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Found 22 results

  1. Official Site Encouraging comments from him. I've only seen him in pre-season and reserve games and, to be honest, he's never stood out as amazing. But I hope he cracks on and can become a solid full-back for us!
  2. I think so i.m.o. He effectivley kept us in the league last year with numerous 0-0 draws i.e against Baggies, Sunderland Fulham etc. I support Brad but 14 goals in 2 games! If Given was dropped for 3 against Everton then on paper a change in keeper now should not warrant thinking about.
  3. Think the lad deserves a thread of his own 8) Did well against Hereford, and stepped up to the mark once again today, and at a higher level of opposition. Looks hungry, has a good engine, brave, and comfortable on the ball. Money saved?
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2270845/Aston-Villa-close-Yacouba-Sylla-Randy-Lerner-backs-Paul-Lambert-transfer-cash.html
  5. From Sky Sports, among others Young player, decent backup I think. Not particularly exciting but thought I'd mention it.
  6. Look for a thread on the young man but couldn't find one. If there is could a mod please merge them. From the bit I have seen of him I think he has a good future ahead of him but I hear others stating he is too small; he'll never make it in the top division. I am not from that particular school of thought so would like to hear recent views from people have seen him in the pre-season friendlies. Thanks,
  7. McCleish mentioned he was close to the first team squad and he has starred consistently for our excellent reserves this season, and seems to be raved about! Most think he has come on a great deal this season. Does anyone have any opinions on him and think he would be a better option on the wing than Albrighton or Gabby? my opinion is it would be nice to seem him come off the bench at the very least!
  8. Its a shame - really think he could of resurrected his career at some point in league football. http://www.huntspost...tract_1_1752463
  9. ive only just noticed that hitz now plays for everton, did he come on today? im a little gutted, i always liked him and wish he stayed, wouldnt mind him back here now to help us out, hes better than half our midfielders
  10. Big Man Carew just found some new team mates Youtube
  11. AMA = an 'Ask Me Anything' Thought it might be interesting to some. He talks about Villa too. Linky
  12. Couldnt see another thread. Looks like he's off to Leicester then. Another one of MON's flops. But for about 5 games at the start of this season, nothing but a frustrating and ineffective let-down. Would that adequately sum up his time here? The winner vs Wolves the only highlight for me, superb header.
  13. Can the people who persist in booing this bloke please stop it. He was prepared to stay another season but was told he was going to be sold. The reason for this is that Lerner wanted to cash in.Downing was genuinely gratefull for the opportunity given to him by Villa and was prepared to give us another season. Save the boos for the real person who is not committed to our club ie Lerner-Booing Downing only motivates him.
  14. Ok, far from the perfect answer. But considering the window is closed, he is a know quantity. I believe Nig could see at his last big chance, having a massive part to in the squad.
  15. He has just been released by Ipswich. I'd have him back like a shot, just what we have been missing, he was a main stay under houlier as he guided us well clear of relegation
  16. Do we still rate our former Keeper? Article on why Spurs' GK issue may have cost them in the transfer window. Worth a read. Football Philosophy
  17. Just thought a few of you might be interested, Mods feel free to move the thread. I interviewed Lee Hendrie during the week, and you can listen to it at 1.30pm today on 93.5 Unity FM and it'll be online on http://unityfm.net/. We talk a bit about MON aswell, think you might enjoy it, cheers
  18. What do we make of Stewart Downing's time at Liverpool? Sympathetic article here http://footballphilo...tewart-downing/ Would we take him back for a knock-down price?
  19. Saw he turned out last night for the dinner, but see he still hasn’t signed for anyone. Will he ever kick a ball again in anger???
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