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  1. He was burnt quite badly a few of times. but he was against Dyer and co and they are speedy skillful wingers. He is a big fella also... seemed happier going forward than backwards.
  2. He actually pulled back for a pass. it wasn't laziness. he tried to find space and it back fired. No complaints there. I do think he took his eye off the ball in the final minute though, no idea why he didn't just head the thing regardless of their keeper.
  3. Start him.... start him.... START HIM against Palace!
  4. Fan F in tastic..... still makes me panic inside as he makes a move or pass about a second before disaster strikes, but what a performance!!
  5. He sucked today and doesn't look ready at all for the Premier League. But you have to give him time. He had no pre-season and was thrown into this game at the last minute. Let's see against the lower half of the table in a couple of months time before we write him off.
  6. He is not actively looking to sell..... there is no company scouring the world for buyers anymore.
  7. I don't want to say I am in the know but .... We are not for sale anymore. The search was pulled out of a month ago. Not to say someone couldn't approach Lerner but there is no one out there looking for buyers. My only hesitation in saying what I was told is that I would have expected some news hound to have said this before now.... I am 95% certain my info is correct.
  8. I always thought that he would eventually become a solid player that most Premier League teams would be happy to have. It is so hard to judge how good someone is when they have no left or right back to help you. and at times a central partner that is as shaky as the rest. He did make too many mistakes though. Hopefully he will mature this season now that the pressure is off him.
  9. Well Con that is a confusing opinion.... - he will sign a new contract - we will sell him January - he is not good enough for top teams I think he will sign and we will not sell him. He probably wouldn't get the playing time for top teams given the players they already have so I will give you 2 out 3 my friend - which isn't too shabby!!!
  10. Lerner actually did his bit at the end and was ready to stump up another 7 million. I don't blame Villa for not paying 60k to Ceverly because then a new contract to Ron would have been 70k, Delph 60k and Gabby up there also. Plus we have Grealish. Before you know we are back in the shit with salaries again. Let's take care of the above and hope we are still OK come January when we can push on again.
  11. He wasn't good today was he. I actually thought he was purchased to be our left back but really glad we got a real left back. Put him on the bench for next week.
  12. Long may it last... I am all but about ready to say I was so wrong about him. Great performance again.
  13. I said this before I would to see him play in what would probably be our starting midfield and forward line.
  14. Well I obviously don't have the deep insight that some people have. IMO we had the potential to move onwards and upwards after year 1. The biggest mistake was year 2 purchases. We should have purchased a couple of proven quality players than the 4 or 5 that were too crap to improve the team. But all of this is hindsight. Anyone can be correct when looking back. If AVFC1982 has posts back in 2012 stating Lowton is crap then I have nothing but praise for his abilities.
  15. avfc1982,.... I didn't fall for any PRr crap. The first year was difficult but we came out of it feeling good. IMO Lowton did more than OK, he even scored a couple of great goals and had some assists. I was watching on a game on TV later in the season and someone (David Pleat... maybe) said if Lowton continues the develop the way he is, then he would soon be challenging for an England spot. I don't think such comments were a result of PR crap but what he had seen on field. Regardless, Lowton followed up the next season with total crapness and I m not sure he has ever recovered.
  16. I hated Hutton when I saw him play and wanted him out of the team so fast but..... if what I saw in Dallas and Houston is how he will play this year then he is the best right back that we have. Time will tell but Lowton appears to have lost it and he probably should go back up north. Amazing really because after the 1st year he had a real opportunity to become a successful and highly paid right back. If he really threw it all away because of his wife not liking Birmingham then good luck to him when she starts complaining about living off half the money he gets now in somewhere like Middlesboug
  17. Did more than OK against FC Dallas and was great against Houston. Needs to be a part of the squad and used when it makes sense. He is going to get caught in possession and will make a bad pass or two because he did it over here so FFS keep the boo boys away because he looks like one day he will attack and wriggle his way into winning us games when nobody else can.
  18. Saw the kit up close for the first time and purchased both of them...... IMO they are better than we have had in several seasons. Very nice!!! I had to go up a size for some reason and I am as buff as I was (haha) -- so they must be smaller than before.
  19. OK everyone.... time to cut this guy some slack. It may be pre-season, it may only be MLS teams (ask Arsenal how that worked out for them) but in 2 games he looked solid and apart from one stumble against FC Dallas (that he recovered from), he hasn't put a foot wrong. Welcome Philippe..... right now you are starting against Stoke City!
  20. In all honesty I don't understand why a broken leg is taking so long. Is it 7 months now? Surely he should have been running after 3 and by now be 100% back. Am I the only one that thinks this is taking way too long? I blame Lerner or maybe Lambert, actually it is Lee Hendrie's fault.
  21. Maybe he is just playing like a person who wants to be a first team regular. I saw both games and he is giving his all.. Unfortunately in both games he made a couple of really bad passes that could and probably would cost us a goal in in the Premier League. For this reason I would say right now he won't be starting unless we have injuries.
  22. To be honest, the midfield in the 1st half was not great. Gardener, Bacuna, Herd.... none of them did anything special but more than that they did not have much of the ball and allowed Dallas to control the midfield. It wasn't horrible, just not as good as you would have liked. In the 2nd half we were so much better with Delph, Westwood and Zoggie Now Grealish for me did show himself in a good light He was lively and took people on. I would have liked to have seen Grealish play in our 2nd half team because we had much more of the ball.
  23. Last night Lambert did say he hoped to bring in 1 or 2 more signings before the window closes. When asked how much he had to spend he just smiled and said he wasn't going to answer that.
  24. I don't want to add to any confusion here but I was the one who asked PL about Tonev and Luna. I actually said have they played their last games for Villa. The response was Luna was sorting out a loan and Tonev couldn't come because he had something to take care of. I may have missed the injury comment but I didn't specifically hear that. I am not blowing my own horn here but my 10 minuets of fame at the meet and greet also saw me ask Delph if he was going to sign a new contract and he did say he had been at Villa a long time, was happy and would like to extend his stay. I was goin
  25. Way, way way ahead of yourself Vive_La_Villa
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