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Found 21 results

  1. Its that time again when someone creates some ideas on social media. Not bad efforts to be fair
  2. Well past due for a 21/22 kits thread. Already been a lot of leaks and releases posted in the 20/21 thread so lets continue here. The new PSG one is probably the best so far Not a fan of the Milan one thou
  3. Linfields playing in UVF colours for their change strip this season
  4. Noticed kappa are starting to release 20/21 kits now. Looking at the last couple it seems to point towards us having a similar template with the split at the neck and an individual pattern connected to the club or region. I quite like the style and the orange kit would work well with blue arms and claret cuffs... Wonder if we will get a white away kit this year too?
  5. This was probably the closest thread i could think to put this in. The iconic, if short lived yellow shirt of the early 90s.....love the way the badge is imposed on the shirt at a angle.....but.... I've only just noticed that the lion is still upright and not rotated to the left in line with the lettering....and it's bugging me !
  6. This Leeds crest calamity has got me thinking about the Villa badge again. The tweak makes it more palatable, but for me, it still doesn't work. I think we should have a circular badge with ASTON VILLA FOOTBALL CLUB spelled out, 1874, and a Euro star. Anyone want to play this game? I'm not handy designing my own, but I'd love to see some ideas. Maybe we can have a vote and submit the best one to @TonyXia?
  7. I wonder if it will be those 3 stripes?.. To answer their question. If the kit is shit I wouldn't buy it no matter who made it. Equally, I wouldn't want someone like Slazenger or someone shit suddenly developing our kit either.
  8. Lots of clubs have already dropped their kits for next season so might as well get started while we wait for our new Kappa? kits. Hopefully it's better than this unfortunate ones by Jako? for Barnet FC that seem to have been run over by a car or possibly a couple of scooters on their way to delivery.
  9. Hey all, Just wondering if any of you collect our shirts from over the years! I collect shirts in general but I’m mad for collecting Villa shirts in particular, names and numbers the lot! Anyone else a bit like that? If so what is you favourite shirts or your most rare? Feel free to add photos! How far do your collections go back etc Maybe this thread will sink like a stone but it’s always something I wondered. Especially with the interest ever summer in the new kit threads each year!
  10. These threads are always a bit of fun, I got bored waiting for our game to start. It would be cool to push the boat out next season with something a bit different. With Premier League badges of course.
  11. Since they are starting to drop it might be time for a new thread about next seasons kits Like these 3rd kits from Man U And the Chelsea one
  12. under armour effort for some team ive never heard of, could make for an interesting villa away shirt template though, id be interested in a white body, claret and blue sleeve effort
  13. Any news on this? Can't be far off seeing as shirt design should be finalised around March time and has to be manufactured, promoted, distributed and sold. Last year of Macron. Hope it's Adidas.
  14. Do we have any hints and rumours regards next seasons kit? I kinda think I might come out of kit design retirement after my last foray led to the tinternet thinking they were real!
  15. Didn't know where to ask this so went for this topic... Has anyone been into the Villa Store yet this season? Is there loads to buy like usual? Reason I ask is like most things Villa the Online Store is awful and has barely anything for sale... If the store is full I'll head over this weekend.
  16. puma with the claret and blue - constellation of "the dragon" which is also porto's nickname tbf this is a nice kit...
  17. First off, apologies. This is going to be long, but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Last night I was very, very fortunate to represent VillaTalk at what Aston Villa described as “an exclusive training session” at Bodymoor Heath. A selection of media, supporter groups and websites including Vital Villa, avillafan, Heroes and Villains, and obviously VT, were asked to send someone who would be given full training kit and put through their paces by some of the strength and conditioning coaches at the club. There was also mention of “kit launch” in the invitation too. And who does
  18. As its coming to that time of year again I just wanted to know if anyone has any information regarding our Kit for next season? Plus we all love it when Imarsha gets his designs on the go
  19. Last week I got this email from Russell Jones who is Head of Marketing and Communications at Villa So in response to the email what do you want in a kit in terms of colours and design but more importantly what design features would you like, this can include a message on the inside of the badge, some embossing like the prepared this season or something on the collar I will send an email next week with all the response, no idea what will come of it but I did send a design similar to this years home kit, not saying it had an affect. I did 3 away designs earlier, to get some ideas
  20. I have just recieved an email about reductions in price for the kit (£20). Are they getting a new kit or just changing the Sponsor? I will be after a childs kit for my boys so changing the sponsor will not affect their kits. If a new kit is coming out I will have to hold back.
  21. Rumors spreading on other forums that Marcon is taking over from Nike. I BLOODY HOPE NOT!!!!
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