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Ratings and reactions: Bristol Rovers 1-3 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

105 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Ireland
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Clark
    • Bent
    • Heskey
    • Agbonlahor (for Heskey 46)
    • Gardner (for Collins 74)
    • Bannan (for Petrov 83)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong.

[table color=#bccde9:9a34816dec][mrow][mcol color=blue:9a34816dec]Chelsea[mcol]1-3[mcol color=#8c333c:9a34816dec]Aston Villa

[row][col color=blue:9a34816dec][col][col color=#8c333c:9a34816dec]Albrighton 35

[row][col color=blue:9a34816dec][col][col color=#8c333c:9a34816dec]Agbonlahor 64

[row][col color=blue:9a34816dec][col][col color=#8c333c:9a34816dec]Clark 78

[row][col color=blue:9a34816dec]McGleish 90[col][col color=#8c333c:9a34816dec]


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Glad we won, honestly expected to lose. The play was disjointed in the first half, improved once Heskey had been put down, and were let down at the end by the usual suspects of Dunne and Warnock.

Warnock was awful all game, and Hutton not much better. Albrighton lively, as he always is when he gets the chance to play. Ireland is no winger.

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Routine away victory over lower league opposition coupled with a pair of absolutely catastrophic defensive errors in the final few minutes. Yep, it was an Aston Villa performance.

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0 to Dunne for costing me on a 0-3 scoreline bet

You bet a nil scoreline with this defence?

The bookies were probably offering 500/1 or something.

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Guzan - 6 (only 6 because nothing much to do!)

Warnock - - 1 and a big piece of shit on his head.

Collins - - 5 Hooftastic

Dunne - - 5 Donkey

Hutton - - 6 not as bad

Heskey -- 5 pointless

Petrov - - 7 another very good game from the captain

Ireland - - 8 cool, calm and our main spark, misses out on MOTM by a hair

Clark - - - 7 very good goal, calm on ball, breaks up play brilliantly

Albrighton - 8.1 a great game, crossing made the difference, good on the ball

Bent - - - 4 erm...


Agbonlahor - 7.5 made a huge difference

Gardner - - 6 not enough time to make big impact, almost a goal

Bannan - - 6 not enough time

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It was a really harsh penalty against Warnock. Yes his arm was away from his body, but it wasn't deliberate in the slightest. If anything, he's trying to move into his chest. Webb wanted to give them something.

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