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  1. really hope this happens!we have needed a goalscorer for years!dont care how much we pay for him if we get relagated we will be 30 million down anyway from tv money etc so it will be worth it if he keeps us up!if only randy gave oneill the money he wanted things mite be a bit different now
  2. such a bad move rushing him back!gotta give these injuries time!wouldnt even mind if he didnt play again this season if it meant hes gonna have a much better chance of not reinjuring the knee!going to be a massive player for us in the future but he may not even have one if he keeps coming back before hes ready
  3. delph can play in any midfield position he wants the bloke is that good!good tackler,quick,energetic,enthusiastic,great shot,good feet,skillful and best of all a wand of a left foot!i think im in love with him lol
  4. just heard a rumour that delph is on the bench for the spurs game!i have a feeling they are trying to rush him back which seems like good news for him but in the long run wont be!jimmy bullard done the same thing rushed back then ruptured his cruciate again to pretty much miss another whole season!football is a business i suppose and the manager just wants his best players back and doesnt worry about the players well bein
  5. dont rush him back!worst thing you can do!i dislocated my knee and tore my acl and pcl and havent played in nearly 3 years!giving him an extra month or two is really goin to increase his chances of not tearing the acl again so in the long run the best thing for us is just to give him the time needed!gonna be a great player for us!
  6. 2 and a half years ago i dislocated my knee and tore my acl and pcl playing football!these sort of things you cant rush id actually prefer him to miss the whole season and give him that extra time needed for the injury to be right!most surgeons feel that you should give it a year to be safe after acl reconstructions but obviously with footballers getting 24/7 treatment 8 months is more likely
  7. hi general i was just wondering how fabian delph is coming along in his rehabilitation?also now with the milner deal pretty much wrapped up will any of the transfer money be used to try and add to the squad this transfer window?thanks alot randy and yourself are both doing a fine job at this club
  8. really cant wait for delph to come back now!already getting excited about the prospect of him and ireland in the middle,albrighton on the right downing on the left ash young just sitting behind gabby,so much pace and young british talent!i no i will get slated for this cos petrov is our captain but delph is his natural replacement and has the ability to be an absolute monster if he comes back from his acl injury 100%
  9. i for one will be absolutely gutted until will bring in at least a couple of these players,ireland,parker,richards,clyne,keane,hart,bellamy or huntelaar!until then its not looking like such a promising season for us
  10. really like milner but 30 mill for him is stupid money!if i knew we would buy 2 15 million pound players or 3 10 million pound players id really want it 2 happen but to be honest i cant see a 15 million pound player wanting to come to aston villa maybe a few more 12 million pound players like downing who are actually worth about 4!that will do
  11. is it wrong that i am in love with james milner lol,that is until we sell him to man city and im forced to hate him altho i do think id still like the bloke
  12. i can see it being another very uninspiring summer again!would love some exciting signings like when we signed carbone,merson and ginola
  13. shouldnt sell him,dont matter what money we get,we cannot attract top top players to replace him,really have to stay strong and not be bullied into selling our best players cos we will never improve as a team this way
  14. got a feeling its going to be a very quiet summer for us!really do hope not tho
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