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  1. He is really impressive in the way he tackles and covers back. The issue is that after he wins the ball (and 9 times out of 10 he does) we lack the players to give it to and drive on forward. Westwood doesn't do that, Others? I don't think so. I don't know what the answer is but we have got to find 1,
  2. That is one hell of a Sunday morning parks pitch after a bad winter and much use!!!
  3. yea... I'm a little worried now. He may just need time but would have been better learning about the PL and coming off the bench. We need someone Timmy!
  4. He doesn't react quick enough when he is in and around the penalty area. When he has space and time to pass he is better. He can play RB for me and leave Gil and company to fill the midfield.
  5. I thought he did a lot more than Bacuna. He should have scored though. Just hit low and hard (and hope!!)
  6. After last week do you blame him..... Keep the ball, pass the ball, do anything but lose the ball in last 10 minutes if we are not winning.
  7. How do you manage to get 11 points from 4 games?
  8. Do you realize how many supposedly great managers experiment with formations and players in different positions? You obviously have a gripe with TS so I suspect nothing will please you.
  9. Same one that I was watching. Should have been at least 1 up at HT and then we gave them a goal. Could have been 2 - 2. We could have won. We deserved a point for sure, even though we were 2nd best in 2nd half.
  10. Wait for it........ Well done Gabby. Obviously doing more than enough in training and will play off the big man.
  11. I agree once he has been here a couple of weeks but you know there are 50 people on here just waiting for that bad game and are ready with 'he is a greedy bastard', 'no footballing brain', can't pass'...... 'shit sell him back to Barca'. If he is not on bench today, I hope he is next week.
  12. On AVTV after the Fulham game Sherwood was asked how great is it that Kozak was back in the team and scoring a goal. I swear he hesitated for just a second and then answered not looking directly at the camera. At that moment I thought Sherwood doesn't rate Kozak and he isn't going to be in the team....... now it looks like he won't. The camera doesn't lie!!
  13. I don't understand those number except the article says it uses a formula based on income, assets and profitability to assess worth. Well it has to be the profitability part that lowers us and makes someone like Southampton worth so much more.....
  14. He did nothing wrong and was more effective than Ayew.... we won and he did his bit. End of.
  15. Struggled today to get into the game.
  16. Based on the few games he played? Lmao As opposed to basing it on what? In case you haven't noticed, the thread is entitled "starting line up" There are numerous options and opinions will vary. One person may prefer Gil to Grealish but ultimately this can only be based on what that person will have seen, be it a handful of games or over 100 games. Many people are picking most of the French signings ahead of last seasons players-This is based on even less games. Instead of hovering around criticising others opinions, why not tell us who YOU would start? Id pick Grealish over Gil, based
  17. Our savior 2 days ago Signed yesterday Shit today Love Villatalk!!
  18. 8th to 10th with a defence 15th - 18th without one Can't say we have one right now but I pray it all falls into place
  19. I was impressed today. Looks fast and skillful..... Gabby with control!!!
  20. He looked a little out of it. A couple of nice passes and runs but the rest was average. Bench against Bournemouth unless he tears it up in training next week
  21. exactly my thoughts.... he would be great at right back. That one run in the 1st half was excellent. Except it was straight up the middle of the park and he ended up 50 yards out of position. Please be our right back!!!
  22. If Randy is paying..... Aeroflot otherwise KLM
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