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  1. God bless those creepy lil bastards. We need a volunteer at the gate for 9:05PM.... get that photo and post on here (then we can all sleep peacefully tonight)
  2. Looked like his ankle to me.... in fact it looked a harmless tussle for the ball but he was thumping the ground afterwards and limped off.
  3. We can but hope but as it stands right now I think he is heading for the subs bench for the start of the season. Drunk, injured and probably behind in his fitness since he last played.... just saying.
  4. Realistically I would think $15million to a Man City.
  5. Oh well positivity lasted around 5 mins onto the next one we can be negative about without even putting the shirt on. Fun on VT!! Unbelievable isn't it? We spend last few years buying crap and becoming relegation fodder and when we do show some ambition to improve we get head in sand comments about too much money. I look forward to out next buy...hopefully for 15 million!
  6. He had a good game today so will all you moaning Minnie's shut the **** up and get behind our team.
  7. I thought that... he was heading for Player of Season at one point last season. He needs to stay now matter what for next season, even if only as backup.
  8. My turn DDID..... It was white. How is that weird? Some people are never happy!! haha That was a joke but I did like last years away shirt. I bought one at FC Dallas game when Villa were playing in pre season. I have the new away shirt on its way to me. I am a little more worried about what that will look like but got it coz it looks nice in pictures.
  9. What game was that in? Because I thought N'Zogbia did a decent job of recycling the ball during our run in, he seems to be the one player who gets absolutely no credit for how we survived. Take Man City away for example. Yes I am aware we lost, I was there unfortunately, but when he came on it turned the game. They couldn't handle his darting runs and if it were not for an idiot linesman he set Benteke up to win a penalty at 2-2 which likely wins us the game. But no, he was hopeless according to Villa Talk. A lazy waste of a shirt. I'd not lose any sleep if he were moved on but I cannot
  10. Gill made some lovely passes and was very involved in our positive play. Zog kept losing the ball and didn't really do anything positive. . That was the difference.
  11. would we? HE doesnt seem to be linked with anybody concrete at the moment Orlando... MLS
  12. Ha... you are killing me with your wit, please stop.
  13. Have to say it..... he was OK and as said above better than Zog or Sinclair.
  14. How about we stop all these conspiracy theories and just assume Delph - wanted to stay when he signed the contact 6 months ago - had the sell on clause added because it was his insurance policy for relegation or a change of heart - had his head turned by Man City and the chance to win things, play in Europe and earn more money BUT - couldn't go through with it after thinking about the potential consequences for himself and his relationship with AVFC - called it off at last minute Now if I were Villa I would see how the season is going and if all looks good offer him a new cont
  15. Errr... Vlaar was quite rightly given a take it or leave it contract. I believe right now he back under the knife so good call there. Delph... well he is still here and Cleverley never was ours, lives up North and had a big Martinez connection. Maybe I think you are being VERY unfair!!
  16. He did OK.. but so did Tonev. No one was great so it was hard to judge but for 18 years old I'd say a decent start.
  17. He has definitely been one of our better players. None of them can hit the target though!!!!
  18. Amazing..... absolutely f'in amazing. All that stick (including from me in my head) and he is staying. FABIAN.... PLEASE FORGIVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. At the end of the day if we can replace him with a better passer of the ball in that final 3rd and someone that can score more than 1 goal a season we will be better off. I can't see him making it in the champions league, etc. He will get 15 mins off the bench or garbage premier league time against lower half teams. He has done OK for England so that is his sole reason for moving but I don't recall the opposition being too good. Messi will meg him once and then next time Delph will dive in and be red carded
  20. I was stated in one of the papers that he had a release in his contract allowing him to go to a clu. b that was playing in Europe. If true that would limit the number of clubs
  21. Very intelligent posting on the subject tylerreznik or should I say..... Mr Fox.
  22. Brad Guzan 6/10 – Had one or two moments where his rustiness seemed to show but came up with some big saves as well to preserve the clean sheet. DeAndre Yedlin 7.5/10 – Given the start in midfield, the Tottenham Hotspur man looked confident on the ball and created the opening 20th-minute goal after sending a quick cross into the box which Carlos Castrillo headed past his own goalkeeper. Also provided the assist for Chandler’s second-half goal with a cutback pass to cap an impressive night. Michael Bradley 7/10 – Impressed again in his new role as captain, driving the team forward const
  23. We'd still be in danger of relegation. We need to add more players than just Gueye and Richards IMO. Minus Benteke and Delph it looks a little more fragile!!
  24. I like this way of thinking... 1) 50/50 that Villa will win the League next season 2) 50/50 I am in for a wild night of passion with a supermodel
  25. He said he was uncomfortable leaving Villa for free after all they had done. This is the perfect solution. You can leave if you want and we get our money back. I think any of us would have done the same and I actually thought to myself at the time... I wonder if there is a get out clause if we go down, Seems there is something if nor related to relegation. Right now he is loyal regardless of fees in contract. If he leaves 6 months after signing then maybe loyalty can be questioned but he could have waited until this summer and then decided. Villa would have nothing... so he deserves some p
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