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Confirmed THEN Interest Over: Clint Dempsey (Fulham)


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If this happens...


Keeping my fingers crossed for you big man although MON was being interviewed on Sky Sports last night and said something might happen with Dempsey and one of his FBs who Fulham have inquired about.

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Think about it though. Does Jol want him here or Liverpool?

I reckon he'd prefer him to come here because we wont be challenging Fulham for top half, whereas Liverpool will.

If we get him, then this means when I bought him on Fifa 2007, along with Alan Smith that I am the best mystic meg there's ever been.

Like him since his early Fulham days.

But as others have said, I think we're being used by his agent.

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Twitter has gone mental about this. Every tweet ive read has been laughter at us and him, 'big club?', blah blah blah. Hate this big club argument, these days it holds no stock. Football side of things yes it's a move down for him but we're not some small time club ffs, we're just having a dark period!

Anyway, i'd be shocked and delighted if this happened. Nice surprise for the day!

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