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  1. I would think.... BL's role has not changed, He is advisor to Hollis and working at level below the board. The other 2 were hired to do a job as board members and as soon as they came to a conclusion about the way forward and made a recommendation they were over ruled or ignored. Thus they felt their position was unworkable. Just a guess mind you 1+1 =
  2. He and Grealish are needed for the U21's. It would be a huge thing for the club to win promotion to U21 D1. I would rather that happens than they play 90 mins vs Southampton.
  3. I would keep him too. He has not had chance to show what he can do really. From what I can see he would show more in a team that was attacking and had options up front. Something we have had zero of this season.
  4. I like it, small changes but so much better....... now we have a real lion, maybe a real football club will be next!
  5. Now you jut looking for things to complain about.
  6. He dropped one that he should have held and it caused all sorts of problems.
  7. You are obviously someone very happy to criticize a crap showing but can't find it in you to acknowledge a better showing. Enjoy your day Mr. Happy!!
  8. Before I condemn him I would like to know how far he ran and how much did he help out our defence because while he did nothing going forward he seemed to be back helping out a lot.
  9. As a target player to hit him with anything above the waist he is good, Look for him to use his feet and he is crap, Hopefully he will get better but for now, high balls with others running around trying to pick up the flicks and whatever else happens
  10. Right back..... right back ...... right back...... Come on Remi
  11. He did everything today you would expect.... broke up attacks, tackled, won headers and made a few really crap passes!! We need him. And I think he was hurt because he did bang into someone and then still looked hurt when off the pitch. He would have been back on as soon as he could if he was play acting.
  12. Start him in all homes games not against top 6..... he is going to mess up more than he does good but he can change a game for us when others cannot.
  13. He sure as hell is not going to stick
  14. If anybody didn't realise it before then please look at that first half. Without this guy protecting are defence we will lose every game. Thank god the internationals are over with..... the next poster to say he is not good for us needs to be taken away and sedated... IMO!!
  15. We have experts on any topic you care to name.
  16. Di Canio banned tomato ketchup at Sunderland.......... he lost the dressing room shortly afterwards
  17. Yes but he was getting tired and man city were taking over. We had to do something and taking off one of the others would have been a tactical risk. I had no problem and to be honest Zoggy was pretty good.
  18. He was a little careless at times but was always involved, I do like the way he charges forward at times. We lack that so if he can improve a little he can make a big difference to our midfield.
  19. How about we focus on the players that did play and not take cheap shots at ones that didn't. We were great today in the midfield even though we were overrun at the end. Long may it continue and Westwood will now have to force his way back in if he can.
  20. Ah. Just out of interest, who do you think was the last grown-up we had? Ron Saunders
  21. He had a chance to shake things up today but elected to pick players that have sucked for years. Remi I pray can get the summer signings playing because we are totally screwed with the alternative,
  22. My MOM... was all over the place and did exactly what he is meant to do... break up play (no matter how) and give the ball to someone else to work with.
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