..
  9. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Must Win win win win, win win win win win win, I felt like Borat for a moment there..
  10. That's wonk talk right there..
  11. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    If it comes to it and we don't go up, it's vital we keep our key players and if possible the loaners. We should be a contender for real next season, but the championship is a strange place to be and anything can happen.. The playoffs are going to be tough, some good teams there capable of surprising anyone including us. I'm dreading it to be honest at the sane time as looking forward to it. Smith can do it and I'm hoping those teams are burnt out come play offs. We have a ton of quality players who this time and second time around should win that final, let's hope we are not done by that expectation it's happened to many before. Anyone know the odds for Villa to win playoffs??
  12. It's ok city if we get to the prem, we will give a few some game time. If it's true because it's the sun.. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8897293/sane-jesus-man-city-tottenham-transfer/
  13. Is it me or is that trophy severly bent, the leaning trophy. Reminds me of the crooked house in himley Dudley.
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