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  1. No it doesn't necessarily mean we have more money. It means the type of player we are asking about costs more money. We don't seem to trawling around the back waters of Europe or looking for lower league players in England with Sherwood.. Until we actually sign someone and then go after a 2nd, 3rd ad 4th person we will not know if we are asking about 10 people hoping for couple or asking about 10 hoping to sign 4 or 5.
  2. That was the perfect DM game. Sanchez was excellent, all over the pitch and unbeatable. if he can play like that against Brazil we have a player Timmy!!!
  3. i wonder how many other players indulge in these types of activities but dont get caught. i'd hazard a guess at "a lot". I've drank it up many a time with my friends but the one that ends up passed out, not having a clue... usually ends up being the village idiot and sooner or later something bad happens to him. I would hesitate a guess that many a player likes a drink, very few lie down in the street unconscious. Gazza, Georgie Best.I dunno but it is not good is it????
  4. Oh God.... we find a potential super star and he seems intent to crash and burn.
  5. Tim has to grow... but that will take time. He knowledge is English players. Bring in a French manager and guess what you get... players form France. I'm not worried for this summer (actually I think I am but in denial). I am just praying for an improvement next season no matter who he buys which at least seems to be proven players. Maybe not super stars but players that should make us better.
  6. WTF... where did you come from big boy? 208 posts and for number 208 I want to punch your sad ass face. What the hell did you post for the rest? I am actually quite happy for Villa to classed with those other losers you name. Anyway Mr f'in big boy loser who is your team and why are you on here posting?
  7. God so depressing reading all the complaints on here.... I think it is a positive signing. He has several years ahead of him, played for England, won a league but then lost hos way in the Manchester City spending spree. What do we expect? People act like we are top 4 team when we are a bottom 4. I remember him as a big powerful athletic defender. Welcome Micah.... I will support you and assume you are a good until I see otherwise
  8. Well he certainly was a beast a few years ago and he still has plenty of good years ahead of him. Just wish he was left sided and not right.
  9. And.... Villa Park is the happiest place on earth to visit (mainly for away teams unfortunately!!)
  10. Well said KSV.... I have read some right crap from you on here but I don't hold it against you. Just kidding my friend!!
  11. There is nothing wrong with that tweet but I do fear one day he will go too far on some topic he is all worked up about.
  12. He will be missed next week. He is very scary and a liable to put us in trouble when he has the ball but he does so much work breaking up and covering the oppositions attacks I think he does more good than bad. If he could speed up his game just by a second or 2 we have a great defensive midfielder on our hands.
  13. Sherwood deserves nothing but praise. Who knows if it will last but why people don't enjoy the ride I have no idea. It is like they don't want to find happiness. Me, I grave it when it comes to Villa and apart from the Swansea game I have been perfectly happy. Keep it up Mr. Sherwood!!!
  14. Such a strange reaction to him. Half loved his performance, half hated it. I wasn't impressed. I didn't think he did anything in the first half and was wishing Gil was playing instead of him. He did a couple of better runs 2nd half but was then substituted. I vote back to the bench for Saturday (Grealish or Gil .... please!)
  15. Shot ..... He was fired does that count??
  16. The stage is set for Gabby to have one of his golden spells when everybody loves him again.....
  17. His mouth will be his undoing... unless he becomes successful then no one will care but if we struggle and he is a media show every game Villa fans will get tired of him very quickly.
  18. I didn't think he did much today and was happy to see that he was coming off..... then the little bugger does that. What can you say.
  19. Today I saw him hustling to get into the penalty area so it was a definite improvement on last few games. Just needs that goal or 2 and all of this bad form will be forgotten.
  20. He won't start against Hull. I bet it will be the same starting 11.
  21. It seems that our biggest headache for being crap (no defence) is now our biggest headache for knowing who to select. I hope Vlaar doesn't now sign a 3 year contract on screw up their progress because I can see us losing one them if they don't get playing time.
  22. I seem to remember it was a 2 year contract
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