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even their C team will wipe the floor with us!

I hope Lambert fields youngsters and fringe players as anything else is a waste of time and effort.


Herd -- Baker -- Clark -- Bennett

Carruthers -- Delph -- Westwood -- Nzogbia

Bowery -- Weimann

we lose, we focus on West Brom rather than throwing everything we have at Man City and get spanked and further injuries!

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I really don't know about this one.

I would love Lambert to throw caution to the wind and give the likes of Carruthers, Westwood, Bowery and so on a game here. Youthful exuberance might just prevail in the same way as it did against Man U but even if it doesn't and we get the hiding we all are expecting then we can always say we played our B Team. :)

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I'd like to see something like this.

I still think we need to take all the chances we are given to let these players play together and get used to each other.

And I'd like to see Weimann played behind Bent and Benteke/Agbonlahor, as Ireland is injured, to see how it plays out.

With a bench made up of Bowerman, Gabby/Benteke, Herd, Lichaj, Given, N'Zogbia, Bannan/Westwood.

And, I think we'll win 3-1

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I honestly don't think Ci£y will take this game seriously.

Me either - but I think they'll beat us comfortably.

I'd give a couple of the fringe players a go:



------------Delph--------El Ahmadi---------------


And then up front, one from the big but not busy bag - either Bent or Benteke.

And one from the busy bag - either Weimann or Gabby.

I'll plump for Gabby and Benteke.

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GK - Given

RB - Lowton

LB - Bennett

CB - Vlaar

CB - Baker

RW - Holzman

LW - N'Zog

CM - Herd

CM - Delph

AM - Bannan

CF - Gabby

Go 451 for this game and add a bit more steel in the team. We'll have plenty of forwards to bring on I and when needed. Baker in for Clark, don't think he should have been dropped after Clark came back from suspension.

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Can't say I'm bothered about this game at all.

In fact cup games are a pain in the arse especially when you're struggling...would much rather have had a week to prepare for tescobaggiescumbaginbreds

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My first post/prediction was me thinking with my heart and not head.

Was looking forward to a cup run until I saw we drew City away...awful fixture for us and the site of it depresses me - not because of their recent wealth - its always been this way - we just can not win at their ground.

They wont be bothered but will step up in gear when necessary and I can see a 3-1 loss.

WBA is the priority. Although imagine the confidence a win would give us. (I said this against Swansea) But cant see it.

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