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  1. I give them all a 10. Because they have actually given a shit and tried to play properly. Apart from billy big bollocks.
  2. I don`t like darren bent. He has a sense of entitlement and he only came here for money anyway. He has been pants for a while now. Lambert is the one that gave him the captaincy and then it was his to lose, as was his place in the team. He lost both on merit. He seems to think he isn`t supposed to be left out and if he is he should get an explanation. Well i`ll give him one, you are lazy and self entitled, and you need it all on a plate Darren, hows that?
  3. love this guy, he has the attitude we have been wanting to see form a villa player for the last few years Doesn`t think he is entitled to play like some people.
  4. He will be brilliant next season, he looks about 50 but he is only 21. Give him time, we can all see the raw attributes there.
  5. This is hindsight bias. Lambert went with the lads who did well mid week. Its easy to nit-pick after the event.
  6. Bent has been pants for a while now. Don`t know why he thinks he is entitled to play and be captain. Same goes for gabby, they both need to shut up about proving points to the manager. You can`t be crap at your job for months and then do 5 minutes good work and start saying you have proved a point to your boss. This attitude is completely backward, they need to adopt the attitude of holman and do some bloody work.
  7. this is **** ridiculous, get a grip of yourselves.
  8. Are people really slating him already? morons.
  9. he will be a fine squad players for us, but he stands no chance of getting a regular starting place if he carries on the way he is going.
  10. Valhalla


    we will not get relegated. This team has only been together a few games and most of the signs have been good. Everything we asked for under mcleish and didn`t get we have seen form lamberts side. Passing, effort, passion etc etc. Once the new lads bed in we will get that consistency. We will have a fine season and an even better one next time.
  11. Because we are talking about millions of pounds going out of a business which is still trying to balance out its finances. Its not a kiddies game where you just lob around millions of pounds and get players. Unless you are martin o`neill.
  12. or maybe we made an offer and he turned us down because we are shit.
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