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So anyone done the HARLEM SHAKE yet?


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How did this 'craze' begin? i'm just not down with the kids anymore!

I'm guessin after the global success of gangnam style some knobber in a suit like Simon cowell has worked out kids and chavy adults will buy this sort of shite and make a load of money

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Serious answer,


the "Harlem Shake" has nothing to do with any of the dances in the videos (unless someone has actually done the dance that is known as the Harlem Shake in one of the videos)


The actual Harlem shake was a dance popular in 90's and early 2000's hip hop, I think

The new craze is because someone made a house song (Baauer I think his name is) sampling a song (called "Miller Time") which had the lyric
"I punch you in the face, then do the Harlem Shake" (I think, I'm going from memory).

Because of that lyric, Baauer called the song "Harlem Shake", despite it having nothing to do with the dance.

Then some blogger filmed the original video of him dancing and then all his friends going mental, and it's snowballed from there.

This was the first one ever I believe

As you can tell, I got curious myself so looked it up the other day Edited by Stevo985
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I know there have been so many pointless trends lately, but this just takes the cake for trendhopping and bandwagon jumping imo...right after Gangnam Style. Also considering what they're doing isn't even the harlem shake in the first place.


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It's not like it's anyone's fault though is it?


It's not like the record company filmed any of these videos. It just happened.
it's just coincidence more than anythign that the song is called Harlem Shake. The people aren't trying to do the Harlem Shake, they're just doing a stupid dance to the music.


It'd be the same if the song was called "Foxtrot" or "Waltz"

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I think 40000 Harlem shuffle videos have been uploaded to Youtube in last week. this cant die soon enough

Yeah, 4000 a day apparently.

That in itself means this will quickly die out on it's own.

I must admit the first one or two I saw I did think were pretty funny.


It very quickly gets old though!

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